Happy Monday ♡ today I wanted to share 4 beautiful & affordable outfits that I just recently got from the new Boohoo collection. Almost every piece can be worn at day time with sneakers or you can also upgrade your look with heels for a night out! Oh and I hope you love this pink wall as much as I do. 'Cause you're gonna see it in every picture haha.



BODYSUIT by Boohoo (36) ⎢ Alternative

The first item I got is a basic bodysuit that is meant to be worn over the shoulder - which you know I love! Looks way more special than a normal bodysuit and is still super comfy! Oh and you can neeever ever have too many beautiful basic items.



COLLAR SHIRT DRESS by Boohoo (36) ⎢ HEELS by Boohoo

This is by far my favorite item of my haul! Love how this shirt dress is so flowy, casual and still so chic! You can easily wear in on a normal day with flats but you can also dress it up for special occasions. Especially if you wear a ponytail and heels with it! I got the dress in the color "khaki" and the heels in "mocha". Earth colors aaaall the waaay.


COLLAR SHIRT DRESS by Boohoo (36) ⎢ HEELS by Boohoo



MAXIDRESS by Boohoo (36) ⎢ HEELS by Boohoo

Ahhh you'll love this one! Can you remember that I wore a pretty similar dress back in summer? And you all wanted to get it but it was already sold out? That's why I'm so glad that I found this one!! This maxi dress also has a wonderful split that goes all the way up your thigh and is made out of a soft jersey material which is super comfy to wear. Perfect every day dress with some sneakers or for a fancy night out with those suede heels.




Speaks for itself I guess. Has a super sweet lacing in the front, sits tight to your body but is still not too sexy. You can also get in black!! I feel like this is the perfect dress you can wear for shopping, nice garden parties or just for dinner. So versatile!

Hope you liked my choices! Tell me which outfit is your favorite ♡ 1,2,3 or 4?




Hi everyone ♡ after a short absence I’m back with a long requested blogpost about the stubborn problem BELLY FAT. Lots of us struggle with the soft cushions especially around the lower part of our tummy. To help you out I’ll first talk about belly fat in general & afterwards I’ll give you my top xx tips on how to get rid of it & answer your most asked questions!!


So there are two kinds of belly fats, the „subcutaneous fat“ and the „visceral fat“ - sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

The subcutaneous fat is the visible, outer layer of fat that you can pinch and that makes your belly look wobbly. The visceral fat is the inner fat that is in and around our organs, that makes the volume of our bellies bigger.

Apart from the looks the visceral fats is also super dangerous!! It releases hormones, which make you more hungry even if your body has enough energy reserves. It also supports inflammations and on top of that it releases substances that increase your blood sugar levels, the risk of type 2 diabetes & heart diseases extremely.




This could have been a point in the Q&A at the end, but I decided to talk a little more about this topic. Of course you CAN'T. That’s why it’s not possible to only lose belly fat. Haha it would be awesome though!

But there are also good news: the belly fat is a „short term energy storage“, which means that your body first takes the energy out of the belly fat if you don’t have any energy reserves left. That’s why it’s generally easier to first lose weight around the tummy and harder to lose weight from your arms, legs or butt. So since it’s one of the first places you will lose fat you will quickly see improvements if you begin the weight loss journey!!

Later a lot of us reach a plateau where there’s still some belly fat left but you just can’t lose it. Those belly fat might be stubborn but it’s not impossible to lose! Unfortunately it has a lot to do with our genes if we lose it quicker or slower. So your focus should be on gradually reducing your overall body fat percentage and in the end you will also lose the last bit of belly fat.. it might just take longer than you’d like.



1. INCREASE YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVEL: Testosterone lowers body fat and estrogen supports the distribution of fat around the belly. You might think „ahhhh I’m a girl I don’t need testosterone“. But you won’t look like a man so don’t be afraid haha! There is also no need for supplements, you can increase your testosterone levels slowly and naturally with the right exercises.

My personal favorite is doing heavy „powerlift“ exercises with low repetitions once a week. You can for example do heavy squats, deadlifts, glute bridges or bench presses with with only 5-8 reps once a week. Those exercises not only build beautiful, round muscles & are super exhausting (which burns calories) but also increase your testosterone levels which makes you lose belly fat.

2. SLEEP ENOUGH: 70% of your testosterone is produced when you’re asleep. So get your time to rest!

3. NEGATIVE CALORIE BALANCE: I know, I told you a hundred times before. But I’ll explain it agaaaaain. It’s about eating less calories than your body needs. If you have a negative calorie balance you will lose weight and since belly fat is the easiest source of energy your body will first take the belly fat. In the first months of your journey you will proportionally lose a looot of belly fat!

Your 2 options are: 1) lower your calorie intake / eat less calories or 2) increase your energy consumption / train harder and burn more calories

4. MAX. 500 KCAL CALORIE DEFICIT: If you overdo it, it won’t work. If you eat more than 500kcal less than your body needs your body will shut down your metabolism, will start protecting your fat reserves & will break down the muscles instead. Your body will think that there’s a famine and that it just needs to keep everything until you’re able to get something to eat again.

5. TRACK YOUR CALORIES: If you feel like nothing works and you just can’t get rid of the belly fat: start tracking your calories to make sure you have a calorie deficit. Sometimes our own perception does not match the reality. From time to time you’ll get the hang out of it & then you don’t need to track everything anymore!!

6. DON’T EAT IN THE LAST 4H BEFORE GOING TO BED: This way your carb and energy reserves will be empty by the time you go to bed and your body will take the fat reserves to get its energy. And since belly fat is the quickest source you will basically lose it while you sleep!

7. AVOID WHITE FLOUR: prefer whole grain. White flour behaves similar like sugar - it increases the blood sugar level and therefore the fat production which makes you gain belly fat. If you buy wholegrain, look for spelt and oat and NOT for wheat (it’s sometimes hard to find but worth it!!). Wholegrain flour contains lots of minerals, vitamins and fibers and therefore your blood sugar level won’t increase that much and you won’t gain belly fat that easily from those kinds of carbs.

8. EAT FATS AND CARBS SEPARATELY: sounds hard. But try it! It has something to do with your blood sugar levels and insulin and stuff. It’s a super long topic but I could write another blogpost about it if you’d like me to! Long story short: If you always eat carbs and fats at the same time it will be bad for your fat burning processes.

9. INCORPORATE HIIT IN YOUR ROUTINE: My favorite is doing 10 minutes of sprints. Always sprint the fastest you can for 30s and run slowly for 1 minute afterwards. That makes 6 rounds of sprinting and jogging. Short but intense!

10. ABOUT SIT-UP & CRUNCHES: Does it help to do lots of sit ups and crunches? Training your abs is great. It will make the muscles grow but if you still have the belly fat on top your belly will only look thicker than before! So it’s very important to focus on your nutrition and all the other things that make you lose your belly fat. Abs are mainly made in the kitchen!

Do you have any secret tips to fight stubborn belly fat? I'd love to here your experiences!! ♡

PS: To all my App users: I'm so sorry that you didn't receive a push notification this time :( there was a problem with the function but I'm working on it!




Hello my loves ♡ long time no see.

I’ve been spending the last 5 days enjoying and exploring LA, figuring out where everything is and meeting new people. AND I finally got some sleep. I’ll tell you about my experiences day by day & you can also shop my exact outfits below!! Have fun.


We arrived in the afternoon and I have to say that the flight was horrible. I was freeeeeeeezing and that’s why I arrived with a cold and a cystitis - yeeeey. But luckily our arrival was super easy, no frightening custom controls, no lost luggage, no nothing. Afterwards we carried our suitcases (which isn’t that easy haha - I got like 2 suitcases, 24kg each and some hand luggage) to SIXT, where we picked up our car. Such a beautiful one! We got a BMW 640i Convertible and could actually cruise around all day long `cause it’s so fun to drive. But your rules in the US are so different haha. We needed to get used to that. Then we drove to our first AirBnb Apartment, which we rented for 4 nights till the actual one got available.



DRESS by Missguided (34) - BELT by Asos (XS) - SNEAKER by Vor - SHADES by Le Specs - TEA by SkinnyMint (get 15% off with "PAMSM10" on

First day, woke up at 06:30am and felt super energetic! We went for breakfast to „Le Pain Quotidien“ - which is my favorite organic restaurant ever, and I was totally surprised that we randomly found one. Afterwards we explored Santa Monica & all the shopping stores haha. We also went to West Hollywood, looked for those famous „Made in LA“ and Angel Wings Walls, and had dinner. At 8pm we wear dead tired and fell into bed.


DRESS by Missguided (34) - BELT by Asos (XS) - SNEAKER by Vor - SHADES by Le Specs - BAG by Chanel



BLOUSE by NaKd (S) - SHORTS by Levis (25)

06:30am again. That’s actually what I like about my „jetlag", I always wake up pretty early! But I don’t have any problems sleeping at night, so I’m not quite sure if it’s a jet-lag. Started my day with some work out of bed and sent an membership application to the Soho House. I’m not very optimistic that they will accept me so quickly but I’d love to go there in LA :(( Do you guys have any alternatives? Beautiful lunch spots or beach clubs to go to? Then we ended up having lunch at Urth Café - which actually wasn’t as great as I expected!! It’s super famous so what are your favorite meals there? Maybe I ordered the wrong food. Afterwards we went to the beach to watch the sunset - AMAZING. One of the things I absolutely love about LA. There is literally a breathtaking sunset e v e r y d a y.




DRESS by River Island (34)

Some work out of bed again, got a spray tan (which is the best thing ever haha - I think I’m addicted). Don’t know how I managed to walk around as a ghost the days before. I feel so much prettier when I’m tanned. And the spray tan I got here didn’t even smell. I also went out to buy a american SIM card for my phone and a DJI Osmo, with which I’m gonna take some awesome film footage for you guys. But unfortunately I couldn’t make it work yet haha. I’ll figure it out directly after posting this blogpost! Promise. That day we also had some super interesting conversations with some random strangers we met on the streets - like the producer of iRobot and stuff. So fun! To watch the sunset we went on the Santa Monica Peer which was … let’s say „different“ than I expected. Didn’t think it would be THAT touristic. But well it was fun. In particular this 60 year old dancer I posted on Insta stories :D





My cold and everything got so much worse that I needed to visit the doctor :( which is kind of scary in a foreign country to be honest. And so expensive!! Over $100 to only talk to them and to get some regular medication. We also wanted to go the the Equinox Gym and easily get a membership for 1 month but they rejected us. Oops. Gonna contact them via email but till then - any other tips? Golds Gym is kind of far but is there any other fancy gym around Santa Monica? After some hours I was finally feeling better and we decided to drive up the Hollywood Hills and watch the sunset from up there. We arrived there just on time ´cause we needed 1 hour longer than planned to get there. Not only the fault of the traffic but also because of missing some exits :D For now I’m gonna let you enjoy the view from up there.

Another thing I already love about LA. You’ve got everything there - skyscrapers, city, beach, mountains, and so ooooon. I’m so excited I’m already afraid to leave.


LEGGINGS by Puma (XS) - SHOES by Puma - SPORTS BRA by Free People


Today we’re going to drive to Venice & go to Gold’s Gym. I already feel horrible because I wasn’t able to work out for a week (illness & no gym).

NEED YOUR HELP: desperately need your tips regarding GYMS, BEACH CLUBS (or any cool alternatives to the Soho House) & WHERE TO GO OUT IF YOU'RE UNDER 21 (yes, that's definitely a problem).

Good night everyone ♡ for us the day is just about to start xx




JEAN JACKET by Asos (34)⎢ JEANS by Noisy May (25)⎢ SHIRT by Asos (34)⎢ BRA by Asos ⎢ SNEAKER by Vor ⎢ GLASS BOTTLE by Bkr

Good morning ♡ I'm writing this at 4am in the morning and I haven't slept till now :(  I needed sooo much time packing my bags for LA & packing everything else in order to move out of the apartment in Hamburg!! Didn't expect it to take THAT long. Crazy how much stuff I have. Anyways, I'm sorry that I couldn't post that regular last week.. Lots of meetings and traveling to get everything done before LA! Now I'm gonna sleep 2 hours and then I'm off to the airpoooooort! Can't wait!!

Have a lovely day ♡


LEATHER JACKET by Sandro - Alternative by Misguided ⎢ JEANS by Noisy May (25)⎢ TOP by Samsoe&Samsoe (XS) ⎢ BELT by Asos (XS)⎢BAG by Chanel


JEANS by Mango (34)⎢ TOP by Asos (36)⎢  SNEAKER by Puma


JUMP SUIT by Toby Heart Ginger (XS)