Hello everyooooone ♡ Today I’m gonna talk about a topic that I’ve already started posting on Insta Stories! I shared some crazy information & insights on hair, its health and styling products to use that don’t damage the hair. You guys went CRAZY 'cause you wanted to know more haha. I’m not an expert but since ghd is one of my long term partners I’m happy to share the scientifically proofed information that they gave me :) and of course I guess I also take good care of my hair (it’s long and healthy lol).

I'll tell you more about STYLING it in a healthy way. My go-to look is (obviously) my wavy hairstyle that I wear on almost every picture. I’m not much into variety haha. I achieve this look by actually using a straightening iron. I don’t even own a curling iron :D



1) Be EXTRA gentle to your wet hair. Your wet hair is not as strong which makes it break very easily! Ever noticed that you’re losing a lot of hair if you brush it after washing? Well that’s not only because you would have lost it anyways, but maybe also because you were not gentle enough. Your hair is only the strongest if it is 100% dry.

2) Use a good conditioner. I recommend using an organic one without silicons & parabens. It should be nourishing and healthy :) But either way, if you’re conditioner is good, you will be able to brush your hair more easily -> minimize hair loss.

3) Start blow drying your hair on medium heat & increase the heat over time. Don’t start with high heat right away!

4) Feel your hair while blow drying. You’ll notice that it will stay „cool“ for quite some time and suddenly it heatens ups very quickly (and it will eventually be too hot to touch). Don’t let it get to that stage! Move on to the next section whenever you notice that your hair gets hot - you’re starting to kill the moisture in your hair and not only the water from your shower!

5) Hair must be 100% dry when you start using a styler. Otherwise you’ll damage and burn it.

6) If you want to use heat protector -> use it BEFORE you blow-dry, otherwise your hair will be wet again and you will damage it while using a hot styler.

7) Never style over 185°C - if you have a styler with variable heat options -> never go over 185°C!! If you use ghd, you will be safe anyways :) you really don’t need crazy high temperatures to achieve great results with styling. So don’t risk the health of your hair!

8) Don’t wash your hair toooo often. Those tips help in making your Styling Session as healthy for your hair as possible - but if you wash & style it too often it will dry out your hair ..


You were maybe wondering - why 185°C?

Scientists discovered that 185°C is optimal to style your hair. It gives you a perfect result within only one streak AND it is also the healthiest temperature. Your hair changes it shape temporarily, but you don’t destroy the actual structure of your hair. That’s also why you cannot change the temperature yourself - lower wouldn’t straighten/curl your hair - higher would be bad for its health.

They also said that 185°C REDUCES hair breakage. Why? They said 185 degrees don’t damage the hair & styled hair is smoother. Its easier to comb through etc. (not tangled up). So you don’t break or lose as much hair after having styled it until you wash again.


Normal Stylers sometimes go up to 230°C. This damages your hair so much. It basically „melts“. The keratin fibers disappear completely!! Just look at the picture above and see what happens if you would hold it onto your hair for 20s. Of course nobody does that but going over and over your hair every day for a long period of time basically has the same effect. And you know what? It would actually forbidden to sell that if hair was considered a „living part“ of the body. But since hair is „dead“ they don’t make any restrictions.

How I know about all this?

Well a couple of weeks ago ghd invited me to join them on a trip to London to celebrate their launch of the new ghd GOLD Styler and to visit their research centre to learn why they do what they do.

Fun Fact: for as long as I can remember I have used ghd stlyers. Not because they sponsored me back then (I wish haha) but because my mom always bought them. I didn’t even question that fact, I just trusted that she knew what’s best. My mom also has very long and thick hair & doesn’t leave the house without blowdrying and styling it. By the way - thanks for the genes mom! And last year I started working with ghd.. so that is what I call a perfect partnership!


FYI: the gold styler is their most popular styler - they also have other models. And they sell over 2 MILLION stylers every year - so basically 1 every 4 seconds. The left one is good for beginners or young people (199€), the mini styler for short hair & bangs, the max styler for thick hair . The gold styler has advanced technology and is therefore „better“ for your hair (also 199€). It is recommended if you’re a person that uses it often, but not necessarily every day. The Platinum Styler (249€, most expensive one) has the best technology and is perfect if you use the straightener aka. styler eveeeeery day or you just want to spend the money for the technology.

Just think of it like cars. There are the first ones that most get after getting their license, there are mid class cars that the majority drives (gold styler) and there are Lamborghinis or Ferraris (platinum styler). Haha what a comparison.


The new ghd gold styler now has an upgraded technology, works with the dual zone technology (gonna explain it) & therefore makes sure that your hair is gonna stay healthy! It also heats up way faster, only takes 25s aaaand has a universal voltage (perfect for people that are traveling back and forth different continents).



Dual Zone Technology“ - This basically means that the temperature on the styler is constant all the time. If you put a lot of „cold“ hair inside the temperature would drop and a normal styler would need a lot of time to balance the temperature out again. Till then you might already put in a small piece of hair which then would get burned. And since the dual zone technology has 2 sensors (one on each plate - which measure the temperature of each entire plate) it is very quick & precise which keeps the temperature of 185 degrees constant. A normal styler has only 1 sensor and the plates are often hotter in the middle and cooler towards the outside. The ghd plate has a constant temperature on the whole plate. This is not only healthier but also better for the result of your styling session :)


And to finish off, my favorite part haha. HOW LONG THEY FREAKING LAST. They do so much quality testing to ensure the stylers will last for years! Have a look at your messages, it’s crazy.


Respect to everybody who made it to this point here haha. Hope you learned something!!

xx Pamela




Now that 2017 was coming to an end & 2018 is about to start off really well I want to share my absolute highlight of last year with you <3

As some of you might know, I was invited to spend four days at the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort in August, together with Daniela. The entire stay was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had and more than I ever could have dreamed of. The Maldives in general are one of the most idyllic and beautiful places I’ve ever been to and I'm more than thankful to already have spent so many vacations there. South of Malé is the St. Regis Vommuli Resort, which definitely belongs among the top hotels of the world - in terms of luxury, service, architecture, food and everything else. Naturally, this level of luxury comes at a price - and I’m still so very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced a few days in this incredible place and I’m so happy I get to share my experience with you :) aaaand I also saw my very first shooting star lying on the terrace of this villa you can see above!! Still can't get over how beautiful this was!


In 2017 a big focus for me has been relaxing both your body and mind. Especially within our fast-paced, permanently stressed-out society we need places that help us escape our daily hassles. We all need to recharge our batteries every once in a while - and to do just that, what could be better than escaping to a private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by nothing but water. For sure there are thousands of places on this beautiful world to click your "reset" button but let me tell you: this is one of the best spots I have ever seen so far!! It’s not only the way the St. Regis pampers their guests (even though that definitely helps). For me personally, days like the ones I spent on Vommuli Island give me a lot of time to just think, and time to spend with myself. Being surrounded by the ocean, waves, wind and palm trees  - you can’t help but feeling incredibly grateful for life and the beauty of nature that’s all around us!!


Even though the prices might seem a little off-putting at first - what the St. Regis offers is more than just luxury. I promise haha. Imagine everything you could ever want from a hotel stay - and I guarantee you’ll find it here. Located on the private Vommuli Island you can reach the resort via seaplane from the international airport Malé.  Daniela and I arrived on Vommuli Island on August 10th after staying on another island that was located on the northern side of the Maldives. We were picked up in Malé by the seaplane which then took us to Vommuli Island. Unfortunately we had picked a day with really bad weather, which is why we were completely soaked and a little seasick. So you could probably say that our stay on Vommuli island didn’t start out 100% great haha. However, as soon as we actually stepped off the seaplane and on to the resort all of that was forgotten. Before the trip I hadn’t really looked at the resort’s website in toooo much detail to be honest - which is why when I actually got there, I was completely overwhelmed and amazed by the beauty we found ourselves surrounded by!!


Guests at the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort can chose between different accommodations: you can either stay at villas on the beach or on the water. There are of course also different categories, like villas with pools, villas towards the sunset or sunrise side, 2 bedroom family villas etc.. I haven't seen those ones in person but there are also Caroline Astor and John Jacob Astor Estates where there’s space for up to six people!! By the way - there are 360- degree videos available on the St. Regis website, so you can look at all of the rooms in detail! How cool is that?!

aboutpam aboutpam

We spent our four nights in one of their beautiful Overwater-Villas with Pool. The place offered so much space for the both of us and on top of that even had a private outside area that gave us an amazing view of the Indian ocean. The room was full of light, with a lot of open space and an incredibly tasteful and elegant interior design. I might go even further and say that it was probably one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever stayed at. There were lots of small details and features that really showed the level of luxury that the St. Regis offers its guests. One of them was the fact that we were able to control almost everything in our room via iPad - such as the air conditioning, the blinds and the TV. The already pretty amazing bathroom was perfected by the fact that it had a separate TV right above the beautiful bathtub (as if you need another reason for spending hours in the bathtub lol).

aboutpam aboutpam

On top of that Daniela and I had our personal butler who assisted us with everything! I know this might be standard for some people on this world but it's absolutely crazy once you experience it yourself! I was trying not to get used to that haha.. On the way to the resort they even handed us an iPad with a video message from our butler, introducing himself and greeting us. He looked after everything we could possibly need during our stay, even the things we didn’t even know we needed. When we got back to our villa after our first dinner at the resort, we were surprised to find all our stuff perfectly organized - our cards, make-up and even all of my make-up brushes had been assorted next to each other. They even offered to unpack our suitcases for us.. obviously I was too ashamed to let them because my suitcase was A MESS haha.


If you know me, you might also know that the thing I can get most excited about is FOOD, without a question. And the St. Regis definitely nailed that part. There are six different restaurants guests can choose from and we were lucky enough to be able to try them all. The main restaurant is called „Alba“: it offers mostly Italian and Maldivian-inspired dishes, as well as an amazing view of the beach and the ocean. It also serves breakfast every morning - and the breakfast here was without a question the most incredible hotel- breakfast I’ve ever had (sorry I hope you're not already tired of me saying this). Every morning you get to pick from a huge buffet that really leaves nothing to be desired. Besides a more „unhealthy“ corner that served the best pastries and sweets they also had a huge selection of natural granolas, superfoods and vegan options. On top of that you could order á la carte and have something prepared for you specifically, such as eggs or veggies. Even though I tend to choose sleep over breakfast sometimes - during our stay at the St. Regis we didn’t miss breakfast once.

aboutpam aboutpam

I also really enjoyed the food at the Asian restaurant „Orientale“ and the „Cargo- restaurant“ that serves middle-eastern cuisine. The Cargo Restaurant actually turned out to be one of my „happy-places“ during our stay - the combination of delicious middle-eastern food, Arabic music and the tropical surroundings never failed to put me in a good mood. I was just sitting there pretending I know the words of those Arab songs haha. Another great restaurant is the Pizza-place „Crust“ - it’s located directly on the beach and designed to be a little less luxurious. Daniela loved the pizza :D


Another Must-See at the Vommuli Resort is of course the „Whale Bar“, which has recently won the International Design Awards 2017 for its unique architecture. As the name suggests, the bar is designed in a whale-like shape and it gives a perfect view of the sunset. I found that some of the buildings had an almost futuristic feel to them. Seriously noooothing about the design here felt „standard“ or mediocre.

If eating delicious foods all day everyday, tanning on the beach and having drinks while enjoying the Maldivian sunset isn’t what you’re looking for in a vacation (which I would find hard to believe), there are also multiple activities that you can do at the resort. You can either decide between relaxation and athletic challenges, or you can just alternate between both of them (which is what I did). One thing I tried for the first time at Vommuli resort, and really enjoyed, was the so-called „Anti-Gravity Yoga“. Don’t worry, I had never heard of it either, until I got to try it. It’s a new type of yoga that uses special kinds hammocks to combine yoga, pilates and dance. The hammocks can work to support yoga poses that are sometimes difficult to get into on the ground, such as backbends. I got tangled up in my hammock more than once but we definitely had a lot of fun trying it out! I'm also sure you can remember these fun videos on Facebook of those fitness classes on little trampolines. It's called „Jumping Fitness" and they also have it at the resort! The St. Regis is actually the first hotel on the Maldives that offers this. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to try Jumping Fitness during our stay - if I ever get the chance again I’ll try it for suuuure! There is also a fully equipped gym (definitely a priority for me, as you might have guessed lol), and a tennis court.

aboutpam aboutpam

Naturally, the Vommuli Resort also offers an incredible Spa & Wellness Centre, the „Iridium Spa“. And what could be better after a workout than relaxing at the spa, while enjoying a perfect view of the ocean? Again, they offer everything you could possibly want from a spa: a beautiful ambience, relaxing massages (alone or for couples), steam baths and saunas, all with the most idyllic view ever.


During those four days there was only one thing that wasn’t amazing: the weather. However, you can’t really blame the Maldives for that. Unfortunately we went there during off-season, which was kind of the wrong timing. We only got to enjoy 1 or 1 1/2 really nice, sunny days (which meant taking pictures noooon stop haha) - the rest of the time it was more gloomy and rainy. Luckily the resort offers so many different activities, so it didn’t matter that much. However, if you’re planning on spending your vacation at the beach, tanning and looking up at palm trees, I would recommend going during the main season. If I ever get the chance again I’ll definitely try not to go during the rainy season.


All in all I am still so amazed and incredibly grateful. I’m grateful for the fact that there are such magical places and hotels, like the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. And, again, I am so very grateful that I got to experience it myself. From incredibly delicious food, served on golden plates, to a personal butler (and perfectly assorted make-up brushes), and the perfect bathroom-lighting (if you’re into make-up at all you might know the usual hotel-struggle). Every detail was simply perfect. Yes, luxurious hotels like this one definitely come with a price and whoever can afford to stay there is already incredibly lucky. However, if you ever get the chance to spend a few relaxing days at a resort like the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, I promise you won't regret it.


The "right" diet - what does that even mean


A big part of my job - and a lot of what I strive to put out there as my message - revolves around fitness and the right diet. Two things that I believe are inseparable. Yet, a lot of people ask me what that actually means to me - „the right diet“. Ist there such a thing as right or wrong when it comes to food? Is „healthy“ the only criteria for a „good diet“? What do I look out for when it comes to food and what do I think is important?

I’ve been interested in healthy eating for a while now. Not long after I started lifting weights regularly I realized that I would have to adapt my eating habits in order to see results. For me, changing to a healthy diet wasn’t too big of a adjustment - I’ve been eating relatively healthy for as long as I can remember (thaaaanks mom & dad). But I still had to accept that eating a piece of marble cake with my bowl of musli every morning (and yes, I mean every morning) wasn’t going to get me the results I was hoping for. Also, I might have to add, I used to be one of those people that could eat whatever they like without gaining weight - a so called „ectomorph“. I’ve always been relatively skinny - however, that’s one of the main reasons I had to adjust my diet to my new lifestyle: to make sure I was eating enough calories from the right foods in order to gain muscle and not lose weight.

Today, a few years from when I started out, I still eat a lot - firstly, because I just love food and I love fueling my body. Secondly, because I’m still training a lot and trying to reach my physical goals. That requires me to eat a certain amount of calories every day. However I feel like my metabolism changed a bit and I don't eat aaaas much as back then. And that also doesn’t mean I eat everything in sight, no matter how healthy or unhealthy. I still try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet most of the time. Therefore I don’t really care for diets, like the whole „low carb“ or „no fat“ thing. Instead, I try to fuel my body with what it needs and not deprive it of anything - including a good amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats and a sufficient amount of protein.

However, when it comes to the foods I consume there are other aspects I pay attention to besides their nutritional value. One of those aspects is sustainability. The more I was dealing with nutrition, the more I realized something very important: „the right diet“ isn’t just about me and my body. Sure, a major part of how and what we eat is to fulfill our individual needs and to keep our bodies working. But there’s another aspect we should consider: the choices we make everyday, especially when it comes to what we consume, impact our environment, and ultimately this planet, in ways most of us can’t even imagine. That’s why for me, „eating right“ is just as much about making choices that are sustainable and that do as little harm to our planet as possible. So if you have the resources and the capacities to adjust your diet to your own needs and preferences, you should absolutely be able to make choices that are sustainable as well.

I am certainly not perfect in that regard: for example, there is so much science out there that proves that meat consumption in industrialized countries is directly related to climate change. Personally, I still eat meat - but I do try to keep the major part of my diet plant-based. And I can see it in my surroundings, too: a lot of people are trying to make their diets more sustainable by consuming less and less meat products. Take my brother for example: just like me he’s neither a vegetarian, nor a vegan. He has, however, recently stopped consuming beef. Why? Studies that prove the impact of animal agriculture on our planet have shown that beef is actually the most problematic. The reason for that is simply that out of all other animals, cows require the most livestock feed, produce the most methane and are therefore responsible for extremely high carbon dioxide emissions. Of course by now most people are aware that meat consumption in general is hurting our climate and our planet. Animal agriculture is responsible for 80 to 90 percent of water consumption, it’s the leading cause for rainforest destruction and it is directly responsible for the destruction of ecosystems and natural resources.

Even though I’m not a vegetarian myself, I am aware of the fatal consequences of frequent meat consumption. In my opinion this is where everybody’s personal responsibility starts. Of course everyone is free to chose how they want to live their life and/or what they want to eat. However, it is not at all difficult to take little steps towards a sustainable lifestyle - even if that means having one or two meatless days per week, or making more conscious choices when buying meat products (like buying organic meat only). Just because you’re not implementing something a hundred percent, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing small things to create an impact. We can all contribute in some way, with a little effort and a few changes here and there :)

For me, another one of these small efforts is making sure I buy food that is made sustainably. When I shop for food, one of the things that are most important to me is knowing where my food comes from and how it was made. I try to buy organic and seasonal foods whenever I can. If I have the luxury, I prefer buying my fruits and vegetables, and especially meat products, at our local Saturday- market or at the nearest organic store. Again, this is not about being perfect and being one hundred percent consistent - sometimes I’ll buy raspberries in November and I regularly eat bananas (which, as most of us will know, don’t grow in Germany). It’s not the twenty percent of time where you don’t implement something that are crucial - it’s the other eighty percent where you try your best to live your daily life as consciously and sustainably as possible.

Even though organic foods aren’t necessarily healthier than regular foods, there are a few reasons why I prefer buying them: a lot of the time organic foods are less contaminated with pesticides and their growing is done much more sustainably, as is the animal agriculture. Of course it’s important to know that organic doesn’t automatically mean organic (confusing, I know). There is a variety of different organic-seals. Not every organic seal on a product speaks for a higher quality of the product. However, there are certain organic seals where you can be sure that the products have to withhold high standards. In Germany, some of the reliable organic food associations include „Bioland“, „Demeter“ and „Naturland“. They require higher standards than foods that are produced under the regular european organic seal, where the products only have to withhold basic standards to carry the seal. Let me stress this point again, it’s really not about being perfect! I’m also aware that organic products are often a lot more expensive than regular ones. But still you can take little steps in the right direction and try to support organic brands. Especially if you do have the resources and maybe some financial wiggle room. Even if you can’t afford shopping at organic stores only: many of the big supermarket chains have their own organic lines that are really reasonably priced. In that case, check how reliable the organic seal of that supermarket is and whether their organic products are actually produced under higher standards than regular products - which is not always true. But it can be worth it to do a little research and to spend your money on products and foods that have been produced sustainably and eco-friendly.

For me personally, „eating right“ doesn’t just mean eating healthy foods that nourish my body (even though that is certainly a major part of it). Eating right also means doing as little harm to the environment and our planet as possible and creating a positive impact with small things, such as our food choices. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: I’m not trying to be perfect here and I don’t think anyone has to be - this is not an „all or nothing“ kind of thing. I’m convinced that little things you do in your daily life will have the biggest impact in the long run - such as more awareness when it comes to how we buy and consume foods. Especially if more and more people start thinking about what changes they can make in their lives to live just a tiny little bit more sustainably. Doesn’t matter if that is reducing your meat consumption, buying more seasonal & organic food, riding your bike to work instead of taking the car or tell others about what you've learned. I believe that most people have the option to create a positive impact - in whatever way that may be.

xx Pam



Helloooo everyone,

I am back… and I am back for the best reason ever: Its Black Friday Week!!

Just to give you a reminder: Last year I already had the opportunity to work with, which is one of my favourite beauty online shops in Germany with plenty of must-have brands like BareMinerals, theBalm, GHD, NYX and many more. They don’t just sell these brands, but also have them to crazy low prices and ship them really fast. You can find the last years blog entry here, if you are interested. This year I got the opportunity to work with Cocopanda again.

Every year around Thanksgiving they have a so called “BLACK WEEK”, which means basically six days full of really low prices & every day there are new deals. On top of the super low prices, you can get within these days, big bonus discounts with the help of discount codes. So we basically save money twice haha.

Here is the Breakdown for the discount codes:

From the 20th of November until the 23rd of November you will get exclusively 15% on everything in the shop with my code: PAM15

On “Black Friday” (24th of November) you can have 15% with this code: BLACK15

On “Cyber Monday” (27th of November) you can have 15% with this code: CYBER15

And as a Bonus you can have 10% until end of December with this code: PAM10 (Christmas presssiesss are safe!!)

I know this is a bit complicated haha :D but if you want to safe money, then make sure to use the right code!


In this years video you can see me getting ready for a LA Night Out :) you can get aaaaall the products that I used and get money off with one of the discount codes here.


One of my fave brands is “theBalm”. Their packaging is so cute and the quality is amazing. Maybe you’ve heard about the „Bahama Mama Bronzer“ and the „Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter“ before. Those two products got hyped so much and are definitely worth it! In the video you can also see me using the „timeBalm Anti Wrinkle Concealer“ which works so good! Watch how fast it covers under eye circles haha.

In the end you can also see me putting on the „Meet Matte Hughes“ Liquid Lipstick. The set that I got the color from is amazing since you get 6 miniatures of 6 different colors. Perfect to try them out and see what colors you like best! Also great to put in your handbag without wasting too much space on makeup :)

Btw the theBalm is 100% cruelty free and paraben free. They also have a lot of vegan products.

If you know me by now, you know that I would prefer organic and natural products over chemicals anyyyyy day. It’s a little hard to find organic cosmetic products that can keep up with the usual ones. If you feel the same way, you will thank me for those options:

In the video I’m using the Tinted Moisturizer „Organic Wear“ by Physicians Formula. Before It was never possible to get this brand in Germany so now I am so happy to get it at COCOPANDA. It’s 100% from natural origins, free from harsh chemicals, free from synthetic colors, cruelty free and so oooon.


It was also the first time I ordered the “Ecotools” brushes and I am really happy with them. They are made of recycled materials and are therefore friendly for the environment! The brushes and tools have natural bamboo handles, cruelty free bristles and only recycled aluminium.

My favorite item on earth has been the „Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm“ for aaaages now. I think I already went through 10 of those haha. It’s a moisturizing balm that you can use on all dry areas on your skin - but in this tutorial I just used it as a lipgloss! The formula is really thick and creamy and that’s why it’s so shiny :) The Nipple Balm (lol) is also 100% natural. Feels so good to use natural make up.


Last but not least, you all probably know the “NYX” Range. It's the perfect brand for dupes of expensive products. If you are looking for an affordable brow pencil, NYX has a nice dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills. And the Jumbo Eye Pencil that I used is probably the most hyped NYX product on Youtube.

Let me know if you have any questions!! And have fun shopping during the Black Friday Week at <3

Love, Pam