Hello my loves ♡ long time no see.

I’ve been spending the last 5 days enjoying and exploring LA, figuring out where everything is and meeting new people. AND I finally got some sleep. I’ll tell you about my experiences day by day & you can also shop my exact outfits below!! Have fun.


We arrived in the afternoon and I have to say that the flight was horrible. I was freeeeeeeezing and that’s why I arrived with a cold and a cystitis - yeeeey. But luckily our arrival was super easy, no frightening custom controls, no lost luggage, no nothing. Afterwards we carried our suitcases (which isn’t that easy haha - I got like 2 suitcases, 24kg each and some hand luggage) to SIXT, where we picked up our car. Such a beautiful one! We got a BMW 640i Convertible and could actually cruise around all day long `cause it’s so fun to drive. But your rules in the US are so different haha. We needed to get used to that. Then we drove to our first AirBnb Apartment, which we rented for 4 nights till the actual one got available.



DRESS by Missguided (34) - BELT by Asos (XS) - SNEAKER by Vor - SHADES by Le Specs - TEA by SkinnyMint (get 15% off with "PAMSM10" on

First day, woke up at 06:30am and felt super energetic! We went for breakfast to „Le Pain Quotidien“ - which is my favorite organic restaurant ever, and I was totally surprised that we randomly found one. Afterwards we explored Santa Monica & all the shopping stores haha. We also went to West Hollywood, looked for those famous „Made in LA“ and Angel Wings Walls, and had dinner. At 8pm we wear dead tired and fell into bed.


DRESS by Missguided (34) - BELT by Asos (XS) - SNEAKER by Vor - SHADES by Le Specs - BAG by Chanel



BLOUSE by NaKd (S) - SHORTS by Levis (25)

06:30am again. That’s actually what I like about my „jetlag", I always wake up pretty early! But I don’t have any problems sleeping at night, so I’m not quite sure if it’s a jet-lag. Started my day with some work out of bed and sent an membership application to the Soho House. I’m not very optimistic that they will accept me so quickly but I’d love to go there in LA :(( Do you guys have any alternatives? Beautiful lunch spots or beach clubs to go to? Then we ended up having lunch at Urth Café - which actually wasn’t as great as I expected!! It’s super famous so what are your favorite meals there? Maybe I ordered the wrong food. Afterwards we went to the beach to watch the sunset - AMAZING. One of the things I absolutely love about LA. There is literally a breathtaking sunset e v e r y d a y.




DRESS by River Island (34)

Some work out of bed again, got a spray tan (which is the best thing ever haha - I think I’m addicted). Don’t know how I managed to walk around as a ghost the days before. I feel so much prettier when I’m tanned. And the spray tan I got here didn’t even smell. I also went out to buy a american SIM card for my phone and a DJI Osmo, with which I’m gonna take some awesome film footage for you guys. But unfortunately I couldn’t make it work yet haha. I’ll figure it out directly after posting this blogpost! Promise. That day we also had some super interesting conversations with some random strangers we met on the streets - like the producer of iRobot and stuff. So fun! To watch the sunset we went on the Santa Monica Peer which was … let’s say „different“ than I expected. Didn’t think it would be THAT touristic. But well it was fun. In particular this 60 year old dancer I posted on Insta stories :D





My cold and everything got so much worse that I needed to visit the doctor :( which is kind of scary in a foreign country to be honest. And so expensive!! Over $100 to only talk to them and to get some regular medication. We also wanted to go the the Equinox Gym and easily get a membership for 1 month but they rejected us. Oops. Gonna contact them via email but till then - any other tips? Golds Gym is kind of far but is there any other fancy gym around Santa Monica? After some hours I was finally feeling better and we decided to drive up the Hollywood Hills and watch the sunset from up there. We arrived there just on time ´cause we needed 1 hour longer than planned to get there. Not only the fault of the traffic but also because of missing some exits :D For now I’m gonna let you enjoy the view from up there.

Another thing I already love about LA. You’ve got everything there - skyscrapers, city, beach, mountains, and so ooooon. I’m so excited I’m already afraid to leave.


LEGGINGS by Puma (XS) - SHOES by Puma - SPORTS BRA by Free People


Today we’re going to drive to Venice & go to Gold’s Gym. I already feel horrible because I wasn’t able to work out for a week (illness & no gym).

NEED YOUR HELP: desperately need your tips regarding GYMS, BEACH CLUBS (or any cool alternatives to the Soho House) & WHERE TO GO OUT IF YOU'RE UNDER 21 (yes, that's definitely a problem).

Good night everyone ♡ for us the day is just about to start xx

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Lena 2. October 2016
Ich wünsche dir schnelle und gute Besserung, liebe Pam! Ich kann dir leider nicht weiterhelfen, aber hoffe du findest noch alles was du brauchst! <3
nessa 2. October 2016
du bist mein lebensvorbild !!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anna 2. October 2016
Wow so schöne Bilder! Genieß die Zeit <3 vielleicht ist ja das NoBu etwas für dich
Alan Soledad 2. October 2016
Hey! Nice blog post! 😉 And I think that travel to other countries is very excited and meet people. Is very different America and Europe. 🤔 Come to México. 🗺️
Jana 2. October 2016
Gute Besserung erst einmal!! Habe bei einigen anderen Bloggern (Novalanalove, Caro Daur..) gesehen, dass die im Hotel "Petit Ermitage" in Wert Hollywood waren und die dort auch einen tollen Pool-Bereich haben. Vielleicht gibt es bei denen ja auch so etwas wie day tickets. Und ein schönes Restaurant hat das Hotel auch :) Viel Spaß noch in LA! Bin auch im Dezember da und freue mich schon mega. Liebe Grüße, Jana
sam 2. October 2016
There's a great private gym just down my road. However I live in England so this may be a problem... I love your blog though and it's currently really helpful as I'm planning a trip to LA in the near future :) x
zoe 2. October 2016
gute Besserung! 💗
Deneb 2. October 2016
Liebe Pamela, Gute Besserung und viel Spaß in LA💞
Alina 2. October 2016
Mit wem bist du eigentlich in LA? Und sehr schöner Post 😊💕
Carola 2. October 2016
Hey Pam! Have you been to Paradise Cove Beach Café yet? Think you would like it, it is a nice place for having a coffee/soda at the beach.. :-) All the best from Denmark, Carola - Pam's blog Pamela 3. October 2016
oh thanks! will check it out <3
Susi 2. October 2016
Hey, Als ich in LA war bin ich den 24 Fitnessstudio gegangen, und da war ich auch noch keine 21.
Charly❤️ 3. October 2016
Heyyy❤️ Ich brauche wirklich deine Hilfe, denn immer wenn ich mich "gesund" ernähre nehme ich total schnell sehr viel ab. Aber ich will mich natürlich gesund ernähren aber auf keinen Fall abnehmen weil ich eh schon sehr wenig wiege😞 Hättest du vielleicht ein paar Tipps🙈 Lg
Pia 3. October 2016
Ich mag dich du siehst super aus hast ne tolle Figur und du bist meeegggaa hübsch
Fatima 3. October 2016
Hey Pam. Dein Blog ist super! Warte immer gespannt auf deinen neuen Antrag. Ich hätte eine Frage, Kannst du mehr über deinen Spray Tanning erzählen? GLG Fatima
Betty 3. October 2016
Who is 'we'? 😊
sarah 3. October 2016
Mit wem bist du eigentlich da ? :)
Paulina Jenewein 3. October 2016
Willkommen in LA ! Ich bin in LA geboren und aufgewachsen, vielleicht kann ich ein paar tips geben :) Equinox ist auf jeden fall einer der besten & schönsten Gyms aber die nehmen (glaube ich) keine monatlichen Kunden an, nur mit Jahresvertrag. 24 hour fitness ist die günstigste Alternative, zwar nicht so luxuriös aber erfüllt sein zweck :D Sonst gibt es noch LA Fitness die auch ganz gut sind, oder Burn Fitness in Santa Monica (mein Favorit). Was das essen angeht, es gibt ein wunderschönes Hotel/Restaurant auf den Klippen in Palos Verdes, es heißt Terranea - da kann man den schönsten Sonnenuntergang gucken beim Essen. Lemonade ist auch sehr cool mit mehreren Locations innerhalb LA. Dann fällt mir noch Alfred Coffee und Blue Bottle ein zum Kaffee trinken :) Ich hoffe ich hab einigermaßen geholfen und nicht umsonst meine Geheimtipps weitergegeben xx - Pam's blog Pamela 3. October 2016
vielen vielen vielen Dank!! :) nein, das war ganz und gar nicht umsonst <3