Sometimes you got so much to say, so many thoughts on your mind and so many things going on that you don't know where to start and how to find the right words… And then you decide to just say nothing at all. That’s what I’ve done the last 6 months.

I also got so many projects going on that there’s always something to do. That’s why I kept postponing writing blogposts & doing some real talk on here. I know that this was not right & I’m honestly sorry for that..

So I’ve experienced tons of wonderful moments & lots of happiness during the last months. I also had tons of situations that I would have never seen myself in - in a bad way - during the time of not writing here. I kinda wanted to talk about it - but somehow I always found myself between those endless questions of sharing it to the world vs. keeping it silent. Because I know that if I’m writing to you - my community - I’m also letting this read people who don't wish me sth good, persons close to me who will wonder why I’m opening up on here & of course, the press. And I know that questions will appear in interviews..

That’s why I decided to say nothing at all and focus on other parts of my life, other projects and other tasks. But as we all know, not talking about something doesn't mean you forget about it.

PLUS I always gather myself up and realize that my problems could be worse. I’m living an extremely privileged life that I’m unbelievably thankful for! I wouldn't want to swap my life with anyone. I’m living my dream and exploring the world. Of course this also includes a certain level of luxury by now. I’m offered to stay in hotels that cost a fortune, I get upgraded to business class out of nowhere. I do not take this for granted and I definitely know where I come from. I feel like a happy little kid when something like this happens and I allow myself to enjoy it. That doesn't mean that I lost touch with reality or normality… just to put some bad comments straight :)

Back to my feelings (lol)… In the world of Instagram with all that happiness, positivity and beauty (which is also what Instagram is about) you still you have to allow yourself to not be so „strong“ from time to time. To burst out in tears and confront yourself with your problems and situations that put too much weight on your shoulders. I'm only 21 and I also struggle with topics like love, friendship and trust. People that you loved or trusted turn out to be or feel different & suddenly nothing's the same. We all know that pain... We can't change the behavior or feelings of somebody else & even though it might not make sense to us we have to keep our head high, swipe away the tears and learn to accept. And trust me, it hits you so hard when you’re traveling, being far away from your family. Looking up to the sky on a different continent, in complete silence and know that everybody else close to you is suddenly thousands of kilometers away. I think I heard every single Sam Smith & James Arthur song about 100 times haha. Those lyricsssss.. This is still something I don't feel super confident talking about on here. Even now I can’t even see the letters on the screen clearly because of the tears in my eyes haha. I guess you can relate .. <3

When I said „I found myself in situations that I never saw myself in“ earlier in my text I was referring to my job. As some of you know I split up from my management a couple of months ago because of personal issues between me & them. Management in my job is something really intense and close, you have to deal with it on a daily basis and therefore you can't just pretend something wouldn’t exist if you have issues. But sometimes in life your opinion doesn't match the one of the other side & the next day you find yourself in legal problems. Of course this shouldn't bring you down but I guess it’s clear that it still somehow matters because you have to spend your time dealing with it.

I guess I didn't say half of the stuff that was on my mind .. but at least I broke the silence on here. Let’s see how this will continue but I hope you understand that it can be hard to make everybody happy, to fulfill all of your tasks, struggle with „teenie“ problems, deal with the pressure of your job and still focus on yourself.

Life can be tough but remember, diamonds are made under pressure .. haha

Love you

Xx Pamela




Hello my loves ♡

I would have never expected such a great feedback for my book! I’m completely flashed by how many lovely messages and pictures I receive every day!! I’m even having a hard time to keep up with seeing and answering them all haha.


I’m also more than happy that everyone values the work that went into all the pictures, texts and the design. And since the feedback for the German version is that great we are already planning everything for the English translation!! YEEEEEY ♡ Hopefully it will be ready by autumn or the end of the year :)


So I'm really sorry for talking and writing so much in German at the moment but since the book is only written in German it's easier for me to connect to my German following that way.. :( hope you understand!!


Have a wonderful weekend! Next week will be exciting :)





AHHH! My Book “Strong & Beautiful” is available for preorder today!! I know, I know, one announcement after the other, but isn't this unbelievable? I’ve tried keeping this project a secret as best as I could in the last year and now you can actually order it! How crazy is that??

Sadly, you can only order it in German at the moment - but I’m working on making it available for allll of you in English soon :)

The first copy of my book is available to preorder in all bookstores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from today on and you will be able to buy it in all bookstores (in those countries) on March 16. You can also buy it online HERE from Thalia. There is only a limited quantity of the "Special Editions" available, so you should definitely preorder it before they're sold out! But now from the beginning haha.

Soooooo. There is a “Standard Edition” that costs 18€ and a “Special Edition” that costs 25€, both books come as hardcovers. You can differentiate from both types of books easily, the “Standard Edition” has the cover picture where I’m sitting on the floor and the “Special Edition” has the cover picture where I’m in the desert. Every special edition will be signed by me, include a bookmark and an exclusive 30 Day Challenge where you can join me in completing one beauty and fitness task each day ♡



Basically my book is divided into 4 parts and has 224 pages. The first part is titled “About Pam” where I’ll tell you about my childhood and youth, how I got started with sports, and how I learned to deal with tough topics such as self-confidence. I kept this part kind of short though because I didn't want to write a book where it’s just all about “me-me-me” haha.

The second part is over 90 pages long!! In “About Fitness” you’ll learn eveeeeerything about fitness. The best way to get started, what kind of body types there are, how to eat healthy, how to motivate yourself, how to keep and achieve goals and how to stop looking for excuses. I also talked about good and bad ingredients in food, the basics for a balanced nutrition plan aaaaand there are also 40 pages with yummy recipes to cook at home. Don't worry, they aren't the same recipes as on PAMSTRONG! I’ve also included my favorite whole body home workout :)


The third part is called “About Style” and it's not just going to be about inner beauty but also about my favorite workout- and everyday outfits, what I pay attention to before buying something, my favourite ways to combine key clothing pieces, which jeans fit the best, what's in my bag etc. :) There is also a big beauty part where I wrote a lot about skincare, ingredients, included maaany DIY mask/peelings recipes and talked about topics such as cellulite and makeup. Beyond that I’ve also included the most important makeup tools, my everyday makeup and hair routine, hairstyles and much more ♡

The last part - “About Life” - is about my whole Instagram story, how I turned my hobby into my job, how I edit my pictures, what I pay attention to when posing for pictures and where I get my inspiration from. Aaaaaand of course you guys, my community, that I'm so thankful for! ♡


I’ll be writing more blogposts about the book, the process behind it, sneak peaks inside, the printing process etc etc, but I hope you like the little first impression! I’m so proud and I hope you guys enjoy all of this as much as I do hihi :)

So like I said, you can preorder it HERE on Thalia or go into your local bookstore and preorder it there.


Have a wonderful week!!




GERMANY HAS ME BACK. Yeeey. Or maybe not. Honestly, I have never felt this way about any country or place before but I didn’t want to leave. No matter if I was on the Maldives, New York or in Paris, I always looked forward to heading home again. But not this time :( don’t know why but I would be moving to LA in a heartbeat if I could. To West Hollywood probably. In my head I even realistically see myself moving to LA in May. Has this ever happened to you before? Such a strange feeling. It's not that I don't love Germany. I really do! But I just want to go for a couple of months, maybe a year or a little longer. I feel like I need something like this to grow as a person. And I'm not only talking, I really mean it haha. I don't know if you noticed - but I got so happy and chilled over there? Saw my Instagram feed? Never seen so many smiling pictures of me. And never seen so many pictures of me with undone hair either haha. At the same time the energy of the people is contagious. Of course it's hard to make it but people at such a young age just go out there and DO things. Trying to live their dream and realizing their ideas.

I feel like I’m already annoying everybody with my excitement haha. Sorry for that.


by Paul Ripke

Some of you asked me: Pamela, what were you doing in LA? Just living life? - Hm, actually no. I was shooting allllllll the pictures of my book there, which took us weeks! We just drove around all day, with 2939 outfits in the trunk, changing them on the street and shooted wherever we could. As I already told you, there will be over 100 pictures that are exclusively taken for the book. Cool, right? And I will also be able to show you the various cover options soon - then it's your time to choose!


Luckily we also got a wonderful convertible by BMW directly at the airport - best decision ever! First, we weren’t really sure if we needed a car but in the end you have to spend SO much time in the car because the distances in LA are just ridiculous. We got it directly at LAX from SIXT, which was sooo easy and quick. I’m super thankful for this great collaboration!

If you want to check all the dates, prices and everything else about car rental you can click on THIS link. And they even have a worldwide 10% discount HERE!


by Paul Ripke

Secondly: My Blog App for ANDROID is almost ready! Give us another week or so & we are good to go ♡

Have a nice Wednesday! xx


Sunset in Santa Monica




Hello there ♡ Today I'm going to share some tips on "How To Build An Instagram Following". Social Media is a phenomenon and there is no real key to success that works for everyone out there - but I guess I'll share my experience anyways!


Soooo first of all. If you start of you should ask yourself:

What do I like? What are my hobbies and interests? What do I have fun doing?

Maybe you like cooking, maybe you like taking pictures of flowers or maybe you like comedy. It doesn’t matter! Just because „fitness“ and „make up“ are a trend there is no need to follow it!

Search for things you like & present them on your account. And don’t be afraid if your interest is not as popular as for example "beauty". There are so many people in the internet and there are for sure a lot of people that also share your hobby!

For example in the very beginning I posted selfies at the gym, pictures of my outfits, my food & my accessories. And you can also find those exact topics in my account today.

SHORT: Build your community based on your personal interest!


One of the first pictures I uploaded


Quality over Quantity! This has always been my motto. Try to only upload high-quality pictures that you really feel good about. I would never upload a pictures that I don’t regard as „good“.

But high quality doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take the picture with a professional camera. 80% of my pictures are taken with my iPhone ♡

Just try to have a great perception for details, for beautiful backgrounds & for nice lightening. And if you can’t find a cute background - go for a white wall! Always works.


I know, I just told you „quality over quantity“ haha. But try to have at least one high-quality picture a day or every other day. Nobody keeps following an account that only posts a picture every 3 months.

Of course there also exist popular accounts that upload 3-4 pictures a day, which is great! But I personally never feel like posting so many pictures. Just figure out what you like & what works for you! Anyways, remember that it’s a fine line between „showing a lot of interesting content“ and „annoying your followers with too much content“.


You can make nice pictures even niceeeer by using the right filters and effects. But don’t overdo it! If you look at my older pictures (point 1) you can see that I used to overdo it with colors and light effects haha. Less is more.

You can find all my favorite filters & how I use them in THIS blogpost.



Some people want to make their profile look really harmonic. If that’s your goal you can focus on always using the same filters - that way you have a consistent color scheme throughout your whole profile!

I personally like following those kind of profiles because they look really really beautiful! But for my profile I don’t regard this as super important. I always look for a filter that fits best to the specific picture.

But what I do consider as important is the variety. Don’t post 3 selfies or 4 food pictures in a row. Try to make your profile look as interesting as possible. Show different sceneries, selfies, full body shots, detail shots, black&white pictures, videos, and so oooon.


how my profile would look if I cared about the color scheme (FYI: my profile doesn't look that way, I searched pictures to demonstrate it)


Always keep moving & improve yourself. Get better at the things you like, find new interests or try something completely new. That doesn’t only refer to your account. Your life should be interesting! So learn, set the bar high and get better every day. And this will automatically become visible in your account!

Sometimes I look at the old pictures of my account and notice how much better I got at photography! And In the beginning of this year I also got kind of bored by my own account & I was tired of only taking and uploading pictures. So I decided to start a blog! And by now I also have my own app! Make your life exciting & always move forward.


Go to events, travel & talk to people. Connections are important - because sometimes it’s not all about the „number“ of followers!

Of course, you don’t have to become friends with all the people you meet, but either way you can talk with them, share your experience and learn from each other. And if you do become friends you can of course support each other on your accounts!



Something I never did in the beginning - but I know from others that it works! If you feel like you’re just not moving forward although your pictures are on point - contact big inspiration accounts and ask them for features.

I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SHOUT OUT FOR SHOUT OUTS. I hate it. A big reason to unfollow someone.

I am talking about nicely contacting big "inspo" accounts via email or Insta Direct and asking them if they like your pictures & if they would consider reposting them. But really think about if your pictures fit to the style of their accounts! Don’t randomly annoy people.

Here are a couple of big accounts that always repost beautiful content:

Fashion/Beauty: Americanstyle, KissinfashionStyle.Above, Fashionzine

Fitness: Body_Fitness_Fashion, Fitnessgirlsmotvation, FITNESS_JUNKIE




Most of you probably think "blablabla - it's no effort to upload some pictures and earn money doing that". You're so wrong. Being an Instagrammer & Blogger definitely becomes a full time job at some point and requires much more time than a "usual" job! I have no days off. I have no usual "Sunday". There is also no time my work "ends" or "starts". Sometimes I work 16 hours a day but you know what? I love it. Writing blogposts, organizing journeys, holding speeches, shooting campaigns, creating daily content for Instagram, giving interviews, traveling from a to b, going to the gym, cooking healthy, preparing projects that will become official in 6 months & keeping yourself organized takes time. More than you might expect. So don't underestimate the effort and be prepared to spend a looooot of time on your laptop!



And finally one of the most important points ♡ never lose the bond to your followers. Talk to them, take their feedback seriously, try to fulfill their wishes, ask them for their opinion and always be down to earth. You aren’t better than a normal person just because you have a lot of followers. That’s why we should all talk about a community and not about fans.


P.S: You can’t force success. Actually, there is no real „key to success“ on Instagram. Sometimes you can’t understand why some accounts get big and others don’t. Social Media isn’t fully explainable and we should definitely accept that!!

Have fun in your life, stay true to yourself and success will come by itself! Aaaaaand… be patient ♡

Have you ever tried building your own Instagram Account or Blog? Tell me about your experiences in the comments! xx




Oh well, lots of talking today! As you might already know I finished school 2 years ago & although I never said it on Instagram the press made kind of a big deal out of the „she finished school with 1,0“ topic. Since then I got a loooot of questions about my school time, my grades, teachers etc. & today I’m going to talk a bit about my experiences and tips on how to get good grades ♡

PS: I hope you all of you university students can also use those tips!! I didn't go to university so I can only talk about my time in school.


Ok, so teachers are human & they all have different personalities. And although your performance in class should not have anything to do if the teacher likes or dislikes you - but let’s face it: if the teacher likes you it’s easier to get good grades.

So you should definitely have a good relationship with them! Be nice, kind and respectful. Stay after class if you have questions, communicate with them and show that you are willing to learn. No brown nosing though!! That’s not cool.

And listen - this is the most important point!! Every teacher has his own system. Especially when it comes to exams. You need to figure out what kind of questions they ask & what system they have - and then start to study according to this system! Not sure what I’m talking about? I’ll give you examples.

For example my „art“ teacher: he always talked a lot during class about his experiences, his own interpretations of artworks & the knowledge he has about them - which I loved! We barely ever had a look at our textbooks. So why should I have a look at our textbooks when studying for the exam? I took a lot of notes during class, listened carefully & wrote this exact information in my exams. I got straight A’s.

Or my „ethics“ teacher: during class we only read texts in our textbook and spoke about them. One after the other. And I saw that he always highlighted a couple of lines in each text in his textbook. When he told us to study for the exams & re-read the texts I also highlighted the most important sentences and studied them reaaaally well. In the exam I basically only needed to write those sentences down ´cause they were the perfect answers to all his questions. And I’m not lying - I got full points in every exam.

SHORT: Get to know your teachers & their systems. That way you know what to expect in exams.


At my graduation in 2014


Attend your classes & try to sit in the front. If you always sit in the back the teacher will think you’re not interested in learning something.

On top of that you will listen more carefully 'cause you’re not distracted by all the students sitting in front of you. And this leads us to point 1!! - You need to know what the teacher says in order to know what to expect in the exams!


Find a learning system that works for you. Many prefer to start studying really early, in order to have no pressure and enough time till the exam. In school I wasn’t like that. I started studying maybe 2, maximum 4 days before the exam and just studied like crazy for 6 hours with no break. And that worked for me!

So find a system that you can handle and go for it! But either way, you need to STUDY. I never ever went unprepared to an exam.


haha don't know if I should have uploaded this - 6 years ago, biology, eye dissection


You need to get a planner. Whether it’s a cute textbook or your phone, doesn’t matter. But you NEED to know your dates for exams, homework, appointments etc. Nothing worse than coming to school and not knowing that you’re writing an exam.

Apart from that you need to organize all your papers, notes and things you collect during the classes. Have a folder for each class and organiiiiiiize. You’ll need that in order to study properly, okay? Okay.


As I told you, if you studied properly and already know what to expect you will feel pretty safe on an exam day.

Look through the exam first, see where the most important parts are and try to make a little time management. If you’re one of those persons who always needs too much time for everything I would suggest to start with the questions that give the most points.

Oh and a tip if you don’t know the solution of a math task: WRITE SOMETHING DOWN ANYWAYS. You don’t need to know the final answer. Teachers want to give you points because usually they want to give you good grades. So at least give them soommeeething they can work with. If you’ve got an idea than just write it down and follow it until you fail. This way you at least have the chance to get a point - an empty field means 0 points.



Ask yourself why. Why do you want to be good at school? What do you want to achieve in life? What are your dreams? Do you have a career in mind?

Good grades and a good degree often make things easier & maybe you need those grades to become for example a doctor. I mean if that’s not motivation I don’t know what it is haha.

I actually didn’t have a career in mind. But I simply knew it’s important to keep my options open by getting good grades.

And yes, school is not always awesome. And of course it's also "cooler" to say school is annoying and all the teachers are even more annoying - but where is this going to get you? You need to finish you school anyways & with a positive attitude those years are funnier and better.


Bad grades happen.

In this case it’s important to look through the exam, see what your mistakes were, if you maybe understood a question wrong or what the problems were. And learn from your mistakes! Maybe next time, you need to ask your teacher during the exam in order to understand everything properly. Or it was just a sequence of many mistakes that you could have avoided if you read over it a second time.

REMEMBER: Teachers are your partners, not your enemies. They want you to learn and they want you to be the best you can. So go talk to them if you have a problem. And yes, I know there are **** teachers that are bitter and mean, but you need to get along with them anyways so try and make the best out of it!!

How did or do you like your time at school? Did you learn something you want me to know? Comment below!! xx




Big News ♡  I can finally tell you that my „About Pam“ App launched today! Wohooo!!

And the best thing is: IT’S FREE ♡

From now on reading my blog is easier & prettier than ever! The app is completely customized for iPhones and you will LOVE it!

Push Notifications: That’s what I especially love about it. So I know that most of the times you're all waiting for a post on Instagram, Snapchat or Insta Story until I tell you that a new Blogpost went up. But now you can be notified RIGHT AWAY (like literally the second when I published it) & always be the very first one to read my new post. And you will never miss something! I will send you a personal message to your phone, telling you what I updated or posted. Awesome, right?


Please give me feedback and rate my App in the App Store if you love it!! I would really appreciate that.

You can download my App HERE ♡

Download my iPhone app




It’s 4am, I just woke up from a short „nap“ I wanted to take at 10pm (oops) and I feel like talking.

I often ask myself „what do you want to achieve?“ - what are your goals, what do you even work for, why are you doing what your doing & most importantly: are you happy?

Some people have a clear vision of their future. How their life needs to look, how many children & what they want to achieve with their job. I have to say, I don’t. (Maybe yes regarding the „children thing“ haha but not regarding the job). I don’t know what will have happened in 10 years. I mean, at the moment my life is changing every week. Next week there will be a majooor technical change (not really a change, rather an addition) to my blog which has 3 letters and is super cool - can you guesssss?

So back to the topic: what’s my ultimate ambition? - My ultimate ambition is being happy.

I thought about this question for a pretty long time but "being happy" sums it up I guess.

I always try to listen to my heart and do what makes me happy. For now, I feel happiness if I inspire others, if I read through my Instagram comments and realize that some of you started eating healthy because of my posts, if I go on my blog and see how many joined my workouts, if I'm able to tell you some things you didn't know before, even about make up - basically: I feel happiness if I have a positive impact on you girls out there. And in order to achieve that I put a lot of work in. My day doesn't consist out of 8-9 hours of work. Sometimes I work till 2 o'clock in the night because I want to finish everything before I go to bed. You may ask yourself - what the hell is she working on till 2am? Good question, a big part of my day is packed with things that will probably become official at the beginning or mid of 2017. Kind of strange, right? But realizing how awesome the projects and the people are I am working with is just awesome.

Nikeata Thompson for example found some nice words yesterday. She told us girls that she knows it’s hard to be self-employed and independent at our young age. And she encouraged us to be strong - because sometimes it’s difficult to be strong 24/7 and to have enough self-confidence to live up to your role as a „Social Media Person“. SO kind of her. She's so nice!!

I can also - totally - understand the people that don’t see the sense behind my Instagram & Blog Posts at the first glance (trust me, most adults, especially interviewers, don't). Of course we bloggers are no nurses or doctors, who are saving lifes on a daily basis - but neither are bankers and their job is also regarded as a „proper job“ in society. But we are having a tiny positive impact on our followers on a daily basis. Maybe we’re motivating them to work for their dreams, maybe we motivate them to go the gym or maybe we „only“ bring a smile to their face if they watch our snaps and feel entertained. Every little, positive impact counts.

So what do you want to achieve? Are you happy with your life? And do you have certain goals? Tell me in the comments or write me an email if it’s too personal for you! I’d love to hear your story xx




Today I’m going to show you my all time favorite filters that I constantly use to edit my Instagram pictures ♡ You can always find the original pictures on the left, the final Instagram post on the right & the name of the apps and filters I used underneath. The number in the brackets (e.g. +7) refers to the intensity of the filter.

With this Ballett picture I decided to go for black&white - just because b&w always looks way more elegant in my opinion. They also stand out from the normal Instagram Feed and I really love everything about non-color pictures haha. But not every picture looks good in black&white, you need to try and see which pictures work and which don’t. I often use the filter „B5“ by VSCO Cam because it’s pretty dark, has a lot of contrasts and doesn’t make the picture look too flat (which happens often if you take out the color).


wow so many were asking about the filters of this post!! As you can see the filter makes it darker (so I look more tan hehe), the color of the highlights is a little cooler (more towards turquoise) and the shadows are more orange/red/lilac. For this kind of effect I always use „Glen“ by Afterlight. It’s one of my absolute favorites!! 3 out of my last 6 posts are edited with „Glen“! But it only works if your original pictures is pretty light. I used „Rainier“ as a second filter to make the shadows more purple/pink, which fits better to the look of my profile.


This selfie speaks for all selfies I guess. I always always always use „Aden“ by Instagram for my selfies. It softens the skin, makes the picture warmer (aka. sunnier), colors the shadows in a purple/pinkish tone and makes everything look super feminine. It also washes out the color which is why I added some saturation afterwards. Kim Kardashian also uses Aden on a lot of her pictures - I can tell.


This is a filter I just recently discovered. It looks so different in comparison to my other pictures but I love it! It’s „Fjord“ by Afterlight and it adds some turquoise (just look at the building in the back - see how intense the turquoise gets?), increases the contrast and washes out the highlights. It looks super „blogger“- like. To make it look more feminine I colored the shadows (again) in purple. I also really like to do this step in Instagram, because you can only select the shadow tones and color them separately, without using another filter.


I use „Valentine“ by Picfx in the majority of my mirror selfies. As you can see it adds a whole lot of warmth and makes everything look lighter, sunnier & friendlier. For putting 2 pictures next to each other or creating any other kind of collage I always use PicFrame. I select the 4:5 format because this is exactly the size of the vertical format you can upload in Instagram.


„Fjord“ again. But here I wanted to talk about the orange light thing on the left - can you see it? It’s so unrealistic but I love to add some color or light effects haha. In Afterlight you have a bunch of options and can always adjust the color, position and intensity. I used the third effect in the category „Light Leak“ and put it on the left side of my picture. Actually I’m never sure if the picture would look better without the color effect? What do you think?

♡ which filter is you favorite? Or do you want to know how I edited a a picture that I haven’t included in the post? Just send me the link in the comments below & I’ll tell you which filters and options I used!!



1. Did you ever have braces?

Yeees! My teeth looked like a labyrinth haha. I had loose braces for a couple of years and afterwards fixed ones for some time. My canine teeth (aka. vampire teeth) were also a lot longer then now. They got filed down 2 times.

2. How did the people at your school behave when you got more and more popular on Instagram?

It was actually not such a big deal in my class. Everyone knew that I was just doing my thing and they were fine with that. Students from other classes commented a lot, also behind my back, but it was not as horrible as you might expect.

3. Do you feel comfortable without make up?

At the moment yes!! I used to feel super uncomfortable without make up because I had acne (I’m not talking about 3 pimples in my face but about 30) and that had a huge impact on my self esteem. You can also see it some of my old pictures. But good lightening, good make up and good filters can make them disappear <3

4. How long does it take you to put on your make up in the morning?

That’s so strange. I’m always doing the same things but on some days I need 20 minutes and on other days I need 40 minutes. I don’t know how that happens. But I loooove make up! I could spend hours playing with my brushes and powders!

5. What was your worst grade in school?

I think by now everyone knows that I was super ambitious at school and that’s why „not studying for an exam“ was never an option for me. My worst grade was a 3+ (German System) as far as I can remember.

6. When was your first kiss?

I had my first kiss at the age of 16 with my first boyfriend. Pretty late but I was totally fine with that!

7. Do you have a CHEAP Beauty Tip?

I love love love my hair conditioner “Glanzspülung mit Birkenblatt Extract” by Sante (4€) and my Lipliners by BeYu (7€).

8. Was Sports one of your advanced courses in school?

Funny question. I wasn’t baaad at school sports but it was one of my worst subjects. I just couldn’t cope with all those ball sports.

9. Do you have anxieties?

I don’t get anxiety states because of it but I’m pretty scared of sharks and all the other big animals in the ocean. I rather don’t want to meet them in my life haha.

10. Is it hard for someone like you to make new friends?

Hmmm hard to say. I’ve never been a person with hundreds of friends. Till now I’ve always had few but really close ones. With all the traveling I’m doing it’s definitely harder to make new, close friendships with people who are not into this “business”, but it’s not impossible!!

11. Do you delete the pictures on your phone after you uploaded them?

Haha I was asked the same question today at a Bravo interview. Somehow I never delete my pictures and I rather organize them in 123423 folders instead of deleting them. That’s why I “collected” over 30.000 pictures on my cellphone over the years… Oops.

12. Do you take birth control pills?

No. For me it’s not an option to let hormones (out of a pill!) have such a big impact on a body.

13. Have you ever thought of deleting your Instagram because it became too much for you?

I’m actually not a super emotional person & I wouldn’t act without considering the consequences – so my answer is no. Of course there are ups and downs and sometimes I feel like everything is too much for me but luckily I’m able to decide everything myself and if I feel like things are getting too much I can just reduce everything. I wouldn’t just quit my dream „job“ on a whim.

14. Last but not least- what are your absolute Make Up Must-Haves?

My Mascara “They’re Real” by Benefit, my Lipliners (I used one by Chanel which got discontinued and know I’m using a very similar one by BeYu) & my Bronzers (currently in love with the Mineral Powder Foundation by Bare Minerals which I use in a darker shade just as a bronzer & Hoola by Benefit).




Hello Girls ♥︎ I’m on my way to Hamburg right now & I’m already feeling sick from looking into my laptop in the car haha but I just wanted to share some snapshots of my birthday really quickly :)) it was a super relaxed day – just a whole lot of eaaaating & enjoying the time with my loved ones. I wore the black dress (by Imso) during the day and a super cute off-the-shoulder blouse by Brandy & Melville in the evening.

Sending a thousand hugs out to you!! I’m so thankful for all your birthday wishes ♥︎♥︎

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So many things going on! I’m turning 20 (oh my gosh) in 6 days, getting my own car & moving temporarily to Hamburg.

But first things first: I don’t know if you can call it „moving out“ haha but it kind of feels like it. Till now I’m still living with my parents, which I loooove. Sometimes people asked me if I want to move out and my answer was always „no“. I feel like I need to be so mature & grown up in my daily life & business that I really liked having the strong connection to my parents and living in a family environment. You know – it’s all about the balance!

My hometown is pretty far away from all my meetings and events in Hamburg & Berlin and that’s why I’ve been in the airplane almost every week. On top of thaaaat I’ve got a new huge project in Hamburg and that’s why it just makes sense to move there for a time, even if we’re just talking about 2 months. And I have to say I’m kind of scared of living alone!

So officially I wanted to go there 3 days ago but the next two weeks are full of traveling so I’m ultimately going to be there on the 14th. And I haven’t even seen the apartment in reality yet! Everything is soooo exciting! And although I’ve been to Hamburg quite a few times I haven’t had the chance to explore the city yet. Any tips? Restaurants, organic supermarkets, cute shops, nice photo locations, gyms? I’d love to hear them!

And if you are or know a good photographer in Hamburg that I could work with – tell meeee! I haven’t found a solution to this problem yet.

Next thing: my 20th birthday is on July 9th. Bye bye being a teenager! Old enough to make the right decisions and young enough to make the wrong ones! I’d rather stay 19 though. I’m going to spend my birthday with my family ’cause I’ve never been into arranging huge parties – maybe in my 20s haha.

Another thing: I’m getting my first car – whoop whoop. I’m going to pick it up on my birthday – any guesses? I’ll load it up with all my things and will drive my stuff to Hamburg the day after. 7 hour car ride here I come! Another thing I’ve never done in my life, my longest car ride was like 3 hours or something. But I’ll surviiiiiiiive.

Last thing: I love my life and I also wanted to thank you for that! Thanks for all your love, support, messages, comments & likes. It means the world to me and I love growing up & sharing everything with you. My blog will also make some major changes in the next weeks. Server crashes will belong to the past!!

100 different thoughts in one article. Sorry for that! Anyways, hope you’re having a great Sunday!

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I’m 99% of the time extremely happy & optimistic but sometimes I’m just not. And today I feel like being honest about some things that I just can’t understand.

It’s also pretty hard for me to get personal or emotional on social media. I’d rather say nothing than saying too much. I sometimes feel like I need to protect my feelings, my private life and my problems from the outer world, which always seems like the right thing for me to do. Serious, personal stuff should not be discussed with 2.2 million people…

Anyways, lots of you have noticed that I look a little sad on my latest pictures, which is kind of crazy that you guys already know me so well that you can tell my feelings from Insta posts. And I am sad. I basically can’t stop my tears from falling. But that’s fine.. Everybody has ups & downs and “social media stars” are also sad from time to time, even if they choose to only show positive vibes. But it’s important to know that life is wonderful and you’re the one to choose to be happy.

It has nothing (!) to do with social media or my job. It’s about personal topics that I don’t want to talk about in detail but I would like you to understand & know why I might not be as happy or as active as you’re used to see me (at least at the moment). I’m trying my hardest though.. For every girl out there going though a hard time .. stay strong ♥︎ I can feel you


Another thing I really really really wanted to mention for such a long time is people treating others like objects. Instagram can be interpreted superficially, I’m aware of that and I can live with it because I know better. But I know that it could affect other girls out there which makes me want to talk about it.

So, I’m not a superficial person, and those who know me will agree. That’s why I cannot understand how people can talk in the comment sections like “oh she has a nice face but I hate her body haha” – “ugggh have you seen her sticky legs, so ugly” – “she’s just a stupid, mindless doll.” or “oh her boobs are way too small”.

How can you even DARE to say something like that? Who taught you to be mean to others? I’m glad that there aren’t lots of comments like this on my pictures & that I’m able to cope with those few ones. But I also know that not all girls can cope with body shaming and mean comments. It happens way too often on social media, in school or just girls gossiping about other girls (which I also don’t get). You should never shame yourself for being “too” something. We should start to appreciate our bodies & to like ourselves for who we are. If you’re unhappy with something and you know you can change it – then DO SO. Read a book about the issue, eat healthy, work out, study, or do something else that makes you feel better about it.

But I also learned that you shouldn’t bother about things you can’t change. It makes life so much easier if you learn to understand, that things you can’t change should be accepted and are not worth thinking about any longer.


This refers to simple things like standing in a traffic jam. Yes, you could get into a fuss because you’ll arrive late – but why? You can’t change the situation so why waste one negative thought about this issue? Stay calm and relax, you can’t change it. This refers to soooo many things in life, whether it comes to relationships or topics like body shaming. You feel like your thighs are naturally “too thick” or your boobies too small? Guess what, you can’t make your body fat go naturally into your boobs and you can’t change that your body is built that way. I know that my legs are maybe proportionally too thin but I’m fine with that because my body is built that way and I won’t start shaming the wonderful place I live in. So why feel bad about it? You will only stress yourself with a problem that is not even a real problem. Like who the hell cares if a tiny thing about your body isn’t perfect? Our flaws are what makes us beautiful and you should love yourself for what you are. And yes, your future boyfriend will also love everything about you, haha.

So girls, never ever shame yourself for being you. Beauty is not just in the face or body, beauty is a light in the heart. And please, use your brain & THINK before being mean to others.



1. I’m 1,65cm tall (or short haha). When I was younger I really wished I was taller but now I actually enjoy being short!

2. I can be super, super shy if I meet new people or if someone recognizes me on the street. I always need some time before I show my real self but as soon as I trust someone there are no inhibitions.

3. I’m rubbish at singing.

4. Dogs are my favorite animals. I also always wanted to own one but I was never allowed to because we’re living in the center of the city which isn’t ideal for a dog. I still want a dog & I’m also 100% convinced that I’ve got enough time and flexibility to be a good dog mummy. And for all of you asking for the breed – I would like to have a Pitbull or a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (probably not what you expected haha).

5. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life and I barely drink any alcohol – perhaps one glass at New Year’s Eve but that’s it.

6. I love to sleep ♥︎ As a child my mother taught me to sleep whenever I’ve got the chance to – because a lack of sleep is never good, right? Even today I can sleep literally everywhere. In the cab, in a full subway or sitting at the airport waiting for the check in. Most of the times I fall asleep before the airplane starts and sometimes I don’t wake up until the plane touches the ground again.

7. I go through lipsticks like nobody else. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a full face of make up or only mascara, I will alwaaaaays put lipstick on (or at least a tinted something).

8. My lashes are real!! I know you guys are always discussing about this topic but I don’t have any Lash Extensions or something. Same goes for my hair.

9. I can be sooooo messy sometimes. I always try to be organized & tidy but deep down I’m just not.

10. I used to be a hip hop dancer. I started dancing at the age of 10 (?) and also went to the German & the World Championship. I stopped dancing when I was 16 because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore .. Afterwards I started going to the gym which was probably one of the best decisions ever ♥︎

11. I hate waking up early. I’m so proud if I manage to wake up before 8 o’clock haha. I’m rather working till 2 or 3 in the night than standing up early.

12. Extremely fancy & expensive food is just nothing that appeals to me. I also like to eat a lot and not only a spoon of something.

13. My teeth are too big for my mouth. When I was younger the dentist actually needed to pull some teeth because they didn’t fit haha. Even today I feel like they look too big in comparison to the rest of my face.

14. When I was younger I ate one slice of marble cake everrrry day. Every single morning I cut one slice and put it into my cereals. I know this sounds weird but it definitely tastes amazing!!

15. I love being at home. Don’t get me wrong, I love visiting different countries & cities but there’s just no place like home.

I’d like to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourself! ♡