Haha might sound gross but that’s a really important point. Washing your hair too often will make it too dry and is simply not necessary. I mean, of course we all prefer a fresh and clean scalp but if your scalp is healthy and balanced your hair will stay clean for 3 days for sure. And on the third day some dry shampoo can do the job! Because imagine, every time you wash your hair you don’t only wash your scalp but also the lengths of your hair, which is the „older“ part of your hair which is probably more damaged & stressed anyways. It will dry out those parts even more and eventually your hair will be dull, not shiny anymore and maybe break. I wash my hair about 2 times a week.

QUICK FIX: Make a low bun in your neck and only wash the front part of your scalp (this is probably where it’s greasy) in the sink. Simply lean forward, put some shampoo there and wash it out. This is a super fast quick fix if the lengths are still beautiful and clean!


Feed your hair!! Seriously, your diet plays a major role. It’s really important to have nutrients like iron & zinc (can be found in lean red meat, soybeans, lentils), vitamin D (a couple minutes of sun never hurt nobody), protein, omega 3 acids (for example salmon) and biotin (eggs are full of it) in your diet. Those nutrients support the growth and the strength of your hair. And with strong hair and strong roots your hair will be less likely to break, you will have less hair loss and your strands will shiiiiiiine naturally ♡

In PAMSTRONG I will also teach you so much about nutrition and I'll show you tons of healthy recipes which contain all of those nutrients and are super delicious :) so a clean diet is not only good for your body & your health, but also for your hair!!


Keep it natural. I was never a fan of using too many styling products! Only on rare occasions you will see me using stuff like hair spray. Honestly, I don’t even use a heat protector. I just feel like too many products won’t benefit your hair but only coat them with countless ingredients. Till now this has worked out for me so I don’t see a reason to change it :)

PS: the only thing I regularly use is dry shampoo and for shootings I someeeetimes use a shine spray!


At night we move around a looooot. Just imagine rolling around on your hair for a couple of hours each night. No doubt, that stresses our hair and might cause it to break!! That’s why I braid it into a loose braid or twist it into a „banana“ most of the times. This really protects it.


This strongly refers to 1). Generally only your scalp is „dirty“ or greasy so concentrate on the upper part of your hair when using shampoo. When rising it out it will flow through the lengths of your hair anyways! So I never ever apply shampoo on the lengths.

And maybe you’re wondering what shampoo to use? I honestly don’t have a „holy grail“. But I always use a gentle shampoo from a organic supermarket or even (don’t laugh) a gentle body wash. So I’m not a fan of harsh shampoos with strong scents and a thousand ingredients. I guess even baby shampoo would work!


Other than for the shampoo I definitely have a holy grail when it comes to conditioner. You can find it HERE. Of course it’s organic and I would never ever get out of the shower without using it. I don’t think it’s available outside of Germany (so sorry) but in general I would recommend choosing a natural conditioner, without parabenes & silicons. You probably need to try out a few before you find a good one. Mine makes my hair feel super soft if I rinse it out. But it’s still so light, that it doesn’t weigh down the hair or make it greasy.


For that you need to have a look at the back of the bottle in order to see the ingredients list. Unfortunately you can find those ingredients in a lot of known shampoos but in fact they do more harm than good. Sulfates are for example way too harsh and wipe away natural oils of your hair which will make your hair extremely dry and weak. Silicons and parabenes make your hair feel soft instantly but in fact they only build a coat around your hair which might „feel“ good at first but nothing else will get through this coat anymore. No moisture and nothing else that would feed your hair. That’s why your hair itself won’t stay healthy and will eventually break.

There are also apps (for example „codecheck“), where you can scan the bottles and it will show you if there are bad ingredients in it!


Heat harms our hair of course. But not styling it all is (at least for me) no an option. That’s why I try to use as little heat as possibly can. And I also feel like styling them properly after you washed your hair makes it so much easier for the next days. So put in effort once and then you don’t need to use so much heat on the following days!!

Generally I have 2 ways of styling my hair:

1) Blow drying it with round brushes like I explained in THIS blogpost

2) Letting it air dry completely. And once it’s fully dry (for example the next morning if you washed it at night) I use a straightening iron on medium heat and run it through my hair, twisting the straightener at the bottom to create a curl. Although straighteners are generally bad, I still feel like this method is more gentle than blow drying it. Because there’s no pulling with brushes and it’s super quick! Should I do a whole blogpost about it?



If your hair is too damaged there’s no other option than getting a trim. Styling products can’t make really damaged hair healthy again - let’s be honest. It's a myth that cutting of the slip ends will make your hair grow faster (I mean, since when does hair grow from the ends haha?) but getting a trim protects the health of the rest of your hair.


If you want to dye it - check if there are natural hair dyes for the color you desire!! They are so much more gentle and even moisturize your hair. I’ve done it a couple of times and I was always happy with it :)


Sound strange right? But if you wear it too often in a ponytail or any other hairstyle that requires hair ties you will but a lot of pressure on the parts where the hair tie is & that will cause your hair to break sooner or later. So wear it loose more often OR do a loose braid!


Genetics do play a role when it comes to hair. Of course that’s nothing you can have a influence on. Some people can grow long hair really easily and some have a hard time doing it. But with my tips you will surely be able to have healthy and strong hair, even with „bad genetics“ <3

I hope you liked my tips on how to grow healthy hair!! Do you have some other rituals that help? Or have you ever tried supplements? Would love to hear about your experience! xx

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