Helloooo everyone,

I am back… and I am back for the best reason ever: Its Black Friday Week!!

Just to give you a reminder: Last year I already had the opportunity to work with, which is one of my favourite beauty online shops in Germany with plenty of must-have brands like BareMinerals, theBalm, GHD, NYX and many more. They don’t just sell these brands, but also have them to crazy low prices and ship them really fast. You can find the last years blog entry here, if you are interested. This year I got the opportunity to work with Cocopanda again.

Every year around Thanksgiving they have a so called “BLACK WEEK”, which means basically six days full of really low prices & every day there are new deals. On top of the super low prices, you can get within these days, big bonus discounts with the help of discount codes. So we basically save money twice haha.

Here is the Breakdown for the discount codes:

From the 20th of November until the 23rd of November you will get exclusively 15% on everything in the shop with my code: PAM15

On “Black Friday” (24th of November) you can have 15% with this code: BLACK15

On “Cyber Monday” (27th of November) you can have 15% with this code: CYBER15

And as a Bonus you can have 10% until end of December with this code: PAM10 (Christmas presssiesss are safe!!)

I know this is a bit complicated haha :D but if you want to safe money, then make sure to use the right code!


In this years video you can see me getting ready for a LA Night Out :) you can get aaaaall the products that I used and get money off with one of the discount codes here.


One of my fave brands is “theBalm”. Their packaging is so cute and the quality is amazing. Maybe you’ve heard about the „Bahama Mama Bronzer“ and the „Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter“ before. Those two products got hyped so much and are definitely worth it! In the video you can also see me using the „timeBalm Anti Wrinkle Concealer“ which works so good! Watch how fast it covers under eye circles haha.

In the end you can also see me putting on the „Meet Matte Hughes“ Liquid Lipstick. The set that I got the color from is amazing since you get 6 miniatures of 6 different colors. Perfect to try them out and see what colors you like best! Also great to put in your handbag without wasting too much space on makeup :)

Btw the theBalm is 100% cruelty free and paraben free. They also have a lot of vegan products.

If you know me by now, you know that I would prefer organic and natural products over chemicals anyyyyy day. It’s a little hard to find organic cosmetic products that can keep up with the usual ones. If you feel the same way, you will thank me for those options:

In the video I’m using the Tinted Moisturizer „Organic Wear“ by Physicians Formula. Before It was never possible to get this brand in Germany so now I am so happy to get it at COCOPANDA. It’s 100% from natural origins, free from harsh chemicals, free from synthetic colors, cruelty free and so oooon.


It was also the first time I ordered the “Ecotools” brushes and I am really happy with them. They are made of recycled materials and are therefore friendly for the environment! The brushes and tools have natural bamboo handles, cruelty free bristles and only recycled aluminium.

My favorite item on earth has been the „Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm“ for aaaages now. I think I already went through 10 of those haha. It’s a moisturizing balm that you can use on all dry areas on your skin - but in this tutorial I just used it as a lipgloss! The formula is really thick and creamy and that’s why it’s so shiny :) The Nipple Balm (lol) is also 100% natural. Feels so good to use natural make up.


Last but not least, you all probably know the “NYX” Range. It's the perfect brand for dupes of expensive products. If you are looking for an affordable brow pencil, NYX has a nice dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills. And the Jumbo Eye Pencil that I used is probably the most hyped NYX product on Youtube.

Let me know if you have any questions!! And have fun shopping during the Black Friday Week at <3

Love, Pam


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Luisa kämpfer 22. November 2017
Tolles video werd mir auf jedenfall was nachkaufen :)) kannst du mir nochmal verraten kurz und knapp hihi was du für seine haare benutzt? Ich LIEBE die und die sehen so gesund aus!!! Vllt benutzt du was neues oder kannst was empfehlen ansonsten kenn ich den blig beitrag schon über deine haare :)
Luisa 22. November 2017
Echt tolles Video! :) könntest du auch mal einen Alltags Look schminken? :) Hast du eigentlich deine Lippen machen lassen? Sehen nämlich gar nicht überall aus, richtig schön :) <3
Bella 23. November 2017
Mega cooler Blog Post. Zum Glück kommt Geld Weihnachten dann kann man sich ja auch mal neue Produkte gönnen. Ich liebe deine Tutorials weiter so. Liebe Grüße Bella💗
hah 23. November 2017
Hammer blog
Antonia 23. November 2017
Richtig schön natürlich geschminkt👌 Außerdem hast du auch ungeschminkt eine natürliche Schönheit 😍
Wanda 23. November 2017
Endlich habe ich ein BB Cream mit guten Inhaltsstoffen gefunden! Vielen Dank :) Könntest du einen Blogpost über deine Gesichtspflegeprodukte machen?
Angela 27. November 2017
🙂 Juhu!👍🏼
Daria 3. December 2017
Hi Pam!!! I love your every post, and video, and I have a question, but is not related to actual make up haha. Can you tell me what type of video maker/ editor you use to create such a beautiful snaps?! xx
Sara 4. December 2017
Auch wenn ich das erst jetzt lese, aber trz danke für den Rabatt 👍 Im übrigen würde ich mich freuen, wenn du vlt so in der Vorweihnachtszeit einen Blogpost über ein paar leckere gesunde Weihnachtsrezepte machen könntest, da kennst du ja sicher ein paar. Oder wenn du vlt ein paar gesunde Weihnachtssnacks vorstellen könntest. Ich denke, das würde hier vielen gefallen 😊
arachni_name) 24. December 2017
tanisha 31. December 2017
When are you going to release the English version of your health book? I curious to read the book but I don’t speak German.
ily 17. February 2018
Are you using a phone or a camera for your photos?btw I love you so much and you are so pretty❤️❤️