The "right" diet - what does that even mean


A big part of my job - and a lot of what I strive to put out there as my message - revolves around fitness and the right diet. Two things that I believe are inseparable. Yet, a lot of people ask me what that actually means to me - „the right diet“. Ist there such a thing as right or wrong when it comes to food? Is „healthy“ the only criteria for a „good diet“? What do I look out for when it comes to food and what do I think is important?

I’ve been interested in healthy eating for a while now. Not long after I started lifting weights regularly I realized that I would have to adapt my eating habits in order to see results. For me, changing to a healthy diet wasn’t too big of a adjustment - I’ve been eating relatively healthy for as long as I can remember (thaaaanks mom & dad). But I still had to accept that eating a piece of marble cake with my bowl of musli every morning (and yes, I mean every morning) wasn’t going to get me the results I was hoping for. Also, I might have to add, I used to be one of those people that could eat whatever they like without gaining weight - a so called „ectomorph“. I’ve always been relatively skinny - however, that’s one of the main reasons I had to adjust my diet to my new lifestyle: to make sure I was eating enough calories from the right foods in order to gain muscle and not lose weight.

Today, a few years from when I started out, I still eat a lot - firstly, because I just love food and I love fueling my body. Secondly, because I’m still training a lot and trying to reach my physical goals. That requires me to eat a certain amount of calories every day. However I feel like my metabolism changed a bit and I don't eat aaaas much as back then. And that also doesn’t mean I eat everything in sight, no matter how healthy or unhealthy. I still try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet most of the time. Therefore I don’t really care for diets, like the whole „low carb“ or „no fat“ thing. Instead, I try to fuel my body with what it needs and not deprive it of anything - including a good amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats and a sufficient amount of protein.

However, when it comes to the foods I consume there are other aspects I pay attention to besides their nutritional value. One of those aspects is sustainability. The more I was dealing with nutrition, the more I realized something very important: „the right diet“ isn’t just about me and my body. Sure, a major part of how and what we eat is to fulfill our individual needs and to keep our bodies working. But there’s another aspect we should consider: the choices we make everyday, especially when it comes to what we consume, impact our environment, and ultimately this planet, in ways most of us can’t even imagine. That’s why for me, „eating right“ is just as much about making choices that are sustainable and that do as little harm to our planet as possible. So if you have the resources and the capacities to adjust your diet to your own needs and preferences, you should absolutely be able to make choices that are sustainable as well.

I am certainly not perfect in that regard: for example, there is so much science out there that proves that meat consumption in industrialized countries is directly related to climate change. Personally, I still eat meat - but I do try to keep the major part of my diet plant-based. And I can see it in my surroundings, too: a lot of people are trying to make their diets more sustainable by consuming less and less meat products. Take my brother for example: just like me he’s neither a vegetarian, nor a vegan. He has, however, recently stopped consuming beef. Why? Studies that prove the impact of animal agriculture on our planet have shown that beef is actually the most problematic. The reason for that is simply that out of all other animals, cows require the most livestock feed, produce the most methane and are therefore responsible for extremely high carbon dioxide emissions. Of course by now most people are aware that meat consumption in general is hurting our climate and our planet. Animal agriculture is responsible for 80 to 90 percent of water consumption, it’s the leading cause for rainforest destruction and it is directly responsible for the destruction of ecosystems and natural resources.

Even though I’m not a vegetarian myself, I am aware of the fatal consequences of frequent meat consumption. In my opinion this is where everybody’s personal responsibility starts. Of course everyone is free to chose how they want to live their life and/or what they want to eat. However, it is not at all difficult to take little steps towards a sustainable lifestyle - even if that means having one or two meatless days per week, or making more conscious choices when buying meat products (like buying organic meat only). Just because you’re not implementing something a hundred percent, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing small things to create an impact. We can all contribute in some way, with a little effort and a few changes here and there :)

For me, another one of these small efforts is making sure I buy food that is made sustainably. When I shop for food, one of the things that are most important to me is knowing where my food comes from and how it was made. I try to buy organic and seasonal foods whenever I can. If I have the luxury, I prefer buying my fruits and vegetables, and especially meat products, at our local Saturday- market or at the nearest organic store. Again, this is not about being perfect and being one hundred percent consistent - sometimes I’ll buy raspberries in November and I regularly eat bananas (which, as most of us will know, don’t grow in Germany). It’s not the twenty percent of time where you don’t implement something that are crucial - it’s the other eighty percent where you try your best to live your daily life as consciously and sustainably as possible.

Even though organic foods aren’t necessarily healthier than regular foods, there are a few reasons why I prefer buying them: a lot of the time organic foods are less contaminated with pesticides and their growing is done much more sustainably, as is the animal agriculture. Of course it’s important to know that organic doesn’t automatically mean organic (confusing, I know). There is a variety of different organic-seals. Not every organic seal on a product speaks for a higher quality of the product. However, there are certain organic seals where you can be sure that the products have to withhold high standards. In Germany, some of the reliable organic food associations include „Bioland“, „Demeter“ and „Naturland“. They require higher standards than foods that are produced under the regular european organic seal, where the products only have to withhold basic standards to carry the seal. Let me stress this point again, it’s really not about being perfect! I’m also aware that organic products are often a lot more expensive than regular ones. But still you can take little steps in the right direction and try to support organic brands. Especially if you do have the resources and maybe some financial wiggle room. Even if you can’t afford shopping at organic stores only: many of the big supermarket chains have their own organic lines that are really reasonably priced. In that case, check how reliable the organic seal of that supermarket is and whether their organic products are actually produced under higher standards than regular products - which is not always true. But it can be worth it to do a little research and to spend your money on products and foods that have been produced sustainably and eco-friendly.

For me personally, „eating right“ doesn’t just mean eating healthy foods that nourish my body (even though that is certainly a major part of it). Eating right also means doing as little harm to the environment and our planet as possible and creating a positive impact with small things, such as our food choices. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: I’m not trying to be perfect here and I don’t think anyone has to be - this is not an „all or nothing“ kind of thing. I’m convinced that little things you do in your daily life will have the biggest impact in the long run - such as more awareness when it comes to how we buy and consume foods. Especially if more and more people start thinking about what changes they can make in their lives to live just a tiny little bit more sustainably. Doesn’t matter if that is reducing your meat consumption, buying more seasonal & organic food, riding your bike to work instead of taking the car or tell others about what you've learned. I believe that most people have the option to create a positive impact - in whatever way that may be.

xx Pam




I'M SO SORRY but this blogpost is only for my German speaking community because the online shop I'm talking about only has a German website :( next blogpost will be in both languages again! Promise <3

- - - -

Hallo ihr Lieben <3 Da ich ja ein riesiger Liebhaber von leckerem Essen bin - dass aber auch vollkommen gesund, nachhaltig & qualitativ gut ist - wollte ich euch heute meine momentanen Food Addicitons vorstellen! Es sind ganz viele gesündere Alternativen zu den herkömmlichen Sünden dabei .. Popcoooorn, Pasta, etc.

Ich habe alle Produkte in Kooperation mit dem Food Onlineshop ausgesucht, da es dort Unmengen an Bioprodukten und innovativen Lebensmitteln gibt, die auch wirklich „Spaß“ machen :) Bei Foodist wird immer Wert auf die Inhaltsstoffe gelegt und es gibt praktisch für jede Ernährungsform passende Kategorien: vegan, vegetarisch, glutenfrei, laktosefrei, paleo, ohne raffinierten Zucker, etc.! Mir macht es immer richtig viel Spaß bei Foodist neue gesunde Food Trends zu entdecken & deshalb gibt es heue mal meine aktuellen Favoriten :) ich sage „aktuell“, weil ich bestimmt nächste Woche schon etwas neues entdecken werde haha. Habe grade schon von neuen Erdnussflips gehört …

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aboutpam aboutpam

1. PROPERCORN - Popcorn Done Properly: Ich HOFFE, dass ihr alle schon PROPERCORN kennt. Wenn nicht habt ihr ein bisschen was verpasst höhö. Das Gründerteam gibt von der Rezeptur, über die Zutaten, bis hin zum Packaging ihr Bestes und deshalb sind auch alle Sorten 100% natürlich und glutenfrei. Es gibt gaaanz innovative Geschmacksrichtungen wie „Peanut Butter & Almond“ oder „Sweet Coconut & Vanilla“, aber auch die Klassiker. Ich persönlich mag „Sweet & Salty“ richtig gerne. Hierfür wurde nur Mais, Rapsöl, brauner (!!) Zucker und Meersalz benutzt. Für alle die sich gar nicht entscheiden können wird auch eine Probierpackung von allen Sorten angeboten! Preislich liegt PROPERCORN bei 1,95€ bzw. 0,95€ - je nach Packungsgröße. Minus meine 15% mit „PAMELA15“ natürlich :)


2. BE-KIND Nussriegel: Mit den BE-KIND Riegeln pflege ich schon eine etwas längere Beziehung. Als ich letztes Jahr für ein Jahr in Amerika war habe ich ungelogen jeden Tag 7 Stück davon gegessen… Wie einen Song den man erst 100 mal hören muss bevor man in ein normales Pensum übergehen kann haha. Und jetzt gibt es die Riegel ENDLICH auch in Deutschland - exklusiv nur über Foodist. Generell sind BE-KIND Riegel eine gesündere, aber nicht komplett „cleane“ Alternative zu künstlichen Müsli- und Schokoriegeln. Also perfekt für alle, die sich zwar gesund und 100% natürlich ernähren wollen, aber nichts gegen ein bisschen echte Schokolade und Zucker haben :) Es gibt unglaublich viele leckere Sorten.. mit Karamell, Erdnussbutter, Schokolade, Sea Salt, Honig etc.! Daher meine Empfehlung: einfach das Probierpaket mit den beliebtesten Geschmacksrichtungen bestellen, kann man gar nichts falsch machen :D Preis: 9,90€


3. Mission MORE - vegane Snack & Protein Balls: Ist und bleibt einer meiner Lieblingssnacks. Ich bin mir sicher, dass ihr sie schon mal auf meinen Accounts gesehen habt :) Hier handelt es sich um wirklich zu 100% gesunde und natürliche Energy und Protein Balls. Kein raffinierter Zucker, keine Zusatzstoffe, glutenfrei, laktosefrei, vegan und ohne Konservierungsstoffe. Nur 7-11 vollkommen natürliche Inhaltsstoffe und Superfoods wie z.B. Chiasamen, Datteln, Cashewbutter, Kokosnuss-Nektar, Kakaonibs und echte Erdbeeren. Wenn ihr mehr darüber lesen möchtet, könnt ihr HIER bei meinem Blogpost über die Mission MORE Balls nachlesen :) Es gibt 6 Sorten: Peanut Butter Jelly, Cookie Dough, Apple Pie, Blaubeere Baobab, Chiasamen Cranberry Zitrone und Kokos Maca Guarana. Auch hier gibt es ein Probierpaket von allen 6 Sorten für 9,90€.


4. Veganer Active Adventskalender: Soooo jetzt was ganz spannendes!! Weihachten ist zwar gefühlt noch weit entfernt aber realistisch gesehen schon fast um die Ecke. Und da Adventskalender so etwas schönes sind, aber die tägliche Schokolade ein bisschen langweilig und auch ein bisschen ungesund werden kann, gibt es hier die perfekte Lösung. Der „Active Adventskalender“ hat hinter jedem Türchen eine neue vegane Überraschung, die nebenbei auch garantiert keinen raffinierten Zucker enthält. Ihr bekommt noch jetzt im September (also bis MORGEN) den Super Early Bird Rabatt. Also für 44,90€ anstatt 55€. Beeiluuuuung!


5. Lizi’s High Protein Granola: Für alle Müsli Fans unter uns. Vegan, laktosefrei, voll mit pflanzlichem Eiweiß und auf „gute“ Kohlenhydrate ausgerichtet. Die Zutatenliste kann sich hier definitiv sehen lassen :) Neben dem High Protein Müsli gibt es auch andere Sorten wie Low Sugar, Gluten Free, Belgische Schokolade, Apfel Zimt, verschiedene Nusssorten usw… Schaut euch das auf jeden Fall an!

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6. Healthy Pasta aus Mungobohnen: Auch ein tolles Thema: Pasta. Fast alle lieben es, aber Weizenprodukte sind ja bekanntlich gar nicht so gesund für uns. Gluten hin oder her, aber Weizen zähle ich nicht zu den „guten“ Kohlenhydraten. Deshalb gibt es jetzt auch ganz innovativ Pasta aus Mungobohnen. Bio, vegan, glutenfrei, latkosefrei und ohne Zusatzstoffe. Preis: 3,20€


7. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bar: Sieht doch schonmal zum Reinbeißen aus, oder? :D Wieder mal ein Produkt, dass den Süßwarenmarkt aufmischt. Ein Erdnussbutter Riegel mit Schokoladenstücken, der frei von raffiniertem Zucker ist, latkosefrei, paleo, raw und ohne Konservierungsstoffe. Brauner Reissirup, Kokosnussblütenzucker und Vanille verleihen ihm die Süße :) Ich finde den Riegel total sättigend und preislich liegt er bei 2,40€.


8. Himbeer Balsamico: Da unsere gesunden Salate ja manchmal etwas langweilig werden können, liebe ich es das alles mit leckerem Balsamico ein wenig aufzupeppen! Dieser hier enthält Himbeersaft und ist deshalb richtig fruchtig, intensiv und aromatisch. Man braucht auch gar nicht viel, einmal drüber schwenken reeeeicht :) Preis: 6,90€


9. Four Seed Peanut Butter: Auch hier wurde die herkömmliche Erdnussbutter aufgewertet und von vorne bis hinten gesund hergestellt. Diese Four Seed Peanut Butter enthält nur geröstete Erdnüsse und Meersalz und wurde dann mit ganzen Sonnenblumenkernen, Leinsamen, Kürbiskernen und Chiasamen verfeinert. Dadurch ist das alles voll mit gesunden Fetten, crunchy und ein bisschen interssanter. Also perfekt für den morgendlichen Frühstücksaufstrich! Preis: 4,95€



So und jetzt viel Spaß beim Stöbern! Und schlussendlich beim Esseeeeeen haha. Ihr könnt alle Produkte & noch ein paar mehr Empfehlungen von mir auf finden :)

xx Pamela




Hey everyone <3 I started writing a column for a German magazine called "Handelsblatt" some time ago and decided to translate the columns into English & publish them up here! Tell me if you want me to continue doing this down below! xx

So, I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the fitness community’s new favorite motto „strong is the new skinny“. It basically means that it is now „in“ to be as fit and strong as possible and to have visible muscles even as a woman. Which is great - as you all probably know I myself train at the gym 4-5 times a week and my ultimate goal is to be strong, fit and healthy. If you’ve been following me you might also know that my recently published book has the title „Strong and  Beautiful“ - and that is still what I want to put across to my community. It is good to be strong and no woman should ever be scared of working out and gaining ‚too much muscle‘. However, there are still a lot of negative connotations going around when it comes to „strong is the new skinny“.

For a long time it was considered the ideal of beauty to be as skinny as possible. The trend was „size zero“ - and women tried hard to look like the supermodels you see on the catwalk or on the cover of magazines. The skinnier, the better. Within the last years „size zero“ has slowly given away to a new trend. Women today aren't trying to be as thin as possible anymore - they are striving to be fit, strong and even muscular. Being active, feeling strong, eating lots of healthy food instead of starving yourself in order to be certain size - that’s basically what „strong is the new skinny“ is trying to promote.

First of all I want to say that I do consider the new trend to be a positive development when it comes to beauty standards and body image. „Strong is the new skinny“ stands for a healthy lifestyle - if you strive to become strong and fit you will automatically have to include being active and eating well into your routine. Living an active lifestyle and eating well, working hard to reach certain athletic goals and to get stronger - there’s certainly nothing bad about that. Quite the contrary, it is scientifically proven that a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle improve overall health and quality of life. Working out regularly and seeing you own progress can make you more confident and help with body-image issues. Many women, myself included, have profited from the „strong is the new skinny trend“. It has made them (and me) happier and more confident.

There is however an powerful argument against „strong is the new skinny“, something that is very often used by its critics. Many are saying that the former „size zero“ beauty standard has simply been replaced by a new standard - only that standard isn’t to be as thin as possible anymore, but to be as fit as possible. So, is there even a difference between „size zero" and „strong is the new skinny“? Don't they both describe ideals of beauty that women have to follow in order to feel beautiful and valuable?

In my opinion that is exactly what „strong is the new skinny“ shouldn’t do. No one should ever feel like they aren’t beautiful or worthy if they don’t look like a certain ideal that is portrayed in the media, on magazine covers or on social media. Doesn’t matter if the ideal is to be thin or to be strong. Of course - I definitely consider „strong is the new skinny“ to be the healthier trend, compared to starving yourself down to a certain clothing size. But still - it shouldn’t be a must, you should never ever feel like you aren’t good enough just because you don’t fall in to a certain category. In my eyes, the most important thing is to be happy and content with the way you live your life and the way you feel in your own body.Some people might achieve that feeling of happiness, self-confidence and content through working out and living a healthy life. And some don’t. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you chose to live your life - as long as you are happy and you feel comfortable in your own skin. Whether you’re a gym-fanatic who loves clean eating or you prefer not to work out and would rather carry a few more kilos - as long as you’re happy and content with yourself and your lifestyle, there’s no right or wrong.

And, on a sidenote: being strong can mean something different to everyone. You don’t need a sixpack to feel strong and you don’t have to be able to lift 60kg. You can feel strong in so many ways. Maybe you went running this morning and you noticed a little more endurance than the last time you tried. Maybe you’re finally able to carry your shopping up the stairs in one go. Or maybe you’ve finally overcome your fear to train in the „mens section“ at the gym (you know, where they usually lift the heavy weights). Feeling strong can also mean feeling comfortable within your body in a whole new way that you never knew before. There’s so much positive potential that can come from a trend like „strong is the new skinny“. The idea shouldn’t be to put women down and tell them what they should look like. But rather to show people that it’s a beautiful thing to feel good and strong within your body - regardless of the newest trend or beauty standard. How you achieve that feeling is totally up to you.

For me personally, working out is what gives me that feeling of content. I chose this path in order to feel comfortable in my skin. I like the self-confidence it has brought me, and I love feeling strong, building muscle and being able to lift a lot. And that is exactly what I want to share: that working out is a way to feel happier and more confident. It’s certainly not the only way - but it’s the path that I chose and that I’m passionate about. Still, we all have our own paths. What’s right for me might not work for everyone - and that’s okay. I love the fact that trends like „strong is the new skinny“ promote an active lifestyle - but that still doesn’t make it a necessity. At the end of the day you should follow the path that is right for you.

xx Pam


MISSION MORE - healthy snacking


Happy Sunday everyoneeee :) today a quick blogpost in collaboration with foodist about the Mission More Snacks that I've shown you a couple of times on Insta Story & Snapchat <3

I've been working with the food online shop for a long time now & they recently launched a own brand called "Mission More".

The Mission More Snacks are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and only consist out of dates, nuts and several superfoods. There were no sugar, additives or preservatives added!! There are also only 7 to 11 ingredients, depending on the flavor. So they are for sure completely natural, healthy & don't really count as a "cheat" :)

PS: on the package you can of course that they contain sugar, but that only comes form the dates and the other ingredients. A banana or an apple also has naturally sugar in it!



You can get the Mission More Balls in 6 different flavors.

Peanut Butter Jelly, Apple Pie & Cookie Dough are the flavors that remind you of the typical "cheats". They were recreated as good as possible with natural and healthy ingredients. They also added natural pea and rice protein to those 3 flavors.

Coconut-Maca-Guarana, Chia-Cranberry-Lemon & Blueberry-Baobab are the other "classic" superfood flavors.


Going more into detail regarding the ingredients: in "Peanut Butter Jelly" are for example only peanut butter, dates, coconut nectar, pea & rice protein, dried strawberries and peanuts :)

Coconut-Maca-Guarana consists out of dates, almond butter, coconut nectar, almonds, coconut flakes, maca & guarana.


Why Mission More?

I would suggest it to everyone who's struggling with cravings between the main meals or to everyone who just needs snacks to survive haha. They are truly healthy and you can easily eat them on the go or if you're on a rush. The packages are reclosable, so you can just keep them in your bag without making a mess :) of course they don't taste like milk chocolate or cookie dough ice cream but I think as a healthy substitute they do a perfect job! They also fill you up really quickly, most of the times I don't even need more than 2 or 3 pieces (80-100 kcal).


Where can I get them & how much are they?

You can order them in Europe on and I'm also sharing some coupon codes for this website from time to time :) at the moment you can get a package with all 6 flavors for 9,95€ and with the code "Pamela15" you also get 15% off. A single package is 1,95€.

You can also buy them in a lot of Edeka, Rewe & Budniskowski stores.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!

xx Pamela




Do you know what‘s really making me curious at the moment? Vegan nutrition! I was wondering how you can build muscles & eat only vegan. A big part of our muscles is made out of protein so it is reaaally important for people who work out a lot to eat proteins. And I personally eat a lot of meat: chicken, beef, etc. But there are great vegan alternatives to protein sources like eggs, fish, meat and cow-milk products and as a matter of fact they are full of fibers.

So today, I will show you some of my favorite vegan protein sources :)

PS: More vegetarian and vegan recipes for PAMSTRONG will come in April!! But till then you can swap any of the non-vegetarian or vegan ingredients with one of the substitutes below <3 be creative!!


... have a high protein content and almost no fat! By the way you can make great and delicious pastes for your salad out of pulses like for example Hummus.


... are great alternatives to fish and meat. I love tofu. But you wanna know what? Tempeh is amaazing! And don‘t worry if you haven‘t heard of it before :) it is not so well known yet. I have to admit that it doesn‘t look very appetizing haha but it tastes soooo good. Try to sear it with coconut oil and soy sauce (there is a vegan version too). I am sure you will love it :)


... like for example brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, linseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds (sorry for the long list haha) contain easily digestible proteins and are full of good fats that can help to lose weight btw. You can also sprinkle them on your muesli or granola - that's at least what I do on a daily basis!

4. GRAINS ..

... like quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, oats or wild rice are great for every meal :) I love oat porridge with fruits and nuts for breakfast and some of the other grains with vegetables and more proteins for lunch or dinner.


Go Green! You can find almost everything your body needs in vegetables: fibre, proteins, vitamins... Especially green vegetables are extremely healthy. Chlorophyll detoxifies your body, it can prevent diabetes and it helps building muscles! Did you ever try oven-roasted Brussels sprouts? Trust me they taste soooo good!


For everyone who can‘t do without their protein shake after a workout there a great vegan alternatives! Soy protein for example is a great and very popular substitute for animal protein. It is made out of soybeans and it has got a low fat and carbohydrate content. But there are also substitutes made of peas, rice, lupines and hemp. The last one is gluten free by the way! All in all vegan alternatives are all easily digestible. And the best thing: you can find them in different flavors :)



Do you have some favourite vegan protein sources? And have you tried being vegan? Let me know in the comments below :) <3





Hello everyone ♡ Unfortunately I'm still sick in bed :( I hope your Monday is more exciting haha. Nevertheless there are only 10 DAYS left till my BOOK "Strong & Beautiful" launches! As you know it's only available in German at the moment :( but depending on the demand for an English Version we will think about translating it!! This would be a long process but you know that I always try to make your wishes come true! The German version is still Bestseller No. 1 on Thalia which is incredible!!

And although you might not understand a word I still want to show you some sneak peeks into the fitness part of my book. I hope you like the design and the pictures haha!! All in all my book has 224 pages - so there is a lot to discover!!


As I already announced “About Fitness” has 90 pages and you’ll learn eveeeeerything about sports. The best way to get started, what kind of body types there are, how to eat healthy, how to stay motivate, how to keep and achieve goals and how to stop looking for excuses all the time and how important regeneration is. Here you can see a short passage of the topic "Regeneration" ♡

aboutpam aboutpam

I also talked about good and bad ingredients in food, the basics for a balanced nutrition plan, what kind of food contains a lot of protein or healthy fats, how to find out how many calories to eat per day aaaaand so on.


Let's not forget about the 40 pages with yummy recipes to cook at home!! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, shakes and healthy juices - all included! I explained how to prepare and cook everything & you get measurements and numbers of calories & macros for everything. I’ve also included my favorite whole body home workout :) Here you can see one exercise!!

aboutpam aboutpam

I hope you liked the short preview of my book :) since there are 224 pages, over 200 pictures and lots of (English) quotes and illustrations, you might also find a lot of things to discover!

But how do you like the design so far? The fitness part has pink colors but the other 3 parts have other color schemes! Cool, right? Should I also show you the other parts - About Pam, About Style or About Life? Let me know!!






Hey everyone ♡ as I mentioned on my Snapchat I wanted to write a really quick blogpost on how you can make PAMSTRONG work for weight loss!!

As most of you know, I designed PAMSTRONG for building muscles, for shaping your curves and to get stronger and fitter than ever. But since I received lots of questions on whether you can use my fitness program in order to LOSE weight I thought I’d make a blogpost about it :)

So my first answer to the question would be: No, PAMSTRONG is not made for weight loss. BUUUUUT you can make it work if you change 2 tiny things yourself!! I tried it with a friend of mine and it worked perfectly as you can see in the pictures ♡ the time difference between those 2 pictures is 6 weeks.


Probably the most important thing you need to change is the number of calories you should eat per day. For muscle gain we need to eat more calories than our body needs in order to give him enough energy to build muscles.

For weight loss you have to eat LESS calories than your body actually needs. That’s why you of course need to take away the "surplus of calories for gaining muscle" my calculator automatically adds AND you should also subtract about 200-300 calories in order to have a calorie deficit.

-> result of the calculator - 200kcal (surplus of calories for muscle gain) - 200kcal (in order to have a calorie deficit) = the number calories you should eat per day

Here you can see my calculation with my values:



The second thing I did with my friend was adding HIIT sessions at the end of every push and pull day. So after I finished the normal PAMSTRONG workout with her, we went to a treadmill and did about 10-15 minutes of HIIT there.

HIIT circuit on the treadmill:

2min jogging (warm up)

30s sprint (as fast as you can)

1min jogging

30s sprint

1min jogging

30s sprint

1min jogging



2min walking (cool down)

You should do as many rounds of the jogging-sprint-combination as possible :) filling about 10mins with it would be perfect! So about 7 rounds. This is reaaaalllllly hard and exhausting but it works wonders!!


Yesssss and that’s basically what you need to change in the normal PAMSTRONG program in order to make it suitable for weight loss :)

You can find more information and purchase my program on

Have a wonderful Sunday!!




Today is the day ♡ PAMSTRONG has officially launched! Let's push all boundaries and use 2017 to get the best version of ourselves.

In this blogpost I wanted to guide you through my program and show you where you can find the most important things :) How do you like the design? And if you've got any problems feel free to leave me comment below!!



Sooo your most important "buttons" are the PAMSTRONG logo at the top and the symbol at the right. If you click on PAMSTRONG you will always get back to your home screen, no matter where you were before ♡ Your home screen will show you in which week you are at the moment & when the next week is going to unlock. If you click on the symbol on the right the "menu" will open - showing you the different sections: Training, Nutrition, Recipes and your Account.



If you click on "Training" you will get to the weekly overview. As you can see Week 1 is unlocked for me at the moment :) If you click on Week 1 you will first see the explanatory videos of me talking about what's new, how our workout sessions are structured, what you need know for the specific week etc. ♡ if you scroll doooooown you will find the following:


There you can see the 3 workouts of the week. Push, Pull and a Leg Workout. If you open one of them - for example Leeeegs - you will see the different exercises & the sets, repetitions and breaks you need to do for this leg session. If you click on an exercise, for example "Bulgarian Split Squat" this screen will open up:



Soooo that's what you get for each exercise :) a video of me performing it, explanations in the video, a written instruction with all the important points and the number of sets & repetitions. Great, right? Everything to make sure that you can perform the exercises correctly and really understand what you are doing.



Here is only a tiny preview of the nutrition area. There are all in all a lot of texts and videos of me explaining everything, what I consider as important, why we are eating healthy foods etc. :) But I really wanted to show you that there is a calculator that calculates your daily calorie consumption and the macros you should eat per day! You just need to type in your data and it will immediately tell you the values that fit to your body and your metabolism ♡



Let's move on the recipes. If you click on your menu symbol you will find the word "recipes" :) they are divided in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks. On the picture above you can find a little sneak peak of the breakfast options ♡ super delicious, right? You can open each of them in order to see all the ingredients and an instruction on how to make those meals :)




Aaaaand last but not least you can also find your account & the settings in the menu. There you could change your password & of course the language! My program is available in English and in German and that's how you can easily switch between those languages ♡

How do you like the design? Generally everything is really easy to understand! You can get more information and the option to buy the program on :) But if you have a question, please ask!! I'm always there to help ♡

And now, let's smash 2017 & get PAMSTRONG!


10 Questions - 10 Answers


Hey loves ♡ since tomorrow is the biiiig day I wanted to answer the 10 most asked questions you sent me regarding PAMSTRONG!! If there are any other ones feel free to leave a comment below :)


PAMSTRONG will become available tomorrow at 12pm!! Then you just need to head over to and sign up!! ♡ Afterwards you will be asked a couple questions - e.g. your weight, your height, how often you workout etc. & then you’re ready to start with Week 1 right away!!


Yes, the workouts is definitely require access to a gym. I know that my plan therefore not suitable for everybody out there but I transformed my body by going to the gym and doing intense workouts with weights. And that’s why I want to share this exact journey with you! Launching a home workout plan first (haha yes I said first, I might launch one sooner or later!) wouldn’t have been right in my opinion. Because that’s not how I got the body that I have :)


It’s up to you! You have 2 options. You can either purchase the 12 week program & get access for 16 weeks. I wanted to give you those additional 4 weeks for free because we can all get sick and that’s why there is a little extra time, just in case :) if you liked the plan and decide that you want to have access to it even longer you can easily stay a member by paying a little extra each month - but only if you want to!! Oooor you can already purchase a 1-year-membership for PAMSTRONG!! You decide ♡


You will receeeeeive a 12 week gym plan, which is filled with new exercises, methods and challenges every week - so it won’t get boring!! Every exercise is explained with a video of me performing the exercise and a written instruction. I will also tell you how many sets and repetitions you need to do of each exercise :)

Furthermore I will also always talk about topics like muscle ache, what’s new in the current week, why we are doing what we are doing etc. in weekly explanatory videos. Oh and let’s not forget about stretching!

Aaaand for the nutrition part you will have tooooons of healthy, easy & delicious recipes to choose from! There isn’t a fix nutrition plan for each day because I feel like this would be too hard to keep up with every day. Plus every taste is different, right? That’s why you have a big selection of meals and decide yourself :)

Nevertheless I’ll explain general things about our nutrition, how to find out how much you should eat, why we are eating what, etc. in videos! I want you to understand everything, not only following a plan I’m giving you. And of course there are extras like a calorie and macronutrients calculator which will make it easier for you! ♡


So first of all, the program is for everyone who works out regularly. It doesn't matter if you have already done a lot of strength training, or only cardio, yoga or other sports. Beginners are also welcome to participate :)

And the main focus at PAMSTRONG is building a beautiful, strong and feminine body with muscles in all the right places! You will for sure also reduce your body fat if you work out hard enough and eat clean!! So be prepared for a round butt and some defined abs haha.


I suggest going to the gym 4 times per week. You can definitely go more often if you would like to though :)


So there are a lot of exercises that can be done at home! But it’s definitely a gym based workout plan - you need weights and you need gym equipment.


The 12 week program is 19,99€ per month :) and if you want a 1-year-membership PAMSTRONG is 8,88€ per month or 99,99€ in total ♡


Actually no! There are 2 or 3 recipes that require protein powder but in general I don’t think you NEED supplements. Staying natural works perfectly for my plan.


That depends on you genetics, on how hard you workout and on how clean you eat!! But I already have some stunning before and after pictures of the girls that were in my test group :) There were some amaaaaazing transformations after as little as 3 or 4 weeks!! Couldn't believe it either. It went so fast!! I'll include them on the website or post them on here as soon as possible.

Are you ready to get PAMSTRONG with me tomorrow?




Ahhh I know - let’s better not think about it. It’s okay to eat like a pig a couple of days in a row - because Christmas is only once a year. But I’d still like to give you some of my favorite tips on how to stay mooooore or less healthy during the last week of the year and more important, how to get back into your routine and shape afterwards!! ♡


In my opinion, it’s totally fine to slow it down from Christmas till New Year’s Eve. If you normally go to the gym 5 times a week, it’s now okay to only do 2 or 3 workout sessions. And I know, going to the gym might seem impossible between all those family parties. No problem! Just switch it up during this week and do bodyweight workouts! Remember, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do ♡


I mean you could if you wanted to. But sometimes it’s nice to eat unhealthy food with your family. But your focus should be on enjoying. Don’t eat huge portions of everything - it’s all about the taste! And one piece of cake is enough to enjoy the taste. Right?


There is already an overload of food in your kitchen and your last days probably consisted out of eating. But go to the grocery store as soon as you can! Shop for yourself (!) and shop something healthy and delicious that you look forward eating to. Keep it in an extra part of the fridge and always have something ready if you feel like indulging once again would be too much.


Staying hydrated with water is always a must. But if you’re afraid of eating too much at a family party make sure to drink a whoooole bottle of water beforehand. This will fill you up and will make you eat less. Pretty easy trick.


Don’t get lazy as soon as the temperature drops! Although I’m not the biggest outdoor-fitness-person it’s sometimes nice to use the cold as a beneficial thing! Do an outdoor workout instead of an indoor one. Your body will need to use extra energy to keep you warm and that could be one solution to burn of the extra calories you ate! So go for a run, do your bodyweight workout in the park or go for a long walk with your dog. Fresh air for the win!


Start motivating your whole family and do a group workout! Also a fun way to spend the holiday season together with your loved ones. If they’re not into going to the gym, go outside! What about a hike, ice skating or what about a snowball fight?


Oh my gosh I know, so many great movies in the TV during the holidays! Yesterday I wanted to go out partying in the evening but there was „The Holiday“ with Cameron Diaz on TV and I just couldn’t switch it off haha. That’s when you can use every commercial break to do a mini workout! And each commercial break is about 6 minutes.

Wanna join my "Commercial Break Workout"?

1min Burpees

1min Moutain Climbers

1min Sit Ups

1min Squat Jumps

1min Burpees

1min Plank



Be sure to already have a good start into the new year! That will make you feel GREAT. So make sure to plan it properly beforehand. Write everything down and plan your goals - you will be more likely to achieve them!

For example: Clear your fridge on January 1st - give yourself a fresh start! Buy or make a workout plan for the following weeks - a plan will keep you motivated :)

I’m so happy for all of my PAMSTRONG members who already pre ordered my fitness and nutrition program in the Christmas Sale & therefore decided to become the best version of themselves in 2017!! Having a plan makes everything so much easier and keeps you motivated for a longer period of time and that’s why I’m so excited to share all of my workout routine with you! PAMSTRONG will become available again on January 2nd ♡


What are your routines to stay stay fit over the holidays or to have a great start in 2017? Would love to hear them!! And would you like me to write a blogpost about some New Year's Resolutions?




Time to snack!

Most of you have probably seen my beloved „Chia Pudding“ a hundred times on my Snapchat - no matter if in the morning, after my workouts, as a random snack in between meals etc. - I just can’t get enough of it!! It's pretty easy to make, has tons of health benefits, tastes amazing, can be prepared and afterwards stored in the fridge, toppings can always be changed in order to ensure variatiooooon and chia pudding looks great on pictures. Nothing else to say I guess.

The consistency might be somehow „different“ at first - rather slimy because of the chia seeds - but after the first spoon you’ll be totally into it - I promise haha.

The chia pudding is of course also part of PAMSTRONG! It’s one of over 50 delicious recipes that you'll already get in week 1. And the food pictures are beautiful, right? Can’t wait for you guys to see everything!

So now, let me show you how I prepare my chia pudding!!



180ml almond milk

4tpsb / 30g chia seeds

100g quark

100g cottage cheese

1 dried date

vanilla bean or extract

toppings: be creative! I used some berries & cacao nibs


- mix the milk with the dried and chopped date & vanilla extract in order to mix the date’s amazing sweetness with the milk

And now you’ve got 2 options:

1) mix in the chia seeds and let everything stay for 1 hour. During this time the mixture will become a thick pudding.

2) mix in the chia seeds and slowly heat everything up in a pot. Make sure to stir it! You know you’re done when your pudding becomes a pudding haha. The chia seeds just need a couple of minutes to swell and connect to the milk.

- then, mix in the quark and add some more quark or cottage cheese on top

- as a topping, decorate your pudding with a few berries and some cacao nibs



How do you like it? Tell me in the comments!! And do you have another recipe in mind that I've snapped a couple of times & that you want me to show you the recipe of? xx

PS: last chance to get PAMSTRONG as a Christmas present!! I'll send out the very laaaaast Christmas cards tomorrow and on Tuesday! So make sure to check it out in time on ♡



Happy Sundayyyy ♡

Today I wanted to share the BEST booty exercise ever. It’s my absolute favorite and I feel like it’s one of the only booty building (!) movement that focusses more on the glutes than the quads. It’s of course also part of my PAMSTRONG and I wanted to give a little sneak peak in how the videos are made in my fitness program! Hope you like the style :)

So don’t get me wrong, I love squats and they do their job with building overall leg muscles - but if you really want to work on your glutes and their size you should start to focus on glute bridges or hip thrusts. I know, they miiiiiight look intimidating at first and you might be embarrassed to do them in the gym - but as soon as you felt the extrem burn in your butt you don’t want to miss them ever again!

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bench, Barbell, Weights, Pad

MUSCLES: Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Adductors, Abductors

LEVEL: Beginner (without weights), Intermediate & Advanced (increase the weights)



2) your knees should be bent and feet flat on the ground

3) place your hands on the barbell, supporting your balance - palms are facing down

4) your shoulders are on the bench

5) lift your hips off the ground until your upper body & your legs build a straight line and are parallel to the floor

6) focus on your glutes, squeeeeeeze them hard & try to push from your hip and not from your quads or heels!! And keep your abs tight :)

7) hold the upper position shortly and and bring your hip back down. But don’t touch the ground with your butt, only lower it!


There are also tons of variations of Glute Bridges!! Would you be interested in seeing them? ♡

You can also find tons of other exercises, all my workout routines, my tips and tricks on how to build a powerful and round booty on



Have a wonderful Sunday! And tell me if you tried out the exercise and how you liked it :)

PS: Pamstrong has its own Instagram account! Just type in @pamstrongfitness and find lots of sneak peak videos, recipes und motivational quotes! ♡




Stiff muscles. On one hand you like them, on the other hand they kinda suck. You do get the feeling that you've had a really intense workout, but to feel pain for days on end is not good either.

What are stiff muscles anyways and how do you get them? The pain that you feel when you have sore muscles is just a sign, that happens, when inadequately trained muscles have been worked harder than they’re used to, or in a different way, causing microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. Water slowly fills the damaged muscle fibers, causing them to swell, which is what causes us some pain.

Technically a certain strain on our muscles isn't that bad, because thats how we get our muscles to grow. When you strain your muscles a bit tooooo much however, you get sore muscles - and thats not necessary because apart from pain it doesn't do us any good. So often tim it's a really fine line.



1. WARM UP: I usually take the time to warm up before a workout because when the body temperature is increased the muscle and connective tissue thickness  is reduced, allowing for a higher resistance of muscle tissue to tearing and increased muscle elasticity.

2. STRETCHING: This is sooooo important! Stretching allows your body to cool down, lets your heart rate return to normal and increases blood circulation in the muscles. It stops the release of lactic acid, which is produced during an intense workout, allowing your muscles to recover and repair themselves.

3. SLOWLY INCREASE WEIGHTS: Give your body enough time during your weight training to get used to the weights. So don't start with maximum weight, but increase the weight one time until you reach your desired weight. This also belongs to your warm up :)

4. DRINK: Water is such an allrounder. It makes your skin glow, flushes out waste and bacteria, helps prevent cancer, helps us be less cranky, prevents headaches, feeds your body and nourishes your muscles! That last point causes your muscles to be provided oxygen. Drinking a lot of water isn't easy, but if you always have a water bottle with you then you tend to drink more and can keep track of how much you have been drinking throughout the day and how much you still need to drink. 2 Liters of water a day are a must.


If it's too late for prevention or if you still got stiff muscles even after doing all of those, then here are some tips for getting rid of them, or at least making them more manageable.


1. FOAM ROLLING: Rolling out your muscles with a foam roller increases blood flow to muscles, which helps in decreasing inflammation and prevents muscle imbalances from forming. Even though its not really a comfortable thing to do, the benefits are worth it!

2. MASSAGES: Who doesn't love massages? Like foam rolling, massages helps break up scar tissue and reduce stiffness associated with muscle repair. You can massage the areas yourself or ask a friend. But sometimes it's also really nice to treat yourself and book an appointment to get a professional massage!

3. ICE: Indirectly applying ice - wrapped in a towel for example - is best for immediate relief because the cool towels help ease the muscles and relieve pain. Through the cold, the muscle tissue becomes a little numb and pain is relieved.

4. HEAT: Next to the famous hot-cold showers, you can also take a really hot bath, light a candle and just relax - this is always great after a really hard workout. A visit to the sauna has a similar effect, your muscles start to relax in the warm air and the pain fades.

5. SLEEP: Absolute favourite solution for everything haha. Everyone that knows me knows that even though I don't get to sleep very much, I still cherish every second of sleep that I have. Which is great because out body regenerates itself at night. Your body undergoes protein synthesis at night, where protein synthesised in your cells. So sleeping at least 8 hours after a tough workout could even give you stronger muscles, better endurance and help speed your sore muscle recovery!



And now a question that you guys ask me a lot:

Can I still work out if I have sore muscles? - Yes, of course! I would take a break from working on the specific areas that hurt though. Just train a different part of your body :)

We all know, that summer bodies are made in the winer, so start now with clean eating and training! With my PAMSTRONG program I won't only tell you about how to prevent sore muscles and my tips and tricks, but aaaaalllll of my workouts and trainings rituals, my recipes and much much more! ♡

Do you guys have any tips and tricks against sore muscles? Tell me in the comments below! xx





Hey loves!

I’ve been working on something for a very long time (about 2 years haha) and I'm really happy I'm finally able to tell you about it!!! It's been a long time coming and I feel like I've been trying to hide this from all of you because I've been spending so much of my time and energy on it. I'm talking about my own fitness and nutrition plan - PAMSTRONG - which you can pre order nooooow!!


PAMSTRONG is a 12-week fitness and nutrition program in which I will be your personal trainer and help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The main focus is on building a beautiful, strong and feminine body with muscles in all the right places! Because I feel the most important thing in life is feeling good and self-confident in your own skin - and that's what every woman out there deserves!! :)

Btw: The program is available in English and in German.

Since I started with Instagram, I've been receiving questions daily about how I managed to transform my body, how I train, what my favorite exercises are and questions about my diet. Now I can tell you everything, give you all my tips and tricks and pretty much be your personal trainer ♡


The program is for everyone who works out regularly. It doesn't matter if you have already done a lot of strength training, or only cardio, yoga or other sports. Beginners are also welcome to participate.

PAMSTRONG includes my very personal combination of exercises and nutrition, which I have lived and perfected over the years - they aren’t available in any textbook or gym. I will show you how I managed to transform my body and how you can do it too.

With PAMSTRONG, prepare to push your boundaries - because only then will you be rewarded with an amazing result: the very best version of you!



My plan is designed to have 4 training sessions a week to achieve maximum results over 12 weeks.

First, you are working out following a 3 day split with 4-5 main exercises for each workout. On each training day, you train a new body part. Push days, Pull days and then Legs. After some weeks we will increase the intensity of the leg workouts in order to really build our booooooty and train legs on 2 days a week with specific exercises. Usually a session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Since the goal of the plan is to build muscle, I recommend sets of 8-12 repetitions for the exercises, in which the last reps should be extremely hard to finish. In this so called hypertrophy area, muscle building is most effective. The training can take place in every gym! Some exercises can also be done at home, but PAMSTRONG is designed for workouts in the gym & most exercises require appropriate equipment. I'm definitely a big weightlifting fan and in my opinion you just need proper weights to succeed.



In addition to a detailed training plan, PAMSTRONG also offers a nutrition section. I find it very important that PAMSTRONG users understand what nutrients the body needs and how the right diet is composed. The contents of my videos range from my personal favorite formulas to explanations on topics such as macronutrients. On top of that I’ll give you tons of super delicious recipes that are sooo easy to make & give you a looot a variation throughout the weeks ♡ With the integrated calorie and macronutrient calculator, each user can figure out how many calories she should consume and what macros to eat, and with the recipes then has the right tools at her fingertips to implement it.

Generally, I don’t like diets that make you lose kilos quickly in an unhealthy way. I eat healthy, but without excluding anything. This is how my plan is too. I cook most of my meals myself and because of this I know what I am feeding my body :)  And don’t get me wrong, I like to indulge in the occasional chocolate bar or slice of pizza, I just do not do it every day. Many programs try to leave the user in the dark but I don’t want PAMSTRONG to be like every other program. I want to pass on all my knowledge so that you really understand that the balance between nutrition and exercise is important for results ♡



PAMSTRONG will be available to use in the first week of January, however the exclusive (!!)  pre-sale for an early reservation starts noooow on AND there is a PLUS: If you buy the pre-sale offer, you will receive an exclusive Happy Holidays card personally signed by me - just for you! ♡

This would be the perfect gift for someone or even for own Christmas Wish List if you would like to prepare for a healthy 2017!!


I hope you are as excited as I am and I can’t wait to start our fitness journey together! I’d love to help you on your way to your personal dream body. Let’s be a community of strong, self-confident and beautiful women!

If you have any questions then pleeeease leave me a comment below or send me an email! ♡




"For me, the real trouble in life is that there is no background music. Because I like my music so loud, I can't hear my thoughts.“

Music is everywhere. You hear it when you enter an elevator, when you turn on the radio, when you walk through city centers and hear the street musicians, in tv shows, in gyms, i even find myself singing in the shower - it's everywhere. Yet it’s also something very personal, everyone likes different music. It can bring back good (and bad) memories, change your mood instantly and sometimes you even feel like a certain song understands you in a way no one else ever has. Without music life would just be dull and quiet.

Someone once said “People haven't always been there for me, but music always has.”. Music is always there. Music has no boundaries, no religion. If you can’t find the words to describe how you're feeling, music can - it transports you to another place.


Outfit by Puma ⎢ Headphones by BOSE

It’s also amazing how listening to specific songs can transform your workout, you can listen to sad songs and think of a time you were disappointed or sad, which might motivate you to be better and to move on stronger, or listen to high tempo music that you could go crazy to. I find it really easy to just tune out the world when I can listen to music, which lets me really concentrate on my workout, the intense exercises and the movements of my body.

On that note, I would like to share my favorite workout songs & my favorite ways to listen to music with you.


I would love to just listen to music loudly in the gym but since there are normally other people there, that's not really possible haha. So my favorite way are these BOSE HEADPHONES . They’re perfect because the cables don't get stuck on any devices or swing around when I walk and they're also sweat resistant!

They last for about 6 hours, but if that's not enough you can plug them in for about 15 minutes and enjoy at least an hour more of listening time. I used a normal pair of headphones a while ago and was really surprised that the quality was so bad. You don't really notice bad sound quality unless you try something that's better. BOSE has also created an app for the headphones, where you can change the settings and turn on their timer so that they turn off automatically and you can also see how much battery you have left.

Something else thats really important for me, is that they don't always fall out of my ear! That can be sooo annoying and distracting when you're working out.


What are your favorite workout songs? Tell me in the comments!! xx




FINALLLYYYY! You asked for it, so I built it.

The "About Pam" App is now also available on the Google Play Store!! And of course, it's FREE.

I was so overwhelmed by the awesome feedback of the launch of my iOS app & at the same time immediately realized that I need develop the Android App and solve this problem as fast as possible! That's why I did my best to build it & I'm more than happy to now reach aaaalllll of my lovely blog readers through an app ♡ the app is completely customized for Android and gives you a whole new and better experience while using my blog!

Push Notification: That's still one of my favorite features. Because I know that most of the times you're all waiting for a post on Instagram, Snapchat or Insta Story until I tell you that a new blogpost went up. But now you can be notified RIGHT AWAY (literally the second when I published it) & always be the very first one to read my new post. And you will never miss something! I will send you a personal message to your phone, telling you what I updated or posted. So make sure to turn on the push notifications - I know you'll love them!

Please give me feedback and rate my app in the Google Play Store if you love it!! I would really appreciate to hear your thoughts.

You can download the app HERE ♡

Get it on Google Play




Hi everyone ♡ keep reading if you want to be part of something really cool!

You may guess what it is, you may not. But I’ve been wanting to release something special for about 2 years and I never managed to realize it & bring it out there. But I finally did it & it will launch in January!!!

It refers to fitness and nutrition… can you guess it now?

To make it perfect I want YOU to be a part of it and give me honest feedback before the actual launch. Of course I can’t ask all of you & that’s why I need a group of 30 people as a „test group“. If you want to take part then please fill out the questions below! 30 people will be selected at random and I’ll contact those with all the information and instructions on what they would need to do :)

Thanks so much guys & have a nice evening! xx




Hi everyone ♡ after a short absence I’m back with a long requested blogpost about the stubborn problem BELLY FAT. Lots of us struggle with the soft cushions especially around the lower part of our tummy. To help you out I’ll first talk about belly fat in general & afterwards I’ll give you my top xx tips on how to get rid of it & answer your most asked questions!!


So there are two kinds of belly fats, the „subcutaneous fat“ and the „visceral fat“ - sounds complicated but it really isn’t.

The subcutaneous fat is the visible, outer layer of fat that you can pinch and that makes your belly look wobbly. The visceral fat is the inner fat that is in and around our organs, that makes the volume of our bellies bigger.

Apart from the looks the visceral fats is also super dangerous!! It releases hormones, which make you more hungry even if your body has enough energy reserves. It also supports inflammations and on top of that it releases substances that increase your blood sugar levels, the risk of type 2 diabetes & heart diseases extremely.




This could have been a point in the Q&A at the end, but I decided to talk a little more about this topic. Of course you CAN'T. That’s why it’s not possible to only lose belly fat. Haha it would be awesome though!

But there are also good news: the belly fat is a „short term energy storage“, which means that your body first takes the energy out of the belly fat if you don’t have any energy reserves left. That’s why it’s generally easier to first lose weight around the tummy and harder to lose weight from your arms, legs or butt. So since it’s one of the first places you will lose fat you will quickly see improvements if you begin the weight loss journey!!

Later a lot of us reach a plateau where there’s still some belly fat left but you just can’t lose it. Those belly fat might be stubborn but it’s not impossible to lose! Unfortunately it has a lot to do with our genes if we lose it quicker or slower. So your focus should be on gradually reducing your overall body fat percentage and in the end you will also lose the last bit of belly fat.. it might just take longer than you’d like.



1. INCREASE YOUR TESTOSTERONE LEVEL: Testosterone lowers body fat and estrogen supports the distribution of fat around the belly. You might think „ahhhh I’m a girl I don’t need testosterone“. But you won’t look like a man so don’t be afraid haha! There is also no need for supplements, you can increase your testosterone levels slowly and naturally with the right exercises.

My personal favorite is doing heavy „powerlift“ exercises with low repetitions once a week. You can for example do heavy squats, deadlifts, glute bridges or bench presses with with only 5-8 reps once a week. Those exercises not only build beautiful, round muscles & are super exhausting (which burns calories) but also increase your testosterone levels which makes you lose belly fat.

2. SLEEP ENOUGH: 70% of your testosterone is produced when you’re asleep. So get your time to rest!

3. NEGATIVE CALORIE BALANCE: I know, I told you a hundred times before. But I’ll explain it agaaaaain. It’s about eating less calories than your body needs. If you have a negative calorie balance you will lose weight and since belly fat is the easiest source of energy your body will first take the belly fat. In the first months of your journey you will proportionally lose a looot of belly fat!

Your 2 options are: 1) lower your calorie intake / eat less calories or 2) increase your energy consumption / train harder and burn more calories

4. MAX. 500 KCAL CALORIE DEFICIT: If you overdo it, it won’t work. If you eat more than 500kcal less than your body needs your body will shut down your metabolism, will start protecting your fat reserves & will break down the muscles instead. Your body will think that there’s a famine and that it just needs to keep everything until you’re able to get something to eat again.

5. TRACK YOUR CALORIES: If you feel like nothing works and you just can’t get rid of the belly fat: start tracking your calories to make sure you have a calorie deficit. Sometimes our own perception does not match the reality. From time to time you’ll get the hang out of it & then you don’t need to track everything anymore!!

6. DON’T EAT IN THE LAST 4H BEFORE GOING TO BED: This way your carb and energy reserves will be empty by the time you go to bed and your body will take the fat reserves to get its energy. And since belly fat is the quickest source you will basically lose it while you sleep!

7. AVOID WHITE FLOUR: prefer whole grain. White flour behaves similar like sugar - it increases the blood sugar level and therefore the fat production which makes you gain belly fat. If you buy wholegrain, look for spelt and oat and NOT for wheat (it’s sometimes hard to find but worth it!!). Wholegrain flour contains lots of minerals, vitamins and fibers and therefore your blood sugar level won’t increase that much and you won’t gain belly fat that easily from those kinds of carbs.

8. EAT FATS AND CARBS SEPARATELY: sounds hard. But try it! It has something to do with your blood sugar levels and insulin and stuff. It’s a super long topic but I could write another blogpost about it if you’d like me to! Long story short: If you always eat carbs and fats at the same time it will be bad for your fat burning processes.

9. INCORPORATE HIIT IN YOUR ROUTINE: My favorite is doing 10 minutes of sprints. Always sprint the fastest you can for 30s and run slowly for 1 minute afterwards. That makes 6 rounds of sprinting and jogging. Short but intense!

10. ABOUT SIT-UP & CRUNCHES: Does it help to do lots of sit ups and crunches? Training your abs is great. It will make the muscles grow but if you still have the belly fat on top your belly will only look thicker than before! So it’s very important to focus on your nutrition and all the other things that make you lose your belly fat. Abs are mainly made in the kitchen!

Do you have any secret tips to fight stubborn belly fat? I'd love to here your experiences!! ♡

PS: To all my App users: I'm so sorry that you didn't receive a push notification this time :( there was a problem with the function but I'm working on it!




Hellooo ♡ today I want to show you one of my favorite „Guilt-Free Desserts“ with which you can always satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Frozen Banana Bites are super easy and quick to make & you can also keep them in your fridge for weeks! Just take them out whenever you feel like eating something sweet and enjooooy!

OH and please forgive me that my food photography isn’t as awesome as last time :( my camera is broken and therefore I needed to take this picture with my iPhone. I tried my best though!!

TIME NEEDED: 10min + 30min freezing

INGREDIENTS: 3 bananas, 2 bars of dark chocolate & toppings of your choice: nuts, seeds, coconut flakes, …



Take your bananas and cut them into pieces. You can create any shapes & sizes you prefer! I personally like little pieces that I can eat in one bite ♡ but you could also cut them into sticks, bigger pieces or cubes.



With dark chocolate I mean reeaaaaally dark chocolate. 85% at least, 90-95% is better. And don’t worry, your dessert will still be sweet enough! The bananas already give it a lot of fruit sugar & sweetness.

And you’ll maybe ask yourself: does eating 90% chocolate count as cheating? Hmmm I would say: no. 90% means that it consists to 90% out of cacao and I already told you in my BREAKFAST BLOGPOST how many healthy benefits cacao powder has! On top of that it only has about 5g sugar on 100g which is like nothing! But you still have to keep in mind that chocolate is super high in fats and therefore in calories (550kcal on 100g) so you should definitely eat it in moderation.

Sooo just put the regular chocolate bars in a pot and slowly melt it at low heat. This way you will get a liquid chocolate sauce - just as seen in my picture above. Dip the banana pieces in the chocolate, turn them a couple of times and make sure that they are fully covered. Then you need to carefully place them on a plate or some baking paper!



Now let’s head to the real fun! I love to put walnuts, pistachios, coconut flakes or various seeds (flea seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, …) on my banana bites. But you can actually just add whatever you like.

Sprinkle your toppings on the chocolate while it’s still liquid! Because that's the only way to make  the toppings stick. Otherwise they will fall off. So better be quick!



This is how the banana bites look before & after being primped with toppings ♡ Now you just need to put the plate or baking paper into the fridge & freeze everything for at least 30min before they’re ready to eat!

But my personal favorite is: prepare a loooooot of banana bites at once and store them over days (or weeks) in the fridge. Perfect if you ALWAYS want to have something sweet & healthy ready to eat as soon as you get cravings.

I hope you liked this short but sweet dessert! Tell me in the comments if you would like me to post more of these kind of recipes ♡





For some reasons we love eating at restaurants but for some reasons we also feel „uuuugh“ afterwards. Sometimes we get bloated, we overeat, we feel unhealthy or we feel like this meal wasn’t worth it.

Generally I would say that cooking yourself is always the best choice. But eating at restaurants with friends is awesome & something you shouldn’t feel bad about afterwards! I eat out about 2-3 times a week - which works fine for me. Because it's all about choosing wisely!

Today I will tell you what my "Go-To Meals" are & share some awesome tips that you can keep in mind if you are at restaurant ♡

But first - here are you 2 options:

1. Eating out = Cheat Meal: This is a pretty easy way if you don’t eat out more than 1x a week. You can just order whatever you like to and eat as unhealthy as you wish - 'cause it’s a cheat meal!! Order pizza, pasta & burgers and enjoy!

2. Make a Healthy Choice: That's what I'm going to talk about today. And trust me, you can ALWAYS make healthy choice in a restaurant. Eating out should not always be an „excuse“ to eat unhealthy.


So what healthy meals can you order? Here are a couple of my favorites:


My Favorite is Salad ♡ Mixed Salad, Greek Salad, Salad Caprese, Veggie Salad, ...

Other options: Tomato Soup, Bruschetta, Chicken Sticks (Grilled, not fried), Bresaola, Veggie Soup


My Favorite is Beef Filet ♡ with a couple of sides like Potatoes, Veggies or a Small Salad

Other options: Salads with Toppings (e.g. Chicken, Mozzarella, Feta, Beef, Prawns, etc.), Risotto or Fried Rice with veggies and chicken (if you eat Chinese), Fish with Veggies (e.g. Salmon Filet) or Sushi


Fresh Fruit Salad, Fruit Sorbet or Yogurt with Fruits & Granola

But often restaurants don’t offer healthy desserts.. in this case the best option is:

Espresso ♡ - at least you have something in front of you haha


My Favorite is WATER ♡

Other options: Fresh Pressed Juices

Remember: No Sodas, no Soft Drinks unless it's your cheat meal


And here are the 9 Tips that you can keep in mind!

1. MIX AND MATCH: Like the Salmon Filet but not the side that comes with it? Look through the rest of the menu and choose another side dish, that you can mix and match with your salmon filet. As long as it’s on the menu they have it available! So no problem to have special wishes & change your meal a bit.

So swap the french fries with baked potatoes & swap the cole slaw with a mixed salad.

2. GET A HEALTHY STARTER: That’s when you’re most hungryyyy so try to fill your belly with something healthy first. Especially if you want to lose weight!

3. FRIED VS. DEEP-FRIED: Fried or Deep Fried? Big difference. Fried means they fry the food in a pan with a little oil. Deep-fried means they threw the food in a hot bath of oil, which instantly adds hundreds and hundreds of unhealthy calories. So that’s a no-go.

If you're unsure you can always go with baked, grilled or steamed!

4. CUNCHY & CRISPY: Stay away form meals with those words. With crunchy and crispy you definitely have to make sure what they mean with those words! Things generally get crunchy if they are deep-fried. So crispy, deep-fried chicken sticks are unfortunately not a healthy choice!

5. MISSING PROTEIN?: Found the perfect meal but the protein is missing? You may have to pay a little extra fee but you can always ask them to bring some chicken (or tofu) on top! That’s actually my favorite thing to ask for haha.

6. SPLIT YOUR MEALS: I often split. Starters are usually waaaay to big and I still want to be able to finish my main course! Sharing is caring.

7. THE "ALLERGY" EXCUSE: If you know that the waiters at a restaurant are not suuuper nice & usually pretend that extra wishes are not possible: just say you have an allergy. Always works.

„Oh I would love to get this salad but I kind of have a weird reaction whenever I eat bacon. Can we just swap it with something else? Mozzarella maybe?“

8. DRESSING ON THE SIDE: I don’t understand why but some restaurants tend to make a soup out of salad leaves & dressing. Just get your dressing on the side and add it yourself!! And if you’re not sure about the ingredients of the dressing just go ahead and order oil & vinegar.

9. YOU DON'T HAVE TO FINISH YOUR MEAL: If you’re full - don’t be afraid to leave something on your plate. This of course depends on your culture but generally it’s not a must to finish your meal! If you have a bad conscience you can also ask them to take it home.

What do you order when you're at a restaurant? Comment below! xx




Good mooooorning! I always start my day with my muesli. And don’t laugh - but I think I’ve been eating this exact same breakfast for about 4 years now! I just love everything about it & if I love something I don’t need a change ♡ At most I’m alternating between strawberries and raspberries haha.

Apart from the taste it’s also has awesome nutritional values, as well as a lot of ingredients that are super healthy for your body!

So let’s get started! I’ll tell you what I use, why I use it & what it does to the body ♡



So obviously you need a „base“. I use about 40-50g of normal, rolled oats (but the softer ones, not the thick & hard ones). For me, oats are the best thing ever because they give tons of energy & strength to kickstart your day. They consist out of healthy carbs, a decent amount of protein, unsaturated fats, lots of fibers (great for your digestion), vitamins, iron and soooo on. I could write a whole book about oats.

And since I’m an absolute sweet tooth I can’t go without 20-30g of chocolate muesli in the morning. Regular chocolate crunchies always contain tons of sugar but luckily I found one that tastes DIVINE and is only sweetened with agave sirup - so no hint of cane sugar!! I always buy it in my local organic supermarket but I also found it on Amazon HERE.

Oh and I don’t heat my muesli - so it’s not a porridge! I just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and eat it like that. Time is money so better be quick in the morning!



Next I’m adding fruit. And that’s where I start to vary - woohoo. My absolute (!) favorite is pomegranate. Pomegranate is loaded with powerful antioxidants, has shown to reduce inflammations (inflammations are often the driving forces of diseases like cancer), is full of vitamins etc. etc. - pomegranate is my favorite, end of story.

Then I also really like using berries of all sorts - especially raspberries (fresh or frozen), strawberries & blueberries. They are also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and they are very low in sugars.

If you’re looking for some extra calories in the morning you can also use bananas of course!



„Milk“. I think by now you know that I prefer rice-coconut milk, almond milk or rice-almond milk over cow’s milk. I wouldn’t say that I never drink cow’s milk but if I’ve got the option I will always choose those plant based milks.

And then I also add quark or greek yogurt for the proteeein. It also gives the muesli a creamy texture! Till now I haven’t found a yummy & high protein non-dairy quark substitute - do you know one? So I always use a normal, dairy yogurt with 0,2%-5% fat and about 10g of protein per 100g.



THE FUN PART! Here you can see a variation of toppings. Most of the times I choose 2 or 3 of them. Most of the times I don’t have all of them at home or some days I just don’t feel like „coconut flakes“. All of toppings have great health benefits and I would highly recommend trying them!!

Raw Cocoa Powder: Absolut fave. That’s actually the only topping that I use daily. It makes your muesli taste like chocolate, although it contains close to no sugar - nothing more to say. But actually I could mention that cocoa powder has 1) an antidepressant effect -> it makes you happy 2) is fulllll of antioxidants, e.g. 20 times more than blueberries or 120 times more than bananas 3) lowers blood pressure 4) contains sulfur -> shiny hair & strong hair

Seeds: Flea seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds & hempseeds. They are rich in fibers, omega 3 fats, vitamins, protein, minerals & antioxidants. That’s why they protect your skin, significantly improve your digestion (oh the digestion topic again haha) & help you fight diseases.

Cocoa Nibs: Rich in antioxidants, fibres & potassium. And they give you that extra crunch with every bite! Yum!

Raisins: I mainly use them because you can leave them in your drawer for months, they never get „old“ and still give you a fruity feeling in your muesli. That’s why I always get back to them if I run out of fresh fruits! They also contain some fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants though.

Nuts: In my opinion Almonds & Walnuts fit best in muesli. Of course they contain a high amount of unsaturated fats & are also high in calories - which is a great energy booster & also awesome if you want to gain weight and want to easily get in 100-200 kcal by adding a couple of nuts. Apart from that nuts are essential in your diet. They lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. So don’t be afraid & go nuts!

Coconut Flakes: They taste amazing, are a great source of calories (so better eat them in moderation if you want to lose weight) and contain fibers & antioxidants. But I rather add them for the flavor, not for their health benefits.



Here are all the steps next to each other! Now you just need to mix everything together & enjoy ♡

What is your favorite breakfast? Do you rather prefer something salty? Tell me in the comments!

PS: That was my first time trying to do some proper food photography. Harder than I thought!




Since you all went crazy about the „15 Ways To Lose Weight“ blogpost I thought I shouldn't wait long till I publish the second part called „15 Ways To Gain Muscle“ ♡

I also have way more experience in gaining weight & muscles - so here are my 15 tips on how to gain muscles & weight while still looking lean!

1. EAT MORE BUT DON’T OVEREAT: In order to gain weight you of course need to eat more calories than your body needs but that doesn’t mean that you need to stuff your face 10 times a day. Muscles grow verrrry slowly and that’s why I think a decent calorie surplus (200-500 kcal) is fine. If you eat too much your body will store it as fat and that’s not what we want. Just FYI: An average woman can gain between 50g and 100g of muscles per week - which is not much. So take your time!

2. LIFT HEAVY: Such a basic point. But your body won’t get curvy and muscular from doing cardio. If you train with weights you will signal your body that it needs to build muscles in order to lift those weights.

3. CHANGE UP YOUR ROUTINE: From time to time your body will get used to those new stimulations and will stop building more muscle. That’s why you also need to progress your training routine. Add more weight, do different exercises, try things like „supersets“ and „dropsets“, do one more set, add one more rep or do anything else that makes your workout more intense & challenges your body.

4. COUNT CALORIES: It’s hard to estimate how much food 2300 calories are. That’s why I started counting them with an app & that’s one of the best things I could have done. I noticed right away that I didn’t eat enough food and that was one of the reasons I wasn’t gaining muscles and weight. You also need to make sure that you eat at least 2g of protein for each kg of body weight. In my case this is 50kg *2g = 100g of protein a day. So take control, start counting & be sure to eat enough food!

5. PREP YOUR MEALS & KEEP SNACKS IN YOUR BAG: Cooking 5 times a day is probably not possible for anybody out there. Still we need to eat more than 3 times a day in order to get our calories in. That’s why you should always have some snacks - bananas, nuts, protein bars, rice cakes, etc. - or some proper, pre-cooked meals with you. If you have something in your bag it will be easier to eat more regularly!

6. LOOK FOR HIGH-CALORIE FOOD: 100ml of Rice-Almond-Milk has 80 (healthy) calories - skim milk has 40kcal in comparison. You can easily get double the calories in by switching to another kind of milk. Coconut Milk, Greek Yogurt, Tofu, Oats & Granola, Minced Beef and Salmon are also great high calorie foods.


7. READ SUCCESS STORIES: That helped me a lot. Gaining weight takes a lot of time & sometimes you will think your body is just not made to gain any weight. But trust me, it is possible! You need to be consistent and patient. If you read through stories of other people, who already went through it and were successful you will feel motivated to keep on going!

8. FOCUS ON COMPOUND EXERCISES: Compound exercises are movements like deadlifts, squats, lunges, glute bridges, pull ups, etc. Compound exercises work more than 1 muscle group and are therefore more complex than isolation exercises. In order to do those movements you will need to build overall strength and your workout will be more intense. Your body will also naturally release lots of growth hormones this way!!

9. LOWER YOUR REPS: With compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc. I always try to do the majority of my sets with a really heavy weight which only allows me to do 6-10 reps with good form. If I can do more than that I will increase the weight. This way you will get beautifuuuuul, round muscles (and a perky butt). When it comes to abs I will do higher reps, depending on the exercises.

10. DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL: Alcohol slows down the processes of muscle gain and increases the fat storage. Especially if you get super hungry when your drunk and will eat everything you see haha. Did you know that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram? Plus the sirups and sugars that are added in cocktails. Alcohol also makes you feel weaker. And if you feel weak you can lift less weights and gain less muscle - makes sense right?

11. "DRINK" YOUR CALORIES: I know that it’s super hard to get that high amount of calories in. I always have big problems with eating 2000-2300 calories a day. One of the „easiest“ way for me to achieve this calorie goal is "drinking" them. I drink 1 high calorie shake a day, preferred directly after my workout. I use 1 banana, 50g of oats, rice-almond milk (has more calories than normal milk), fruits, cacao powder & quark. This will get you about 700 kcal in which HELPS. At least for me drinking is easier than eating a plate full of food. And it’s perfect for on-th-go!

12. GET ENOUGH SLEEP & AVOID STRESS: Sleeeeeep. My favorite topic on earth. I love love love to sleep (although I’m never getting more than 6 hours of sleep each nicht, uggh). Ideal would be 7-8 hours in order to give your body enough time to recover and grow. And stress elevates a hormon called „cortisol“. And cortisol makes your body store fat and burn muscle. Of course stress does another hundreds of things that are bad for your body & soul but that point is definitely important if you want to get a little bigger. So calm down, relieve stress & remember to don’t stress about things you can’t change.

13. EAT QUICKER: I know, that’s not what our mothers told us haha. But if you eat quicker you can eat more before your brain realizes that you’re actually full. So don’t be the person that takes 30min to eat a salad! And avoid distractions while eating, they will slow you down.


14. CARB TIMING: While gaining weight you can easily feel big & puffy if you put so much food (especially carbs) into your body. What I find super helpful is trying to eat most of the carbs in the morning & around my workout. I definitely feel leaner this way!

15. DO HIIT!: High Intensity Interval Training is great if you want to stay lean. You can also do things like 200m sprints, battle ropes (ahhh love and hate them at the same time), pushing cars (haha - you know what I mean). My 10min Ab Workout will also make you sweat quickly!!


Do you have other tricks, that made "gaining muscles" easier for you? Would love to hear them!! xx




Most of the time I’m talking about gaining weight and muscles. But lots of you want to LOSE WEIGHT too and to be honest, this is not my special field, but I talked to a lot of people and collected some awesome tips for you, that make the process of losing weight easier!!

1. TAKE PICTURES: Take pictures of eveeeeerything you eat and look at your „Whole Day Of Eating“ at night in bed. Why? First of all, often we eat without thinking and we’re not paying attention what kind of food we’re putting into our bodies. If you take pictures of your food it will make you think before eating. And if you look back at it at the end of the day you will have a good overview and you can compare your good & bad days!

2. DO 5-MINUTE WORKOUTS: Add a couple of 5 minute activities throughout the day. Do 5 minutes of jumping jacks in the TV commercial break or do 5 minutes of squats whenever you’re brushing your teeth.

3. SWEET ADDICTION:  Just can’t go without that piece of chocolate or that glass of coke every night? Save up the calories during the day and enjoy those things. Snack less during the day or at least eat super low calorie snacks (carrots, cucumbers, hummus, apples, …) & look forward to your piece of chocolate in the evening!

4. EAT BREAKFAST: Almost every person that lost a lot of weight told me that they now start every morning with breakfast (and so do I!). It’s so wrong to think that you „saved“ calories that day if you skip breakfast. You will have cravings throughout the whole day and feel less energized. Start eating 300-400kcal each morning. An omelette with ham and veggies, a wholegrain toast with natural peanut butter, a yogurt with some muesli. Just something that you like! But never. skip. breakfast.

5. BRUSH YOUR TEETH: Brush them after each meal. If you have that clean, minty taste in your mouth you won’t want to ruin it right away - true? Your brain will think that mealtime is over and you will not snack so much in between your meals.

6. BUY SMALL PLATES: We always want to make our plates look full - I know that feeling. And generally you’re done with your meal as soon as your plate is empty - right? Studies have shown that you will lose weight if you start to eat from small plates. Makes sense to me.

7. AT THE RESTAURANT: Don’t be afraid to ask for changes!! I often ask them to „bring the dressing on the side“ (because salad doesn't need to be drowning in dressing), to „swap the fries with a baked potato“ or to „add some chicken on top“. Waiters are there to make you happy, so JUST ASK and make your meal healthier.


8. LIGHT SWEET CANDLES: Somebody told me that smelling a vanilla or caramel candle will make you eat less sweets because you’re smelling it the whole time. 'Cause do you know that feeling of having enough of sweet things because you ate too many of them? I can imagine this works just the same way!!

9. PREPARE 80% YOURSELF:  Prepare at least 80% of the food you eat yourself. Even I - and I usually don’t have problems with access fat - lose my form and will look more „flabby“ if I eat at restaurants more that 3 times a week. I always make healthy choices in restaurants and I have no clue what they put in the food that makes me look that way - but it’s a fact. I also tend to feel bloated so often if I ate at a restaurant. You will FEEL and LOOK better if you prepare and cook more meals yourself. Try it and tell me if I’m right!

10. OPEN YOUR WINDOW AT NIGHT: A chillier, colder room improves your metabolism and forces your body to heat itself up for hours. And you will burn calories if you need to keep yourself warm. I’m not saying you should freeze the whole night but even I like to sleep with fresh air, no matter if it’s a little chilly outside. Under my blanket it will be warm and coooozy.

11. STOP EATING AT NIGHT: I know a lot of people who start getting cravings at night and start eating a whole bag of chips or other kinds of junk food. If you're one of those persons, try this rule: Don’t be so strict during the day, enjoy your life and food & set up the rule to not eat after 7pm. This will make you lose weight - no doubt!!

12. PURGE YOUR FRIDGE: Throw away the chips, throw away the ice cream and the softdrinks. If you don’t have those things at home you can’t eat them. And going to the grocery shop to buy them will probably be waaaay too hard whenever you have cravings haha.

13. YOU DON'T HAVE TO FINISH YOUR PLATE:  Some people think it’s rude (depends on your culture of course) but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do. If you feel full - you are full. Rather keep your food and eat it later than forcing yourself to eat everything up. You will actually gain weight without even enjoying the food. If you’re in a restaurant simply ask the waiter to wrap up the rest of your food to take it home. They will do so! I promise.

14. BUY NEW GYM CLOTHES: Ahhhhh SHOPPPPINNGGG. Whenever I buy new clothes I of course want to wear it. I can’t just buy something, put it in my closet and not look at it again. I’m always super excited about new stuff - and if you buy workout clothing and will WANT go to the gym in order to show off your new, sexy leggings - right? So buy new clothes, feel good and workout!

15. AAAAND ONCE YOU LOST WEIGHT: Give away every piece of clothing that got too big. This will probably keep you from gaining weight again because you will not like the idea of spending so much money to buy an entire new closet.

BUT feel like you can’t stick to all of the rules? Don't worry. Your diet shouldn't be too hard. Start with switching up 1 or 2 of your habits and follow a couple of those rules instead. Try to keep them up for at least 30 days and then start adding new ones! It's a long process but it's worth it ♥︎

Do you have some other simple life hacks that make it easier to lose weight? Would love to hear them!! xx




Happy Wednesday everyone ♡

After my short Snapchat Q&A about „SkinnyMint“ yesterday night I decided to write a whole blogpost about it because there were a looooot of complicated questions that are pretty hard to answer with 10s clips haha.

I collected the 8 most asked questions and tried to answer them as simple as possible!! And there is also a COUPON CODE at the end of this article!


First of all: SkinnyMint Teas are only created out of all-natural ingredients (not like some other Detox Teas). Each ingredient is chosen for it’s special quality & effect. And alllll the ingredients combined have an effect called „food synergy“ which means that they are way more effective together than they would be individually. So it's all about the special combination of the ingredients. And if you buy a normal type of tea it would generally only consist out of one ingredient.

In general SkinnyMint helps you to increase your energy, boost your metabolism, helps your body to get rid of toxic waste, which helps to improve the digestive system, cleanses the body and makes you feel better overall.


The ingredients in the Morning Boost Tea contain caffeine & it’s therefore a healthier alternative for coffee because it increases your energy slower and over a longer period of time in comparison to coffee. Therefore it can also control your appetite. One cup of Morning Boost contains about 80% of the amount of caffeine compared to a cup of coffee - just so you knoooow.

The Night Cleanse Tea is there to cleanse the body. It doesn’t contain any caffeine so it’s safe to drink at night. It rather contains calming ingredients that help you slow down a relax. The Senna Leaves also have a sliiiiight laxative effect with means that your digestive system will be stimulated and overall more balanced, which will have a positive effect on bloating (I’ll talk about this strange bloating topic at point 7 haha).

So there are basically 2 types of teas because they have two completely different effects on your body. And one is more suitable for the daytime and one better for the nighttime <3


Good question! Generally it says you should drink the Morning Boost once a day in the morning or anytime until 5pm (because of the caffeine you shouldn’t drink it at night) but I personally really like to drink it before I go to the gym. I can really feel how I get more energy and a better focus!

And you can even reuse your tea bag up to 4 times!

The Night Cleanse should be used every other night.


Since everybody is different there isn’t a „rule“ on how often you can do a Teatox. Some prefer to only do it on special occasions or a couple of times a year and some like to do it every other month.

I drink the „Morning Boost“ almost every day before my gym session & if you drink don’t drink it in combination with the Night Cleanse you can drink it all year long. And I start a complete 28 Day Teatox with both teas every couple of months.




Generally no. I mean we are only talking about tea haha. If you are below 15 you should maybe check with your parents though. And please make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients!

Anyways, if you feel like the tea or the effects are too strong for you just infuse the tea bags for a shorter amount of time. If you are not as sensitive you can easily increase the strength by infusing the tea bags longer.


The Morning Boost tastes like a stronger version of a Green Tea mixed with fruits. Definitely super fresh & fruity! The ingredients are Green Tea, a mixture of different herbs like Mate Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Guarana seeds & orange flavoring.

The Night Cleanse tastes more earthy and not as fruity. It consists out of Senna Leaves, a blend of Ginger Roots, Orange Leaves, Liquorice root, Hawthorn berry, Psyllium seed, Peppermint leaf & lemon flavoring.


I drink it for 2 reasons:

  1. I love how it increases my energy during my workouts and I since I would never use a artificial pre-workout booster (seriously, they are in NO way healthy for your body) it’s a great alternative, that’s not as strong and still super healthy.
  2. I have zerooooo bloating, thanks to SkinnyMint, and that’s essential if you want to have a flat stomach all day long. Imagine me having no fat on top of my tummy but tons of air inside? It wouldn’t look flat, right? So no matter how hard you train or how strong your abs are - if you have a bad digestion you will never be able to look lean. If you follow me on Snapchat (or now Insta Stories aka. Insta Snap) you will know from my mirror selfies that my tummy is still flat in the evening and definitely not bloated.


No. Generally my body results from 4 intense workout sessions each week, lots of healthy food and even more discipline. No Detox Tea or Protein Shake will do wonders and get you a well trained & defined body from just drinking it (that would be awesome though). If you’re looking for some additional HELP SkinnyMint is a perfect option and I would always recommend it. It will definitely help you with the look and shape of your body (again, the bloating topic). It will also boost your metabolism and help you to have enough energy to get through your workout!

But remember: no supplement in the world can compensate a bad diet!! SkinnyMint will assist you, make the whole process easier and maybe also a little faster - but it’s no free ticket to continue living an unhealthy life and expecting to look amazing! <3

You can read some more reviews, facts and other stuff about SkinnyMint HERE ♥︎ And let me know if you've got some other questions!!

And that's the direct link to their website:  WWW.SKINNYMINT.COM  // get 10% off with the code "PAMSM10"





Hey youuuuuu ♡  I thought it would be a great idea to share my „Food Shopping List“ with you so you can get an idea of everything I buy on a regular basis. The super important items are thicker and other ones are written regularly. And omg when I wrote the list I noticed that this is A LOT of stuff haha! Of course I don’t buy all of it every single time I go to the grocery store, just if I run out of it!!


Is there something else on your shopping list? Comment below!! I always love to try new things!




Sounds short but this workout will make you sweeeeat!! I promise haha.

Focussing on booty, throwing a couple of ab exercising in & constantly challenging the core by stabilizing our body for about 300 seconds (that sounds like a lot though). I don't know about you but my muscles are BURNING. Do a second & third round if you want to make it a complete workout.

Give it a try and let me know what you think ♥︎♥︎

YOGA BALLS: if you're thinking of buying equipment for your home workouts I would highly recommend buying a yoga ball! You will naturally build overall strength (especially abs!!), stability and balance by doing exercises with a stability ball. There are endleeeeess options & I love them all! Stability balls are also great for getting back into shape after an injury because they can reduce muscle and spinal strain during certain movements. My yoga ball has a diameter of 65cm & you can buy a similar one here.




Don’t know how much food you should eat each day? Are you eating too much? Lot’s of you have been asking me how I calculated my caloric intake and the answer is pretty simple! So if you want to figure out how much food you need to eat – that’s you’re article!

Personally, I love to track the food I’m putting into my body, just so I KNOW that my diet has been on point that day. I started because I wasn’t sure if I’m eating enough – and as soon as I started tracking my calories with an app I noticed that I ate too little! It’s definitely not a must but very helpful if you are really into fitness and have a goal you want to achieve. I also have to admit that it’s hard to count calories whenever I’m traveling. From time to time I got a feeling for it and there is no longer the need to track my calories on a daily basis. But I’m still doing it when I got the chance to or if I really want to focus on my body shape! ♥︎

So it’s actually pretty simple. If you eat less calories than your body needs you will lose weight. And if you eat more than your body needs you will gain weight. Sounds easy, right?

When I calculated my „calorie intake“ I used the Harris Benedict Formula. This is how you do it:

655,1 + (9,6 * bodyweight in kg) + (1,8 * height in cm) – (4,7 * age in years) = BMR (basal metabolic rate)

Next you need to include the PAL Factor (Physical Activity Level). Why? Because if you have a super active lifestyle you will of course need more calories than if you’re never working out.

Little to no exercise BMR x 1.2

Light exercise (1–3 days per week) BMR x 1.4

Moderate exercise (3–5 days per week) BMR x 1.6

Heavy exercise (6–7 days per week) BMR x 1.7

If you want to maintain your weight – stay with this result.

If you want to gain weight – add another 200-500 calories

If you want to lose weight – subtract 100-500 calories

Of course every body and every metabolism is different. This formula is really useful as an orientation & you can of course adjust the number of calories if you’re gaining / losing weight too quickly or slowly ♡

If you’re not into counting calories I would still recommend doing it for 2 or 3 days – just to get an idea of how much for example 2300 calories really are.


655,1 + 9,6 * 50kg + 1,8 * 165cm – 4,7 * 19 = 1342 calories

1342,8 * 1.6 (I’m working out 4 times a week) = 2147 calories

2147 + 200 (I want to increase my weight slowly) = 2350 calories




1) GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME – changing the way of eating is hard & maybe you’re not even sure if you want to stick with „eating clean“? That’s why I recommend setting goals like „30 days“. That doesn’t sound like forever and makes it easier to stick with it – you can even set a countdown in your phone! If you don’t like clean eating AT ALL after those 30 days feel free to go back to artificial & processed food. But you will probably feel extremely good & energetic after those days and your body will have made some amazing changes. Just try it!! PS: 10 days can work as a start.

2) WRITE SHOPPING LISTS – if you stroll around the supermarket without a plan you will probably end up buying things you don’t actually need. Only put food that fits your lifestyle on your shopping list. And think about it, if there are no soft drinks, gummy bears & pizza in your fridge you won’t be able to eat them – right?

3) LEARN TO COOK FOR YOURSELF – take control! Or do you want to leave it up to someone else to feed you? I wouldn’t want that. It may be time consuming but I 80% of the time I cook for myself. It just feels so good to KNOW what ingredients are in my meal and that I can be 100% sure that I’m only putting good stuff in your body. If I go out to eat somewhere I usually go to Vapiano, Dean&David, Asians, Sushi or to some „healthy“ Burger restaurants that serve burgers with wholegrain bread & high quality meat. Oh and lots of restaurant have beef filets with potatoes and veggies on their menu – that’s definitely what I’ll order!

4) SWEETS – bake your own ones! I will post some recipes soon but there are soo many delicious things you can do! Cakes out of bananas coconut, almond or spelt flour, cocoa powder, etc.!

But are you looking for a healthy but QUICK solution? Dark chocolate (I have like 4 bars of 85% chocolate in my fridge haha) & peanut butter are my faves.

5) VEGGIES ARE NOT ALWAYS YUMMY – buy delicious ones. Vegetables are super important but depending on quality & origin the taste can variate extremely. I’ve eaten so many disgusting tomatoes & apples in my life haha. Some taste like nothing, some are mealy. Find a shop that sells veggies that are fresh & yummy! This will make the journey so much more enjoyable.

6) HAVE A LOOK AT THE LIST OF INGREDIENTS – if you can’t pronounce or don’t know the ingredients, consider not buying it! The food industry puts **** into our food just to make it taste „better“ while still making it cheap in production. For example „Natural orange juices“ still have added sugar in them! Have a look at the back of the package and care about what you put in your body.

7) LOVE CARBS – rice, quinoa, whole grain pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes – everything allowed! If you want to lose weight adjust the portions, but don’t cut them out completely. They are the source of our energyyy. Only avoid eating white bread, white pasta, potato fries, donuts, food with added sugar and so on.

8) DRINK WATER – I love the taste of water. That sounds so weird haha. But in my opinion water by different water companies taste sooo different. Find one that you like! I personally really like Black Forest (it’s German), Aqua Panna, Evian & Volvic. If water tastes too boring for you feel free to experiment! Mix it with fresh juices, flavor it with lemons, mint leaves, oranges or strawberries. Herbal Teas are also great!

9) GET EXCITED ABOUT IT – maybe ask a friend or your parents to join your journey. Cook together, experiment together & eat together. Team work is always more fun!

and finally …

10) DON’T BE TOO STRICT WITH YOURSELF – moderation is key. You have to be able to stick to your diet and if you’re 100000% strict you will probably end up being disappointed because you were not able to keep up. If you’re not used to eating healthy & clean start slowwwwly. One clean meal a day. Get stricter over time and learn to love your new source of energy!

I eat very clean but I still don’t forbid myself to eat dark chocolate or chocolate muesli.


Do you have some more tips? Would love to hear them! xx




Why haven’t I talked about nutrition yet? I don’t knooooow. It’s such a complex topic and there is no way I could fit all the information in one blogpost. That’s why I’m splitting things up & I’ll start to talk about my Post Workout Shake first ♥︎

I drink this shake as soon as I get home from my workout session – which means about 20-40 min after I’ve finished my training. It’s super high in calories (I also put a low calorie option below), contains just the right amount of protein and tastes kiiiind of like a milkshake – perfect, right?

Okay, so why do you have to drink a shake after your workout? You don’t have to. The main thing is to fuel your body with the energy it needs after your training, so you could also have a “proper” meal. But cooking is more time consuming and I need my calories QUICK haha. People actually used to think that you need to drink a protein shake within 20min after your training but studies have shown that this isn’t true. You definitely have more time than that. So just go for whatever you like best – a shake or a normal meal ♥︎


There’s also no need for a fancy protein powder. Of course you can buy one but it’s not a must. I have to admit that most of them taste really yummy and it’s sooo easy to only mix 2 ingredients (powder & water) together but one day I decided to try the “natural way” without any supplements and I stuck with it until today. For me the only option is using an organic one, without chemistry, flavor enhancer, etc. – the ones that I’ve tried don’t taste phenomenal though. You can find the one by Pur Ya below, it tastes OK & I mainly like to use it because of all those healthy superfood extracts it contains. So whenever I feel like I haven’t eaten enough protein that day I will add one spoon of this one. But remember, it’s OPTIONAL.


So my Protein Shake is pretty high in calories, which is perfect if you want to gain weight & struggle to eat enough calories each day. Because a drink is easier to swallow than for example rice or potatoes and you also don’t feel as full afterwards. If you’re looking for a lower calorie option use skim milk or the rice-coconut milk instead & leave the oats out. This will save you about 250 calories.




Sometimes I use cow milk but I want to reduce my consumption of dairy products in general. As you might know it’s super controversial if and how bad the hormones are for humans – because cow milk is meant for a baby cow in order to make it grow. Why should we drink it then? The rice-almond milk is also super super high in calories (still healthy) which is great for me.


Yes you can. I think berries and bananas taste best.


For me it does. But I personally don’t count meals but I count calories. So my daily goal is to meet 2300kcal, no matter if I the shake is a “snack” or a “meal”.


No, not all of them are mandatory. Just try what you like ♥︎ Sometimes I don’t have all of the ingredients at home and then I’ll just leave the ones out. I think bananas are super important though. The consistency without them is just ***.




A looooong requested blogpost about how I got into fitness, how my training schedule changed over the years and what fitness routine works best for me ♥︎

I’ve never talked about this topic in detail because when people speak about their fitness story it’s most of the time a really meaningful one. I have neither been overweight, nor anorexic or depressed but I still went through several stages and that’s worth sharing I guess.

So first of all, I’m ectomorph. Do you know those people who can eat whatever they like to and just don’t gain any weight? That’s me. Even as a child I ate a loooot of food (mainly healthy though) but I was still extremely thin. Not underweight but my arms & legs were suuuuper skinny. Nevertheless I had some fat on my belly though – is this what you call „skinny fat“?

aboutpam aboutpam

I have also always been into sports, previously as a dancer. When I turned 16 I decided to stop dancing and to start going to the gym instead. I went with a friend of mine and we had basically NO PLAN haha. We just did some exercises that came to our mind or that we saw somebody else doing in gym. We asked a trainer for help but seriously, this plan was just a standard plan they gave to everyone and NOT what worked for me. I did cardio, some weight training with baby weights, some more cardio and gym classes like „fatburner“ or „bodypump“.

To make it short: during this time my body got very lean, my body fat percentage was pretty low too, my abs were strong & visible but I was extremely skinny. I weighed about 45kg.

I ate healthy food but I didn’t think too much about what to eat, how much etc. I just ate whatever & whenever I felt like to.

aboutpam aboutpam aboutpam

One year later I got interested in weight lifting. Not because I felt uncomfortable with my body but because I was interested in what the boys in the gym are doing with those big weights haha. It looked sooo much more fun than a treadmill. Me and my workout partner asked a trainer for help and he taught us how to do squats, deadlifts, heavy leg press, lunges etc. I instantly looooved weight lifting and what it did with my body. It also didn’t take too long till I saw my muscles growing (due to my low body fat). The following time was a lot of experimenting with exercises and weights. I trained legs (or only glutes) 2x a week, back & arms once a week and I also did a whole training session only for abs once a week.

IMPORTANT: this is NOT what I would recommend! I wish I knew better haha.

With this schedule my arms stayed pretty thin, my butt was growing but my legs were still super skinny and my abs were too strong in proportion to my back muscles. My body looked fine but I realized that this kind of training isn’t healthy in the long run.

aboutpam aboutpam

2 years ago I decided to slowly increase my calorie intake because I finally wanted to gain weight and muscles & I also decided to focus on the body parts I neglected (arms, quads, calves, chest, etc.)

Since then my plan looks like this: I eat 2300kcal a day. My breakfast has about 600kcal, lunch aka. dinner (most of the times I eat the rest of my lunch for dinner because I don’t feel like cooking again) has 1000kcal, my post workout shake has 500kcal and then a couple of snacks to fill the remaining calories.

I train 4-5 times a week. 1 leg day with a focus on glutes, quads and calves, 1 leg day with a focus on glutes and hamstrings, 1x a week chest, triceps, shoulder & abs and 1x a week back, biceps & abs. There is NO CARDIO in my workout routine. Not because cardio is bad (it surely works for some people) but because I don’t enjoy doing it and I don’t want to lose any weight or fat so there’s no need to do it.

How my body has changed: I gained 5kg, which I’m really really happy about. I feel lean & feminine. My arms are so much stronger and my legs are also finally getting a little bigger. I’m overall happy with my body and that’s most important to me ♥︎

aboutpam aboutpam aboutpam aboutpam aboutpam



“How are you so motivated all the time?” .. “I can’t get my butt off the couch” .. “How did you manage to go to the gym 4 times a week while still being good at school?”

Let me tell you something. It’s all about priorities, organization & discipline. And I agree, motivation is also important, but it’s not everything. I managed to go to the gym 4-5 times a week for almost 4 years now, also during my Abitur. That’s why I wanted to tell you about my experiences and share 7 tips on “how to stay motivated” ♡


This is sooo important if you’ve got more than 2 things to do haha. Write a list (I prefer on paper, not on my phone) with everything you need to do that day. Trust me, you will be more productive if you’ve got everything on a list and can actually ORGANIZE your time. If you just live for the day & do things whenever they come to your mind you will end up spending more time on the “not so nice” things and won’t even have the time to go to the gym at the end of the day. And remember to put a biiiig check mark next to each task you’ve fulfilled. It’s so satsfying! Same goes for the gym. Make a plan (at least in your mind) with all the exercises you want to do that day.


Sounds weird, right? But sometimes it’s better to not overthink tasks or decisions. Don’t think too long about whether you really WANT to go the gym. Honestly, sometimes I would also like to answer “No, I’d rather stay in bed”. But you know what? I’ll just grab my gym bag and go. To me it doesn’t make sense to waste time on overthinking pointless decisions. Deep down I know it’s the right decision to make & I know that I will feel good afterwards. Don’t think, it’s as easy as that.


If you don’t enjoy fitness at least a liiiiittle bit there is like 0 chance for you to be successful at it in the long run. I work out because I LIKE the feeling of getting stronger, because I LIKE to sweat and because I LIKE what it does with my body. If you don’t like it simply look for another form of sport. Maybe ballet, yoga or tennis? It doesn’t matter. Just be passionate about what you’re doing! You may also try to work out in a group or with your best friend.



I get extremely motivated by looking at pictures of fit girls or watching those 15second Instagram clips of their gym workouts. I always get so excited and think “ooooh I need to go to the gym and try that!”. I also like to have a workout buddy who just forces me to come & join their workout haha.


To come back to the question “How did you manage to go to the gym 4 times a week while still being good at school?” – I set my priorities straight. During my Abitur school was always the most important thing to me. There is NOTHING more important than studying for an exam. If I needed 2 hours longer than planned for studying I just cancelled the other things that day and kept studying until I’ve finished. I was motivated as hell and I knew what I wanted to achieve. During that time I needed working out as a balance. It feels good to burn off energy and to free your mind after sitting at your desk for hours. And a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day – so what is your excuse?

1 hour workout is only 4% of your day – so what is your excuse?


Having a really busy day and just can’t make it to the gym that day? It’s not the end of the world. Simply make sure to eat clean. You will need to eat anyways so just make the right choices haha. Only because you couldn’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you’re “allowed” to eat like ****. Choose rice&chicken over a burger, choose porridge over ice cream.


This is significant. I like to reward myself with a lazy day after a week full of work. I will sleep till noon and I’ll do absolutely nothing the rest of the day. I also like to eat a piece of chocolate after each day of clean eating. Sometimes I also like to reward myself with excessive online shopping haha.

To take it one step further: I also feel like it’s important to take one or two weeks off the gym every 2-3 months. Your body just needs rest & regeneration from time to time..

Do you have any tips on how to stay motivated? I’d love to hear them! ♡




Got 10 minutes in the morning? Do it. Got some minutes before going to bed? Do it.

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing! 30 seconds each exercise – NO REST IN BETWEEN.

Eating clean is crucial for making your abs visible! Remember that abs are made in the gym but revealed in the kitchen.