Hey everyone <3 I started writing a column for a German magazine called "Handelsblatt" some time ago and decided to translate the columns into English & publish them up here! Tell me if you want me to continue doing this down below! xx

So, I’m sure by now everyone has heard of the fitness community’s new favorite motto „strong is the new skinny“. It basically means that it is now „in“ to be as fit and strong as possible and to have visible muscles even as a woman. Which is great - as you all probably know I myself train at the gym 4-5 times a week and my ultimate goal is to be strong, fit and healthy. If you’ve been following me you might also know that my recently published book has the title „Strong and  Beautiful“ - and that is still what I want to put across to my community. It is good to be strong and no woman should ever be scared of working out and gaining ‚too much muscle‘. However, there are still a lot of negative connotations going around when it comes to „strong is the new skinny“.

For a long time it was considered the ideal of beauty to be as skinny as possible. The trend was „size zero“ - and women tried hard to look like the supermodels you see on the catwalk or on the cover of magazines. The skinnier, the better. Within the last years „size zero“ has slowly given away to a new trend. Women today aren't trying to be as thin as possible anymore - they are striving to be fit, strong and even muscular. Being active, feeling strong, eating lots of healthy food instead of starving yourself in order to be certain size - that’s basically what „strong is the new skinny“ is trying to promote.

First of all I want to say that I do consider the new trend to be a positive development when it comes to beauty standards and body image. „Strong is the new skinny“ stands for a healthy lifestyle - if you strive to become strong and fit you will automatically have to include being active and eating well into your routine. Living an active lifestyle and eating well, working hard to reach certain athletic goals and to get stronger - there’s certainly nothing bad about that. Quite the contrary, it is scientifically proven that a healthy, balanced diet and an active lifestyle improve overall health and quality of life. Working out regularly and seeing you own progress can make you more confident and help with body-image issues. Many women, myself included, have profited from the „strong is the new skinny trend“. It has made them (and me) happier and more confident.

There is however an powerful argument against „strong is the new skinny“, something that is very often used by its critics. Many are saying that the former „size zero“ beauty standard has simply been replaced by a new standard - only that standard isn’t to be as thin as possible anymore, but to be as fit as possible. So, is there even a difference between „size zero" and „strong is the new skinny“? Don't they both describe ideals of beauty that women have to follow in order to feel beautiful and valuable?

In my opinion that is exactly what „strong is the new skinny“ shouldn’t do. No one should ever feel like they aren’t beautiful or worthy if they don’t look like a certain ideal that is portrayed in the media, on magazine covers or on social media. Doesn’t matter if the ideal is to be thin or to be strong. Of course - I definitely consider „strong is the new skinny“ to be the healthier trend, compared to starving yourself down to a certain clothing size. But still - it shouldn’t be a must, you should never ever feel like you aren’t good enough just because you don’t fall in to a certain category. In my eyes, the most important thing is to be happy and content with the way you live your life and the way you feel in your own body.Some people might achieve that feeling of happiness, self-confidence and content through working out and living a healthy life. And some don’t. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you chose to live your life - as long as you are happy and you feel comfortable in your own skin. Whether you’re a gym-fanatic who loves clean eating or you prefer not to work out and would rather carry a few more kilos - as long as you’re happy and content with yourself and your lifestyle, there’s no right or wrong.

And, on a sidenote: being strong can mean something different to everyone. You don’t need a sixpack to feel strong and you don’t have to be able to lift 60kg. You can feel strong in so many ways. Maybe you went running this morning and you noticed a little more endurance than the last time you tried. Maybe you’re finally able to carry your shopping up the stairs in one go. Or maybe you’ve finally overcome your fear to train in the „mens section“ at the gym (you know, where they usually lift the heavy weights). Feeling strong can also mean feeling comfortable within your body in a whole new way that you never knew before. There’s so much positive potential that can come from a trend like „strong is the new skinny“. The idea shouldn’t be to put women down and tell them what they should look like. But rather to show people that it’s a beautiful thing to feel good and strong within your body - regardless of the newest trend or beauty standard. How you achieve that feeling is totally up to you.

For me personally, working out is what gives me that feeling of content. I chose this path in order to feel comfortable in my skin. I like the self-confidence it has brought me, and I love feeling strong, building muscle and being able to lift a lot. And that is exactly what I want to share: that working out is a way to feel happier and more confident. It’s certainly not the only way - but it’s the path that I chose and that I’m passionate about. Still, we all have our own paths. What’s right for me might not work for everyone - and that’s okay. I love the fact that trends like „strong is the new skinny“ promote an active lifestyle - but that still doesn’t make it a necessity. At the end of the day you should follow the path that is right for you.

xx Pam

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Domi 28. September 2017
Love You 💖💖💖
Sarah E. 28. September 2017
Hi Pamela ich hab mal eine frage and dich und zwar verfolge ich deinen blog schon seit ne lange zeit und hab mir sogar dein buch geholt da du absolut meine inspiration bist wenn es ausgerechnet um sport geht . Ich möchte aufjedenfall abnehmen und hab vor nen Monat. ca. 3-4 mal in der woche workouts gemacht und nach ne zeit hab ich gemerkt das ich am bauch leicht muskel aufgebaut habe aber ich hab noch bauchfett und ich eigentlich möchte ich auch das ich weiterhin bauch und oberschenkel fett verlieren das ich allg. fitter aussehe und Defenirter bin . Meinefrage ist es kann ich auch ohne fitnessstudio abnehmen und gleichzeitig an muskeln gewinnen also so ungefähr wie du ? Und zwar bin ich 17 jahre , 167cm große, und wiege ca. 61,0kg was ist deiner meinung nach ? und wie ist es mit der ernährung weil ich nehme schneller zu aber auch wd ab und meine körper erhohlt sich auch wd schnell und wie oft sollte ich trainiere und wie lang? sry wegen denr schreibweise geht schlecht am handy Mit freundlichen grüßen.
Sophie 28. September 2017
Hello Pamela I'm very much inspired by your workouts.....I have been doing these workouts about 5 times a week....I would like to ask you a question please?? Will you still continue with your book....I really want to buy it in English Many thanks Sophie
Ece Calis 29. September 2017
Pamela, du bist eine so krasse Inspiration! Wirklich, ich bewundere dich jedes mal aufs neue! Ich habe dir schon echt oft auf Instagram und sonst versucht zu schreiben, hahah hoffe diese Nachricht wirst du lesen :(, „Strong and beautiful“ du hast es auf den Punkt gebracht, ich liebe Leute, die ihr eigenen Ding durchziehen und sich auch selber lieben und akzeptieren & das ist toll dass DU das genau so machst, denk daran, auch in schlechten und in guten Zeiten, du bist pam #pamstrong <3 - Pam's blog Pamela 29. September 2017
cedy 29. September 2017
Wahre Worte und super Post ! 💕
Kathy 29. September 2017
Hey, könntest du auch mal ein Video darüber machen wie du deine Haare mit den Rundbürsten föhnst und diese locken reinmachst?:)
Selina 29. September 2017
this words are as amazing as you are! ❤️🍑
Sarah 29. September 2017
Hammer Pam! <3
Steffi 29. September 2017
Liebe Pamela, ich finde deine Einstellung wahnsinnig inspirierend. Ich bin jetzt 30 Jahre alt und hätte mir damals als Teenie wirklich solche Inspirationen bzw Vorbilder, wie du jetzt für viele junge Mädchen bist, gewünscht!!! Ich finde das wahnsinnig toll! Mach bitte weiter so und lass dich nicht verbiegen! Liebe Grüße Steffi 😊❤☀🍀
Steffi 29. September 2017
Liebe Pamela, ich finde deine Einstellung wahnsinnig inspirierend. Ich bin jetzt 30 Jahre alt und hätte mir damals als Teenie wirklich solche Inspirationen bzw Vorbilder, wie du jetzt für viele junge Mädchen bist, gewünscht!!! Ich finde das wahnsinnig toll! Mach bitte weiter so und lass dich nicht verbiegen! Liebe Grüße Steffi 😊❤☀🍀 - Pam's blog Pamela 29. September 2017
oh das freut mich sehr!! vielen dank :)
anabella_love_weddings 29. September 2017
Hallo Pam! Finde es eine großartige Idee und freu mich über weitere Artikel in deinem Blog. lg Anabella
Karina Kruse 29. September 2017
du bist wirklich eine riesige Inspiration, das ist echt wahnsinn!! das was du sagst ist so wahr
Luise 29. September 2017
Du kannst definitiv mehr von deinen Kolumnen posten. Ich finde die sehr schön geschrieben! :)♡ - Pam's blog Pamela 29. September 2017
danke <3 <3
Alyssa 29. September 2017
You are my daily inspiration Pam! Blessings to you! 💗
Marie 29. September 2017
Darf ich fragen wie viel du momentan wiegst? Weil du in den Jahren ja an Muskeln zugelegt hast und damit auch an Gewicht. Es interessiert mich sehr :) :*
Marie Eisenschenk 29. September 2017
Darf ich fragen was du momentan wiegst? :* - Pam's blog Pamela 29. September 2017
51 kg :)
laauurraaaa 29. September 2017
Wie du es immer schaffst alles so perfekt auf den Punkt zu bringen. Man merkt allein durch deinen Schreibstil schon, was für einen tollen Charakter du hast. Mach weiter so Pam! Ich bin auf jeden Fall ein Riesen Fan von dir und folge dir schon seit 4 Jahren :) Ps. Du bist wirklich einfach so unbeschreiblich und wunderschön (musste das mal eben loswerden, haha) love you ❤️ - Pam's blog Pamela 29. September 2017
danke dir!!! <3
Layla 29. September 2017
I swear girl, you are my inspiration! I agree with everything you wrote and I would love to read more of these columns :) Actually I would love to read anything from you, you motivate me so much! :3 Please post more!!! Can't wait to read "Strong is beautiful" when it will be released in English, btw :) Love, from Italy xoxo