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Happy Sunday everyoneeee :) today a quick blogpost in collaboration with foodist about the Mission More Snacks that I've shown you a couple of times on Insta Story & Snapchat <3

I've been working with the food online shop foodist.de for a long time now & they recently launched a own brand called "Mission More".

The Mission More Snacks are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and only consist out of dates, nuts and several superfoods. There were no sugar, additives or preservatives added!! There are also only 7 to 11 ingredients, depending on the flavor. So they are for sure completely natural, healthy & don't really count as a "cheat" :)

PS: on the package you can of course that they contain sugar, but that only comes form the dates and the other ingredients. A banana or an apple also has naturally sugar in it!



You can get the Mission More Balls in 6 different flavors.

Peanut Butter Jelly, Apple Pie & Cookie Dough are the flavors that remind you of the typical "cheats". They were recreated as good as possible with natural and healthy ingredients. They also added natural pea and rice protein to those 3 flavors.

Coconut-Maca-Guarana, Chia-Cranberry-Lemon & Blueberry-Baobab are the other "classic" superfood flavors.


Going more into detail regarding the ingredients: in "Peanut Butter Jelly" are for example only peanut butter, dates, coconut nectar, pea & rice protein, dried strawberries and peanuts :)

Coconut-Maca-Guarana consists out of dates, almond butter, coconut nectar, almonds, coconut flakes, maca & guarana.


Why Mission More?

I would suggest it to everyone who's struggling with cravings between the main meals or to everyone who just needs snacks to survive haha. They are truly healthy and you can easily eat them on the go or if you're on a rush. The packages are reclosable, so you can just keep them in your bag without making a mess :) of course they don't taste like milk chocolate or cookie dough ice cream but I think as a healthy substitute they do a perfect job! They also fill you up really quickly, most of the times I don't even need more than 2 or 3 pieces (80-100 kcal).


Where can I get them & how much are they?

You can order them in Europe on www.foodist.de/pamela and I'm also sharing some coupon codes for this website from time to time :) at the moment you can get a package with all 6 flavors for 9,95€ and with the code "Pamela15" you also get 15% off. A single package is 1,95€.

You can also buy them in a lot of Edeka, Rewe & Budniskowski stores.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!

xx Pamela


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Lisa 27. August 2017
Ahhh wie cool!! Vielen Dank für den Tipp!
Svea 27. August 2017
Ein Glück hab ich diese Lebensretter durch dich entdeckt! Diese kleinen Stückchen sind so lecker! Seitdem ich keinen Zucker mehr esse schmeckt gesund schon lange nicht mehr fad und diese Bällchen sind echt toll! Ich mag allerdings nur die mit Kokos, die mit Cookie Dough und die mit Zitrone und Cranberry (als Tipp für andere). Danke dass du unser aller Leben so zum positiven veränderst! Jedes Mal wenn ich nochmal in deinem Buch blättere habe ich wieder neue Motivation weiterhin gesund zu leben. Man ist einfach fit und produktiv!
aboutpam.com - Pam's blog Pamela 27. August 2017
<3 <3 <3
Svea 27. August 2017
Ich ziehe bald um und bin selbst ja auch ein totaler rosa Fan ;) Weißt du zufällig woher die Platzdeckchen sind?
Lena🎀 27. August 2017
Es ist so schön, dass du jetzt wieder öfter schreibst😍 Und Dankeschön für diesen Post! Ich überlege schon lange mir die Mission More Snacks zu holen, aber hatte bis jetzt keine 100%ige Überzeugung!😘
Helena 27. August 2017
Looks so good! I wonder if they ship to US? 😊💗
Milena 27. August 2017
Hi Pamela! Thank you for these tips, I'm really looking forward to trying these products. I have to order them! But honestly I'm more excited about you posting again 🤗 I really enjoy reading your posts and learning from them!! By the way I really love your book! I was acting like such a kid when it gets a candy when I got it 😭 Lots of love :) <3
aboutpam.com - Pam's blog Pamela 27. August 2017
thank you so much!! <3
Jil 27. August 2017
Die sehen sooo lecker aus! Ich werde sie unbedingt mal probieren. :) PS: Du bist echt toll und es freut mich auch wahnsinnig, dass du jetzt (scheinbar) wieder öfter Blog Einträge schreibst, :) Lass es dir gut gehen! <3
Madeleine 27. August 2017
Welche ist deine Lieblibgssorte?
aboutpam.com - Pam's blog Pamela 27. August 2017
Cookie Dough, Apple Pie und Kokos Maca Guarana!! :)
Tania 27. August 2017
Hello Pam! <3 Really missed your blogposts! I am a Pamstrong user from the launch of the program and reaaaally miss motivation on @pamstrongfitness account! Would be so glad to see you back there! Are you going to post there or there are some issues? Love you ❤️
Emma 27. August 2017
ich hab die durch dich entdeckt und sie sind einfach so unglaublich lecker und dazu noch so gesund ❤ echt super.. du bist mein größtes Vorbild ich liebe dich❤❤❤
Anisah 28. August 2017
I want to know how to gain weight .
💋😇 Tabea Christin Schöneberg 💖💐 28. August 2017
klingt echt lecker und werde ich demnächst bestimmt mal ausprobieren...!☺
stephi 28. August 2017
Ich habe die Sorte peanutbutter jelly ausprobiert und bin begeistert. Sehr lecker!!! Ich werde auf jeden Fall die anderen Sorten testen 😊😊😊 liebe Grüße 🌞🌞🌞
Susanna 28. August 2017
Hi Pamela, wie kann man dich in Sachen Business inquiries erreichen? Ich habe es schon mit den ehemaligen Pulse E-Mail Adressen versucht und wenn ich die Nachricht an die iCloud Adresse von der "contact" Seite sende kriege ich eine "bounce back" Nachricht! Alles Beste, Susanna Michalek
aboutpam.com - Pam's blog Pamela 6. September 2017
unter "[email protected]" :)
Bengü 29. August 2017
Kannst du mehr Mode und beauty blogposts machen?
Vikesh 30. August 2017
Marie 1. September 2017
Hey Pamela😊 Danke für den Beitrag, ich denke schon eine Weile über eine Bestellung nach. Wie viele sind denn in einer Packung so drin? Man findet nur eine Grammanzahl. ❤
Sacha Lee 10. September 2017
Wow they look great I will definitely Have to give them a try and share my views with my followers on my YouTube channel it's hard to find truly healthy snacks and as most of us are constantly on the go they need to be pocket bite size. I just wish more petrol stations etc would stock healthy options like this! Thanks for the heads up! It's my first time to your blog and it's fabulous. Take Care 💕 Sacha Lee Instagram lee_sacha 🎥- https://youtu.be/XjYEg6yOWPA