I don’t think you need more than a skinny jeans, a basic shirt and a leather jacket to look neat and stylish. And as you might have noticed I own quite a lot of biker jackets and I just can’t get enooough. I actually just ordered one more… oops.

When it comes to leather jackets there are tons of beautiful ones out there. Really affordable models and super expensive ones. That’s why I decided to show you one jacket out of each price segment and tell you which online shops are great to shop at.

1. LOW PRICE SEGMENT (50-100€): I know, 100€ is not super cheap. But we are not talking about a white t-shirt but about a leather jacket & good quality is essential. I personally own quite a few low priced biker jackets and I love & wear them just as much as the expensive ones. It’s almost impossible to find jackest out of real leather in the low price segment though, you’ll probably end up buying one out of synthetic material aka plastic. I’ve got awesome experiences with Zara & Topshop because most of the times their jackets fit nicely and don’t feel toooo much like plastic (which is the worst thing ever, also while wearing). The only bad thing is that cheap leather jackets tend to look worn-out quicker, but that’s fine with me – you get what you pay for haha



2. MID PRICE SEGMENT (100-600€): this seems to be the “fairest” price segment for me. Long-lasting leather & good manufacturing have their price. If you want to invest in a high quality leather jacket make sure the material is soft (!!) and the fit around the shoulder and back area is comfortable. I always ask myself if I would wear the jacket indoor? If the answer is NO the material is probably too thick and uncomfortable and I won’t end up buying it. Brands I would recommend are Maje, Tigha & Topshop.



3. HIGH-END (1000€ and above): Spending that much money on a leather jacket is kind of hard to justify. Most of the times you will be paying for the brand’s name and “status”. I tried on so many high-end jackets that fit awfully and were so uncomfortable I could barely move my arms. But then there are other ones which are just outstanding. My mum carries lots of high-end brands in her boutique, that’s how I know the difference. I own one jacket by Jitrois and I have never worn such a comfortable, light-weight and soft leather jacket before. It’s basically like a second skin. I’m not sure if I would invest that much money again though – at least not in a damageable rosy color.. I always feel like the jacket is too expensive to be worn haha.



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Meike 21. April 2016
Where did you buy the jeans (picture 2)?
Brontë 21. April 2016
I’m so happy you finally have a blog, I have been following you since your beginning ( for almost 3 years actually) and you’ve always been a real model for me ! Lots of love from France
Svea 21. April 2016
Ich kann mich nur dem Kommentaren unter mir anschließen! Und die gleiche Frage stellt sich mir auch, woher hast du deine wundervollen Jeans? ? Liebste Grüße, Svea ? (@sunmsysis)
Stefy Georgieva 21. April 2016
I absolutely love your style. Perhaps i the future you could do Outfit Of The Day or of the week posts . You`re very inspirational!
Rango Bango 21. April 2016
mega schööönnnn alles.
Holly Rice 21. April 2016
Omg please please please tell me where you got this jumper you posted on instagram. Or can anyone tell me? Please it would mean so much!!! I have tried messaging but no response 🙁 Here is the URL from her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDBYjOKy4V4/ If anyone knows this exact jumper, please please help!!!!!
Kristina 21. April 2016
Hey , ich finde es top dass du jetzt einen Blog hast. Würde mich freuen, wenn du noch mehr Work-out-videos machst! Und vielleicht auch von deiner haarroutine. Love Kristina ❤
Tschok 22. April 2016
Alle Lederjacken sind super schön, aber die günstigste gefällt mir doch am besten <33; xx Tschok | http://www.thedetsornfactory.com
Ana 22. April 2016
I love your blog! You are such an inspiration!
Stylehue 22. April 2016
They all look great ! Love a foe leather jacket too, and agree with you that a foe leather jacket, a top and pants are all you need to look neat and stylish <3; I have a similar black and pink one and I love them both so so much!; Hope you have a happy weekend ! xo http://style-hue.com/
Ingrid 23. April 2016
You are such an inspiration and 100% my goaals? Can you do a food section to your blog? Like what you try to eat on a regular basis, or your favorite cheat meals!
Uta 23. April 2016
Hey Pamela! Da es ja quasi unmöglich ist, dass du in Instagram auf Nachrichten antwortest probiere ich es mal hier, wo noch nicht 2 Millionen Personen unterwegs sind 😛 Ich suche überall nach deinem schwarzen Badeanzug/Bikini, den du so oft in El Dorado Maroma getragen hast! Der mit den Streifen!; Ansonsten kann ich dir noch sagen, dass du mein absolut größtes Vorbild bist und du mich total motivierst! 🙂 <3 Freue mich schon mega auf deine ganzen Workout Videos 🙂
Sophie 23. April 2016
Ich finde deinen Blog super, aber sehr schade, dass du nicht auf die Kommentare antwortest.
Fiona 24. April 2016
Hi Pamela; I find you amazingly inspirational! You show so many girls all around the globe how dedication can really get you somewhere in life. 🙂; I love your blog already and I am looking forward to more fitness and beauty tips.; Nevertheless, I fell like I need to tell you that I find it very sad that a person with as much influence as you recommends people to wear dead animal skin… I know there are labels that claim that they treat animals fairly, but for most girls it’s hardly affordable to go buy a leatherjacket that comes from animals that have been treated well and they buy some crappy ass leather that comes from india instead, where the animals are treated very badly…; I am honestly not trying to offend you in any way, but since I know how much you love your dog from your instagram feed, I find it quite weird how you are cuddling with one animal and letting another animal be killed just so you can wear a leather jacket… 🙁 Because let’s be honest, you’d look good in any other jacket as well! ?; Lots of Love Fiona
Claudelle 26. April 2016
Hi Pam, seit einiger Zeit verfolge ich Deine tollen Videos und fand ganz toll Dich bei Markus Lanz zu sehen. Sag doch mal, wo hast Du Deine tollen Outfits her? Besonders die Lederjacke,die Du im Fernsehen getragen hast-super schön. Ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Erfolg.Claudelle P.S. Veranstaltest Du bald mal einen Fantag?
Camelia 29. April 2016
Hallihallo Pam,; bitte verrate uns wo du die grüne Lederbluse von dem Shooting für Hairextensions mit dem Fischgräten-Zopf gefunden hast. Ich kann sie nirgends finden Nebenbei ist es toll, wie du einen motivierst!; Ganz lieben Gruß, mach weiter so!!
Lily 1. May 2016
woher hast du deine tollen Stiefel mit den vielen schnallen wollt eigentlich zudem Treffen in der Mönckebergstraße kommen und dich das fragen aber das ist ja leider ausgefallen aufjedenfall du bist echt hübsch
Lily 2. May 2016
Hallo ich wollte dich eigentlich schon fragen beim Treffen Mönckebergstraße das aber leider doch ausgefallen und ich finde deine Haare so hübsch hast du extensions bitte schreib zurück
Gulcan 11. May 2016
Hi Pamela,; You probably get a lot of questions 😉 but i have also a question. You have a fringed leather jacket. You posted a photo with this jacket at a airport. I really love this jacket. Could you please tell me where you got it from.
Emily 6. July 2016
Ich folge dir schon , als du noch ganz “klein” warst und finde es toll zu sehen wie du dich entwickelt hast. Finde es auch super das du dir einen Blog gemacht hast, weil das mega vielen hilft, grade was deine sportlichen Erfolge betrifft..; Liebe Grüße <3