Hello everyooooone ♡ Today I’m gonna talk about a topic that I’ve already started posting on Insta Stories! I shared some crazy information & insights on hair, its health and styling products to use that don’t damage the hair. You guys went CRAZY 'cause you wanted to know more haha. I’m not an expert but since ghd is one of my long term partners I’m happy to share the scientifically proofed information that they gave me :) and of course I guess I also take good care of my hair (it’s long and healthy lol).

I'll tell you more about STYLING it in a healthy way. My go-to look is (obviously) my wavy hairstyle that I wear on almost every picture. I’m not much into variety haha. I achieve this look by actually using a straightening iron. I don’t even own a curling iron :D



1) Be EXTRA gentle to your wet hair. Your wet hair is not as strong which makes it break very easily! Ever noticed that you’re losing a lot of hair if you brush it after washing? Well that’s not only because you would have lost it anyways, but maybe also because you were not gentle enough. Your hair is only the strongest if it is 100% dry.

2) Use a good conditioner. I recommend using an organic one without silicons & parabens. It should be nourishing and healthy :) But either way, if you’re conditioner is good, you will be able to brush your hair more easily -> minimize hair loss.

3) Start blow drying your hair on medium heat & increase the heat over time. Don’t start with high heat right away!

4) Feel your hair while blow drying. You’ll notice that it will stay „cool“ for quite some time and suddenly it heatens ups very quickly (and it will eventually be too hot to touch). Don’t let it get to that stage! Move on to the next section whenever you notice that your hair gets hot - you’re starting to kill the moisture in your hair and not only the water from your shower!

5) Hair must be 100% dry when you start using a styler. Otherwise you’ll damage and burn it.

6) If you want to use heat protector -> use it BEFORE you blow-dry, otherwise your hair will be wet again and you will damage it while using a hot styler.

7) Never style over 185°C - if you have a styler with variable heat options -> never go over 185°C!! If you use ghd, you will be safe anyways :) you really don’t need crazy high temperatures to achieve great results with styling. So don’t risk the health of your hair!

8) Don’t wash your hair toooo often. Those tips help in making your Styling Session as healthy for your hair as possible - but if you wash & style it too often it will dry out your hair ..


You were maybe wondering - why 185°C?

Scientists discovered that 185°C is optimal to style your hair. It gives you a perfect result within only one streak AND it is also the healthiest temperature. Your hair changes it shape temporarily, but you don’t destroy the actual structure of your hair. That’s also why you cannot change the temperature yourself - lower wouldn’t straighten/curl your hair - higher would be bad for its health.

They also said that 185°C REDUCES hair breakage. Why? They said 185 degrees don’t damage the hair & styled hair is smoother. Its easier to comb through etc. (not tangled up). So you don’t break or lose as much hair after having styled it until you wash again.


Normal Stylers sometimes go up to 230°C. This damages your hair so much. It basically „melts“. The keratin fibers disappear completely!! Just look at the picture above and see what happens if you would hold it onto your hair for 20s. Of course nobody does that but going over and over your hair every day for a long period of time basically has the same effect. And you know what? It would actually forbidden to sell that if hair was considered a „living part“ of the body. But since hair is „dead“ they don’t make any restrictions.

How I know about all this?

Well a couple of weeks ago ghd invited me to join them on a trip to London to celebrate their launch of the new ghd GOLD Styler and to visit their research centre to learn why they do what they do.

Fun Fact: for as long as I can remember I have used ghd stlyers. Not because they sponsored me back then (I wish haha) but because my mom always bought them. I didn’t even question that fact, I just trusted that she knew what’s best. My mom also has very long and thick hair & doesn’t leave the house without blowdrying and styling it. By the way - thanks for the genes mom! And last year I started working with ghd.. so that is what I call a perfect partnership!


FYI: the gold styler is their most popular styler - they also have other models. And they sell over 2 MILLION stylers every year - so basically 1 every 4 seconds. The left one is good for beginners or young people (199€), the mini styler for short hair & bangs, the max styler for thick hair . The gold styler has advanced technology and is therefore „better“ for your hair (also 199€). It is recommended if you’re a person that uses it often, but not necessarily every day. The Platinum Styler (249€, most expensive one) has the best technology and is perfect if you use the straightener aka. styler eveeeeery day or you just want to spend the money for the technology.

Just think of it like cars. There are the first ones that most get after getting their license, there are mid class cars that the majority drives (gold styler) and there are Lamborghinis or Ferraris (platinum styler). Haha what a comparison.


The new ghd gold styler now has an upgraded technology, works with the dual zone technology (gonna explain it) & therefore makes sure that your hair is gonna stay healthy! It also heats up way faster, only takes 25s aaaand has a universal voltage (perfect for people that are traveling back and forth different continents).



Dual Zone Technology“ - This basically means that the temperature on the styler is constant all the time. If you put a lot of „cold“ hair inside the temperature would drop and a normal styler would need a lot of time to balance the temperature out again. Till then you might already put in a small piece of hair which then would get burned. And since the dual zone technology has 2 sensors (one on each plate - which measure the temperature of each entire plate) it is very quick & precise which keeps the temperature of 185 degrees constant. A normal styler has only 1 sensor and the plates are often hotter in the middle and cooler towards the outside. The ghd plate has a constant temperature on the whole plate. This is not only healthier but also better for the result of your styling session :)


And to finish off, my favorite part haha. HOW LONG THEY FREAKING LAST. They do so much quality testing to ensure the stylers will last for years! Have a look at your messages, it’s crazy.


Respect to everybody who made it to this point here haha. Hope you learned something!!

xx Pamela



Helloooo everyone,

I am back… and I am back for the best reason ever: Its Black Friday Week!!

Just to give you a reminder: Last year I already had the opportunity to work with, which is one of my favourite beauty online shops in Germany with plenty of must-have brands like BareMinerals, theBalm, GHD, NYX and many more. They don’t just sell these brands, but also have them to crazy low prices and ship them really fast. You can find the last years blog entry here, if you are interested. This year I got the opportunity to work with Cocopanda again.

Every year around Thanksgiving they have a so called “BLACK WEEK”, which means basically six days full of really low prices & every day there are new deals. On top of the super low prices, you can get within these days, big bonus discounts with the help of discount codes. So we basically save money twice haha.

Here is the Breakdown for the discount codes:

From the 20th of November until the 23rd of November you will get exclusively 15% on everything in the shop with my code: PAM15

On “Black Friday” (24th of November) you can have 15% with this code: BLACK15

On “Cyber Monday” (27th of November) you can have 15% with this code: CYBER15

And as a Bonus you can have 10% until end of December with this code: PAM10 (Christmas presssiesss are safe!!)

I know this is a bit complicated haha :D but if you want to safe money, then make sure to use the right code!


In this years video you can see me getting ready for a LA Night Out :) you can get aaaaall the products that I used and get money off with one of the discount codes here.


One of my fave brands is “theBalm”. Their packaging is so cute and the quality is amazing. Maybe you’ve heard about the „Bahama Mama Bronzer“ and the „Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter“ before. Those two products got hyped so much and are definitely worth it! In the video you can also see me using the „timeBalm Anti Wrinkle Concealer“ which works so good! Watch how fast it covers under eye circles haha.

In the end you can also see me putting on the „Meet Matte Hughes“ Liquid Lipstick. The set that I got the color from is amazing since you get 6 miniatures of 6 different colors. Perfect to try them out and see what colors you like best! Also great to put in your handbag without wasting too much space on makeup :)

Btw the theBalm is 100% cruelty free and paraben free. They also have a lot of vegan products.

If you know me by now, you know that I would prefer organic and natural products over chemicals anyyyyy day. It’s a little hard to find organic cosmetic products that can keep up with the usual ones. If you feel the same way, you will thank me for those options:

In the video I’m using the Tinted Moisturizer „Organic Wear“ by Physicians Formula. Before It was never possible to get this brand in Germany so now I am so happy to get it at COCOPANDA. It’s 100% from natural origins, free from harsh chemicals, free from synthetic colors, cruelty free and so oooon.


It was also the first time I ordered the “Ecotools” brushes and I am really happy with them. They are made of recycled materials and are therefore friendly for the environment! The brushes and tools have natural bamboo handles, cruelty free bristles and only recycled aluminium.

My favorite item on earth has been the „Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm“ for aaaages now. I think I already went through 10 of those haha. It’s a moisturizing balm that you can use on all dry areas on your skin - but in this tutorial I just used it as a lipgloss! The formula is really thick and creamy and that’s why it’s so shiny :) The Nipple Balm (lol) is also 100% natural. Feels so good to use natural make up.


Last but not least, you all probably know the “NYX” Range. It's the perfect brand for dupes of expensive products. If you are looking for an affordable brow pencil, NYX has a nice dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills. And the Jumbo Eye Pencil that I used is probably the most hyped NYX product on Youtube.

Let me know if you have any questions!! And have fun shopping during the Black Friday Week at <3

Love, Pam





Hey guys ♡ People often ask me how I keep my skin so clear. And of course I want to share this little secret with you :) Because with a soft and clear skin you feel sooo much more confident with your body. Bad skin comes from the inside, so it is really important to focus on a healthy diet. But wether your skin is clear or not has got to do a lot with hormones, genes and other influences. So don‘t be too desperate when you have some spots and pimples from time to time. This is completely normal. There are ten steps that will help you to get a better skin and I promise: it‘s not complicated at all!


Haha I am sure you are not surprised that this is my first advice right? But it is true: working out keeps your skin clear because it increases your blood circulation and that makes your skin renew itself a lot faster. So when you work out with PAMSTRONG you not only build muscles but also increase your skin :)


Ok I have to admit it you heard this tip probably about 13984783479 times but it really is important to drink a lot. Especially when you work out as much as I do, it is important that you stay hydrated. Water cleans our bodies from the inside. Plus our skin looks much fresher when we drink enough. You don‘t only have to drink water. You can also drink unsweetened tees or fresh ginger tea. And what I really like is water with some fresh lemon, berries or cucumber slices. A perfect alternative to sugar containing lemonades.



When you eat the wrong things no expensive cream will be able to improve your skin. Our skin needs several nutrients to stay healthy and to look great. Especially nutrients like vitamin c, calcium and iron. You find these in fruits but also in vegetables like pepper, kale, green peas and broccoli. In general it is important that you eat a healthy, balanced diet and of of course you can have a cheat meal from time to time :)


Like I mentioned a couple of times before I don‘t drink cow milk. There are hormones in the milk that can increase acne and that can affect the hormone balance. Plus milk increases our blood sugar level which brings me to the next point: sugar! I know it is sometimes really hard to resist – for me too haha – but it is sooo bad for our health. Sugar can cause skin impurities. So why don‘t you try to abstain from sugar and milk for a while or at least reduce the amount. You will definitely see a difference. And there a great alternatives for cow milk, e.g. soy milk, almond milk, rice- or coconut milk. And try sweet fruits instead of sweats. By the way: the longer you do without sugar the easier it will get. I promise! :)



I know, I know it is easier said than done. But you can really see from someones skin is stressed. Because stress can cause little inflammations under your skin and these will come out as pimples. What I do to reduce stress? Have a guess haha! The answer is: working out! It really helps. People who are physically fit are mentally stronger and don‘t get affected by stress so easily. And I like to relax on the couch with a cup of tee or meet friends. That always makes me happy <3


I loooove to sleep haha :) After a good work out during the day there is nothing better than to fall into my cosy bed at night – and of course to start the next morning feeling fresh. The great thing about sleeping is that you can do some good to your body and skin so easily. Your body releases hormones at night that makes you recover. And of course dark circles under your eyes disappear :)


Apropos sleeping: One of the best tips is to wash your pillow regularly. During the day our hair absorbs all the pollution from the air – and all this dirt (that sounds a little harsh haha) lands in our pillow. So when you lay with your face on your pillow you can imagine that this can‘t be good for your skin :) That is why I wash my pillowcase at least once a week. Plus you should clean the display of your mobile phone and your make up brush regularly because they can harbor germs that can cause a bad skin. And try not to touch your face with your hands because even if you wash them regularly there will always be germs that – as mentioned before – will cause spots.



This is really, really, really important! I often think it would be sooo nice to just fall into my bed without having to remove my makeup. But you should never skip that! Because otherwise your skin will become dry and you will get pimples. Plus your eyelashes can break when you still have mascara on. So invest those few minutes every night and you will wake up with a great skin :)


For a beautiful skin the right care is important. And there are soooo many different opportunities. The best thing would be to go to your dermatologist or to a pharmacy and ask them what kind of skin type you are and what products would be best for you :) What I can recommend are regular peelings. Every 28 days our skin renews itself and than it can help to erase the dead cells with a soft peeling. Your face will look so much fresher afterwards. But I won‘t overdo it. Once a week is totally fine otherwise you will irritate your skin too much. My tip: do the peeling before you go to sleep. So that your skin has enough time to recover until the next morning :)


I love products with natural ingredients. They are a lot better especially for people with a very sensitive skin. The best is to check out the packaging and see whats in the product. I try to forego silicones and ingredients that have an impact on hormones. People with skin problems should do that too and use natural products instead. By the way this is also better for the environment. So better keep your hands off those ingredients haha.

I will try to write a blogpost about my acne story soon ♡ as most of you know I suffered under acne and it was pretty hard for me to control it. But now that I got rid of it I’m able to keep my skin clear with those 10 tips!!

Let me know what you thiiiiiiiink! xx




Haha might sound gross but that’s a really important point. Washing your hair too often will make it too dry and is simply not necessary. I mean, of course we all prefer a fresh and clean scalp but if your scalp is healthy and balanced your hair will stay clean for 3 days for sure. And on the third day some dry shampoo can do the job! Because imagine, every time you wash your hair you don’t only wash your scalp but also the lengths of your hair, which is the „older“ part of your hair which is probably more damaged & stressed anyways. It will dry out those parts even more and eventually your hair will be dull, not shiny anymore and maybe break. I wash my hair about 2 times a week.

QUICK FIX: Make a low bun in your neck and only wash the front part of your scalp (this is probably where it’s greasy) in the sink. Simply lean forward, put some shampoo there and wash it out. This is a super fast quick fix if the lengths are still beautiful and clean!


Feed your hair!! Seriously, your diet plays a major role. It’s really important to have nutrients like iron & zinc (can be found in lean red meat, soybeans, lentils), vitamin D (a couple minutes of sun never hurt nobody), protein, omega 3 acids (for example salmon) and biotin (eggs are full of it) in your diet. Those nutrients support the growth and the strength of your hair. And with strong hair and strong roots your hair will be less likely to break, you will have less hair loss and your strands will shiiiiiiine naturally ♡

In PAMSTRONG I will also teach you so much about nutrition and I'll show you tons of healthy recipes which contain all of those nutrients and are super delicious :) so a clean diet is not only good for your body & your health, but also for your hair!!


Keep it natural. I was never a fan of using too many styling products! Only on rare occasions you will see me using stuff like hair spray. Honestly, I don’t even use a heat protector. I just feel like too many products won’t benefit your hair but only coat them with countless ingredients. Till now this has worked out for me so I don’t see a reason to change it :)

PS: the only thing I regularly use is dry shampoo and for shootings I someeeetimes use a shine spray!


At night we move around a looooot. Just imagine rolling around on your hair for a couple of hours each night. No doubt, that stresses our hair and might cause it to break!! That’s why I braid it into a loose braid or twist it into a „banana“ most of the times. This really protects it.


This strongly refers to 1). Generally only your scalp is „dirty“ or greasy so concentrate on the upper part of your hair when using shampoo. When rising it out it will flow through the lengths of your hair anyways! So I never ever apply shampoo on the lengths.

And maybe you’re wondering what shampoo to use? I honestly don’t have a „holy grail“. But I always use a gentle shampoo from a organic supermarket or even (don’t laugh) a gentle body wash. So I’m not a fan of harsh shampoos with strong scents and a thousand ingredients. I guess even baby shampoo would work!


Other than for the shampoo I definitely have a holy grail when it comes to conditioner. You can find it HERE. Of course it’s organic and I would never ever get out of the shower without using it. I don’t think it’s available outside of Germany (so sorry) but in general I would recommend choosing a natural conditioner, without parabenes & silicons. You probably need to try out a few before you find a good one. Mine makes my hair feel super soft if I rinse it out. But it’s still so light, that it doesn’t weigh down the hair or make it greasy.


For that you need to have a look at the back of the bottle in order to see the ingredients list. Unfortunately you can find those ingredients in a lot of known shampoos but in fact they do more harm than good. Sulfates are for example way too harsh and wipe away natural oils of your hair which will make your hair extremely dry and weak. Silicons and parabenes make your hair feel soft instantly but in fact they only build a coat around your hair which might „feel“ good at first but nothing else will get through this coat anymore. No moisture and nothing else that would feed your hair. That’s why your hair itself won’t stay healthy and will eventually break.

There are also apps (for example „codecheck“), where you can scan the bottles and it will show you if there are bad ingredients in it!


Heat harms our hair of course. But not styling it all is (at least for me) no an option. That’s why I try to use as little heat as possibly can. And I also feel like styling them properly after you washed your hair makes it so much easier for the next days. So put in effort once and then you don’t need to use so much heat on the following days!!

Generally I have 2 ways of styling my hair:

1) Blow drying it with round brushes like I explained in THIS blogpost

2) Letting it air dry completely. And once it’s fully dry (for example the next morning if you washed it at night) I use a straightening iron on medium heat and run it through my hair, twisting the straightener at the bottom to create a curl. Although straighteners are generally bad, I still feel like this method is more gentle than blow drying it. Because there’s no pulling with brushes and it’s super quick! Should I do a whole blogpost about it?



If your hair is too damaged there’s no other option than getting a trim. Styling products can’t make really damaged hair healthy again - let’s be honest. It's a myth that cutting of the slip ends will make your hair grow faster (I mean, since when does hair grow from the ends haha?) but getting a trim protects the health of the rest of your hair.


If you want to dye it - check if there are natural hair dyes for the color you desire!! They are so much more gentle and even moisturize your hair. I’ve done it a couple of times and I was always happy with it :)


Sound strange right? But if you wear it too often in a ponytail or any other hairstyle that requires hair ties you will but a lot of pressure on the parts where the hair tie is & that will cause your hair to break sooner or later. So wear it loose more often OR do a loose braid!


Genetics do play a role when it comes to hair. Of course that’s nothing you can have a influence on. Some people can grow long hair really easily and some have a hard time doing it. But with my tips you will surely be able to have healthy and strong hair, even with „bad genetics“ <3

I hope you liked my tips on how to grow healthy hair!! Do you have some other rituals that help? Or have you ever tried supplements? Would love to hear about your experience! xx




I. Love. Coconuts. I love the smell, the taste, the different variations you can use and above all: the benefits! You can not only use coconuts for food or drinks but also for various natural beauty tricks that I want to share with you today ♡


Coconuts contain healthy fats that are easier to digest and are converted immediately to energy instead of being converted as fat. It’s also proven to treat Alzheimers, improve endurance, aid in weight loss, prevent heart disease & high blood pressure. It also boosts the immune system, which is great because everyone around me is sick at the moment and I think a lot of people have that same problem. I usually buy whatever coconut oil they have in the closest pharmacy or organic supermarket.

Coconut is just an all-round amazing thing that you can use for cosmetic or culinary purposes, basically anything. It’s good for your hair, your body, your face and even for your teeth. Here are some of the ways I like to use coconut oil:



I usually put some coconut oil in the lengths of my hair and massage my sculpt with it right before I would want to wash my hair. Then I'll leave it in for about 20 minutes and wash my hair as usual. But be sure to rinse really well or else you might be stuck with oily hair for the rest of the day. I do this about once every two weeks and not only have I noticed that it keeps my hair oil free for longer, but it moisturizes my hair so well and makes it sooooo shiny.


I use coconut oil as a completely natural body oil every evening - on my butt haha. This really helps my skin tissue stay moisturized which helps prevent cellulite and stretch marks. If you have the time and chance to then feel free to apply it on your whole body :) just be aware that you might need to walk around naked for a couple of minutes until your skin absorbed all of it!


Something I love to do before applying my lipliner or lipstick or just when I need a little hydrating-kick is putting solid coconut oil on my lips. It keeps them from drying out in this dry winter weather! The best part is, you can lick it off haha.




If you have a problem with frizzy hair in the winter, like I do, then this is a must-have. If you apply a little tiny bit (!!!!) of oil onto your hair strands, you will notice they immediately look shinier and less frizzy and after a couple of weeks of doing this you will notice your hair is less dry as well! Just be really careful not to use to much and work slowly or else you will have strand that stick together and look oily.


If you take a small amount of coconut oil, rub it between your fingers and massage it into your skin, it works really well as a makeup remover, even for the most stubborn waterproof mascara and lipstick. That's one of my absolute favorite cosmetic uses of coconut oil!!


This is something I do every. single. day. Oil pulling, especially with coconut oil is really good for you.. It improves your immunity, boosts your energy, prevents dental cavities, gets rid of bad breath, reduces tooth decay and whitens your teeth. I can also post a blog post for how to get whiter teeth naturally if you want to know more about this!!


Definitely give those uses a try and let me know in the comments if these worked for you, and what you do with coconut oil! ♡



Heey Girls ♡

Soooo.. one of my favorite sites to buy make up as well as hair & skin care from is Cocopanda. Cocopanda is the biggest Scandinavian online shop for brandname beauty products and now, not long ago, they finally opened an online shop also in Germany-!! They carry aaaaawesome brands, have great prices, a lot of choices, 100% genuine products – guaranteed, and now with the German shop, they deliver hassle-free in only 1-3 days!! It can’t get any better than this, or can it? Yes it can, because they also have FREE delivery no matter what!

And, psst, I have a little secret for you!

Cocopanda has a Black Week from the 21st until the 25th of November. That means everything is going to be on sale, up to 60% even the more expensive brands! So that one thing you were waiting to get from GHD, NYX, The Balm, Redken or BareMinerals - Go for it !

In the run of the Black Week, I will definitelty reorder my favorite products from Cocopanda and I wanted to recommend some for you to try!!

And you can find all of my personal favorites of the Cocopanda Onlineshop HERE!!


I’m sure you've all heard of the brand The Balm before, if not on Instagram then surely on Youtube. It’s such a fun brand with creative packaging and hilarious product names. My first purchase was of the Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter (Youtube made me buy it) and soon after the Nude’tude eyeshadow palette and Bahama Mama bronzer followed. They all have such great quality and they fit perfectly to my needs. The Nude’tude eyeshadow palette is probably my favorite, it has every color needed to make the perfect nude eye or smokey eye, the colors are very pigmented with no fallout. Just have a look at my video above and convince yourself!!


NYX Lingerie is my favorite low-budget liquid lipsticks, it almost feels like a mousse going on your lips and they aren't exactly drying but I need to exfoliate my lips every time I want to use them or else it might grab on dry areas. The best part is, they stay on for hoooooours, I even have trouble getting them off with a makeup wipe. The one I used in the video is called "Embellishment".


I will also stock up my makeup bag with brushes from RealTechniques and a brand new Beautyblender in black. RealTechniques brushes are one of my brushes I use nowadays, they're so soft and apply my makeup so smooth and easily. Yet the only thing I trust to apply liquid foundation flawlessly is my beautyblender. It would even work with my bareMinerals powder foundation if you want to use it for it, which is something I never expected.

Speaking of my bareMinerals powder, I hiiiiighly suggest you go and order one. It’s the most amazing thing! It doesn't feel like I’m wearing makeup at all, yet it gives me full coverage. I’ve also noticed that my skin has gotten clearer after using this for a while. You can use it with your moisturizer or just on it’s own and it wont look cakey or cling to any dry patches.


And finally: skin care. Dermalogica makes one of my favorite face washes, the ulratcalming cleanser, which helps with any redness I have and is great for my sensitive skin. It’s pH neutral and fortifies the skins natural barrier, making it extremely soft. I also love the NUXE long lasting deodorant because it doesn't smell overly strong, and holds through my toughest training sessions without leaving marks on my black or white t-shirts, without alcohol and parabens.

If you already have a favorite foundation but still have the problem with cakeyness, try the D2O Hydration spray from Jane Iredale. It’s similar to the Mac Fix+, yet its organic and 100% natural! It smells a bit like herbs, which is nice and really gives you the feeling of using something so natural.

How do you like my suggestions? And do you prefer me doing videos or pictures for tutorials? Please tell me in the comments!! xx

I wish you a lot of fun beauty-shopping at Cocopanda! You can find all my favorites HERE.




Fist of all: So overwhelming how many of you love my app!! Glad that all the work paid off ♡

Second of all: Today I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty tricks with the awesome avocado. Yes indeed, from today on we won’t use avocados only for lunch or dinner. We will incorporate them in our beauty routine & let me tell youuuu - the tricks are all natural, super cheap and amaaaazing!


Avocados are full of benefits - doesn’t matter if you eat them or apply them onto your skin. They are rich in unsaturated fats, contain a variety of nutrients - including 20 different vitamins & minerals like Vitamin A, C, K, E, B5, B6, Iron, Potassium, Biotin, etc. etc.

And what does that mean for our beauty? The essential fats will prevent your hair from becoming dry and will make it look super healthy & shiny. Your skin will also be hydrated, nourished and soothed - also sunburnt skin. On top of that avocados boost the body’s collagen production which has anti-aging effect.

Short: avocados are awesome.



I have 3 natural, deep conditioning, self-made hair masks that I like to use on a regular basis. And the Avocado Hair Mask is one of them! And I would say this is suitable for anybody, but especially for people with damaged hair.

What You Need: 1 ripe avocado, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Just take your avocado (it really needs to be ripe), mash or mix it till it’s very smooth (!), blend in the coconut oil and apply it on your hair. If you want to moisturize your scalp you can also massage it on your head! Leave it in for about 30min and wash your hair afterwards.


This is suitable for people with dry to normal skin or if artificial hair masks tend to irritate your skin. And the yogurt has an antibacterial effect, which also makes it suitable for people with acne!

What You Need: 1/2 avocado, 1 tablespoon of yogurt

Blend everything together till you get a smooth mixture, apply it on your face, let it sit there for 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water & feel the difference!




Super easy, natural, not irritating & healthy! Great if you have dry or flaky patches, if normal scrubs are too harsh for you or if you just prefer doing scrubs yourself! Oh and it’s great for cellulite as well!!

What You Need: 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of honey

Mix everything together (seriously, there is not much to explain) until you get an even texture. Take the scrub into the shower with you and massage it on your body in circular motions. Personally I like to let it sit on my skin for a couple of minutes - `cause we don’t want to waste any of the amazing avocado, right? Your skin will be exfoliated by the brown sugar and moisturized at the same time!


Such a trend at the moment. Every company launches a body lotion that you can use under the shower - why? Because wet skin can absorb the nutrients better.

What You Need: 1 avocado, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

Mix those two things together and apply the mixture while in the shower, leave it on your body for about 5 minutes, wash it off and enjoy

aaaand to finish off: something to eat haha


When I was on the Maldives last year I used to drink one juice a day and I lovvved it! It protects and nourishes your skin form inside out, gives your body a lot of vitamins and even reduces bad breath! Why bad breath? Because bad breath often comes from your stomach and if you drink avocado juice it will help to remove microbes that are the cause of bad breath.

What You Need: 1/2 avocado, 1/2 mango, 1/2 banana, milk & honey

Enjoy ♡


I hope you liked my 5 Beauty Tips! Do you have some other DIY Masks, Scrubs or Creams you think I’d like to try? Tell me in the comments!




Welcome to the third & probably most exciting part of "My Make Up Routine" ♡

I think by now everyone knows that I’m a totaaal „Lash Girl“. If I needed to choose one single make up item to use for the rest of my life I would definitely choose mascara.

Personally I like thick, black and long eyelashes & that's exactly what we want to achieve in today's blogpost.

FYI: I never wear false lashes during the day and I’ve also never had eyelash extensions in my life - just so you knoooow.




Eyelash Curler, Base, Mascara & Cotton Swabs to clean up the mess you made. Everything seems pretty „basic“ except for the Base / Primer, right? Going to talk about this in 1 second!!

But before you’ll ask: In my opinion every single one of this tools is necessary. I use all of them on a daily basis & I would not suggest to leave one out. Also the products and brands I’m using are not randomly chosen but they are the very best I’ve tried so far ♥︎  I’ve been sticking with this basemascara for about 3 years now (wow, that sounds long). Sometimes I also use the „Best Lash Mascara“ for evening make up looks since the fibers will make it look way more dramatic.



My natural lashes are  already pretty long and I have to say that I once used a "Lash Activating Serum" but this was more than 2 years ago - so I don’t think they are that long because of this haha. I guess I just have good genes when it comes to growing long hair, no matter if it’s on my head, brows or eyes. My mom’s lashes look the same by the way.



Place your upper lashes inside the mouth of the Lash Curler, look downwards and close the curler. I always do a couple of little „open - close“ movements with the curler - know what I mean? I don’t open and close it completely, I just squeeze it a couple of times before I will head to the other eye. And definitely be careful, don’t pull out your lashes and don’t squeeze your skin! Better re-adjust the curler before something bad happens.



The Lash Base aka. Primer is ESSENTIAL! The other day I tried doing my lashes without the primer (just to be sure about what I’m telling you here) and the result was just half as good. Believe me, try it and learn to love it!

It adds so much volume & length, moisturizes the lashes, makes it somehow waterproof, protects them from breaking & makes the curl last 32903 hours longer. Just apply it like a normal mascara, let it sit there until it’s almost dry (not damp but also not completely hardened) and apply a second layer if you like to.



Take the mascara and start coating your primed lashes with mascara. I always try to get every single lash, especially because I don’t want the white color of the primer to show through. Most of the time I apply the mascara in a zigzag motions & I also make sure that they don’t tangled up. One layer is enough for me.



Wait until the mascara almost dried completely. Take your index finger and press your lashes upwards. I do this by looking down & squeezing my lashes on my eyelid. This will enhance the curl of the lashes & make it stay alllll dayyyy longgg.



I am always making a big mess when I do my lashes. That’s also why I apply eyeshadow, eyeliner and stuff after my lashes are ready haha. So just grab a cotton swab and remove all the mascara that landed on your eyelid or underneath your eyes.



That’s basically it ♥︎ As you can see the lashes are pretty dramatic but I always try my best to not end up with spider lashes! Did you all get the steps or would you like me to do a short video?

P.S. If you’ve followed all my steps your lashes will stay all day long! The curl won’t drop and even if you’re sweating or crying - you will not have panda eyes - I promise! I even went surfing in the ocean and my mascara did not smudge!

If you’ve got any questions - let me know in the comments! And what would you like to see as a 4th part of „My Make Up Routine“? Foundation? Contouring?




Welcome to the second part of my Make Up Routine ♡  I’m going to split the very important parts (Lips, Brows, Lashes) up and do a Full Make Up Routine at the very end of this beauty series.

So today it’s all about them Broooooows! And science says that the eyebrows are your „most important facial feature“ - so better read carefully haha!

I personally prefer a „natural“ looking, thicker brow and that’s why I will focus on enhancing the natural shape, filling spare spots in and making it last the whole day.  So keep reading if you want to know my personal „4 Steps“ on how to get perfect brows!!




Those are my go-to products! I already tried a lot of stuff & I’ve been sticking with those things for the last 6 months I guess. Maybe you'll ask yourself, why a Brow Pomade? Good question, I also tried the popular Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills and some other Brow Pencils and they are by no doubt great - but they run out sooooo fast! I needed about 1 Brow Wiz a month which is super expensive on a long run. And the Brow Pomade already lastet me 6 months and is still not even close to being empty! My color is "Taupe".

So let's get started ♡



So first you need to have a close look at your brows. Follow steps A, B and C and find out where your starting point, arch and ending point should be.

As you can see I already have quite a lot of brow hair & but they are too spare at the end and at the front (A and C).



Brush your brow hair into place with the spooly. I like to brush them upwards in order to get this natural, young & messy look. If your hair is too long you need to trim it first.



Take your Angled Brush & your Brow Pomenade. Work really precisely & don’t put at lot of color on your brush! A little goes a loooong way! Find your spare spots and fill them in with short strokes. I always start at bottom line in the middle of my brows & work my way towards the end . Then I will extend the tail a bit 'cause I’m missing some hair there!



Afterwards I will go the front part (remember how I had some space left at Line A?) and do tiny, vertical strokes with the Angled Brush in order to add some more „hair“ in the front. And pleeeaase make sure to use only a tiny bit of color! Nobody wants brows that obviously look „drawn on“.



Last but no least you need to set your brows with gel. This will hold your brows in place - no matter what! Even if I work out or sweat - my brows will stay where they are. With the brush of the brow gel I just follow the natural shape and growing direction.

Got it? Here are the 4 steps next to each other:


Remember that every face is different and that you need to experiment & learn in order to get YOUR perfect brow ♡ Work with your natural shape, enhance it and make it look as beautiful natural as possible.

Would you be interested in seeing how I trim and tweeze my brows? And if you have any other questions, leave them in the comment section below!




Stretch Marks and Cellulite are something over 90% of us women have. Of course we wan’t to get rid of it! But first I feel like it’s really important to understand what stretch marks & cellulite are. You’ll see that afterwards it will be super easy to understand why we get them & what we can do about it ♥︎

So think of a rubber band. If you stretch this band really intensely & quickly it will either break or it will at least get some cracks. The same happens with your skin. If the tissues of your skin get stretched beyond their flexibility, the collagen in it will get damaged, which leaves little scars all over your skin. Cellulite may seem similar but is something completely different. Our skin has areas where fat deposits lie underneath. If those fat deposits get too big or the tissue of your skin too weak, the fat areas will push through the collagen fibers, making our skin look like cottage cheese.

Okay, so basically the reasons for stretch marks could be gaining weight in a short period of time, growing really quickly (e.g. in puberty) or overall weak tissues & inflexible skin. Cellulite is also caused by excess fat & weak tissues, further by a lack of hormones & poor blood circulation.


  • DRINKING LOTS OF WATER – this will keep your tissues strong & flexible, which makes them less likely to break
  • USING OILS & CREMES – I RELIGIOUSLY massage my butt and thighs twice a day with coconut oil or shea butter. There is no guarantee but I feel like this really helps to deeply moisturize the skin and make it more flexible. Pregnant women also massage their bellies with oil, so it has to make sense, right? Body scrubs are also awesome.
  • EATING HEALTHY – as I’ve told you quick weight gain and excess fat are some major reasons for your skin to break. If you eat healthy you will not gain sooooo much weight in a short period of time & you will less likely get cellulite or stretch marks
  • WORKING OUT – ha I told you, exercising is good for everrrrrrything! Exercising will not only firm & tone your muscles, which makes your body & skin look more tight, but working out also increases blood circulation, which helps your skin & tissues stay strong.
  • NO SMOKING – cigarette smoke reduces the blood circulation, which weakens the collagen & therefore your tissues. That’s why smokers tend to get wrinkles, cellulite & skin discolorations more easily.
  • CONTRAST SHOWERS – they stimulate your blood circulation & metabolism



Stretch marks will – as well as scars in general – fade over time & if they are just tiny ones they can become invisible. Cellulite can also get better over time if you stick to the rules above.


Yes and no. Generally no, because working out will only do good (in terms of blood circulation, strengthening the body, making it look more firm, etc.). Some bodybuilders take supplements or hormones that will make their muscles grow extremely quickly & sometimes the skin isn’t flexible enough and breaks. But seriously, muscles normally take a loooot of time to grow and the skin has more than enough time to grow with it.


Yes, I do have some little stretch marks at the side of my butt. When I first noticed them a couple of years ago I was freaking out haha. I know that it’s generally nothing bad but I didn’t expect my 16 year old body to have stretch marks. Since then I massage those areas twice a day with oil and haven’t gotten any more stretch marks until today (yeeey). And no, I don’t have any cellulite yet.


Partly true. Genetics is a small part of everything. But you won’t know until you get it – so try to prevent it beforehand!


Some skinny people also have it, so that doesn’t refer to everybody. But the more fat you have underneath your skin, the more tension and stress exists on your tissues, the more likely they are to break or bulge out.


Cardio can of course keep the weight & body fat off, which will help to prevent cellulite. But in order to make your body look more firm & make your skin look smoother you need to strengthen it!

Leave me a comment if you’ve know some awesome tips on how to prevent cellulite or how to get rid of it! I would love to hear them! xx





Lip Injections? I’m not dead against it but I did not get my lips done. Some of you noticed that they are noticeably fuller than 1 or 2 years ago but that’s only thanks to make uuuup. Keep reading if you want to know how to achieve this super simple look ♥︎

So basically there’s this one trick called “Overdrawing”. Slightly outlining your lips will make them appear fuller than they really are. There are tons of complicated techniques out there with concealers, powders, highlighters etc. But I’m going to show you a super quick and easy one which is totally suitable for an everyday routine or for quick touch ups on-the-go.


  • a Lip Liner in a shade that matches your lip color
  • a Lipstick
  • optional: a Lip Gloss / Balm if you want to achieve a glossy look

Yeeees, you only need like two (or three) products – I told you it’s simple.




Start off with your natural lips & make sure to moisturize them if necessary – as you can see mine were a little dry at first. And don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with the size of my lips but they are not suuuuper full and that’s why I like making them appear a little bigger sometimes.



This is important so pay attention. Use the Lip Liner and draw sliiiiightly outside the natural outline of your lips. The further you go away from your lip the bigger it will appear. You can create totally new lip shapes but I l don’t like to overdo it ’cause as you can see a little already makes a huge difference!! I also don’t like to fill in my lips completely because I feel like it dries them out during the day & makes them look all cracky and flaky.

Make sure your lip liner is long-lasting because otherwise it will wear off at some places and and that’s not cute. When buying lip liner I always test them on the back of my hand and I’ll try to smear it. The one I’m using is sooo hard to get off, also with water and soap haha. That’s the reason I like it.



Choose whatever color you prefer. I always go for a nudish pink. To make the look as “natural” as possible only dab the lipstick onto your lip and blend it. If you want a semi-matte look you’re DONE ♥︎






I feel like a glossy finish makes the “fullness” of the lips stand out even more. But I absolutely hate how impractical a glossy lip is haha. Your hair always gets stuck in the gloss, if you drink something you leave a stain on everrrry glass and your boyfriend doesn’t want to kiss you either. Recently I used my mum’s lip balm and noticed that it actually LOOKS like a gloss but FEELS like a balm. And of course it moisturizes your lips during the day. This is pretty much the perfect solution, at least for me.


Here are the single steps next to each other. As you can see you could already be done after steps 2,3 or 4. Just depends on what look or finish you prefer!



Hope you liked it!! ♡





Yeeeeeeeey I’m finally answering THE question. You wanna know how I style my hair and how I make the waves last for days? ♥

So first of all, I do not use any styling products to achieve my every day look. You will only need the following tools:

A blow dryer, 2 medium sized round brushes, 2 small sized round brushes and 1 big hair clip. And make sure your blow dryer has a Concentrator nozzle!!

  1. After washing your hair let it air dry for about 20 minutes.
  2. You will need to section your hair from the bottom to the top. Start off with the lowest section, gather the rest of your hair on top of your head and secure it with a clip or a hair tie. Section the lowest layer into 4 parts.Use the 2 medium sized round brushes in the middle and the 2 smaller ones on the right and the left side. This way the curls will be more precise in the front and looser in the back.
  3. Then start blow drying your hair by running the round brush from the root towards the end of a hair section. But don’t go all the way to the end – try to leave it kind of damp. Point the nozzle downward to make sure your hair will be shiny and smooth! I always use high air speed and medium heat. And don’t try to create a curl yet – it’s a waste of time. Focus on brushing and drying your hair.
  4. As soon as you feel like that hair strand is 90% dry switch to high heat and start wrapping the end of the hair section around the brush and roll it aaaaall the way up to the roots. Just let it sit there while you’re doing the exact same thing with the 3 remaining sections.
  5. Your very first section (or brush) should have cooled down by the time you worked on the 3 other ones. Gently remove the brush and twist your hair with a finger to define the curl.
  6. Create a second layer right above the lowest one and repeat steps 2 – 6 with each hair section.
aboutpam aboutpam aboutpam aboutpam

This was basically the blow drying routine ♥ In my case those curls will last for about 30-60 minutes which is nooooot what we want. The main clue is this hairdo. And yes, it looks super sexy.

So I wear this “banana” after the blow drying routine, at home, at night, in the car and anywhere else (only if I don’t mind looking like a grandma though). Once you get the hang out of it it’s super easy and quick to do. But what makes this hair style so amazing is the effect. Since your hair will be twisted for quite a long time (for example 6-8 hours at night) it will keep its curly shape. After removing the hair clip you just need to define the individual strands by twisting them with a finger. In my case the curls will last for at least 3 to 4 days. Then it’s time to wash my hair anywayyys.

How to make a Banana Updo:

  1. Gather your hair to a ponytail in the neck
  2. Grab the ponytail with your left hand and twist it around your index finger
  3. Keep on twisting your hair with your index finger while pulling your hair upwards
  4. Twist the ponytail until the ends are inside the banana as well.
  5. Secure the finished banana on top of your head with a big hair clip.

Let me know what you think! And post some pictures in Instagram & tag me if you tried it yourself!