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Happy Sunday everyoneeee :) today a quick blogpost in collaboration with foodist about the Mission More Snacks that I've shown you a couple of times on Insta Story & Snapchat <3

I've been working with the food online shop foodist.de for a long time now & they recently launched a own brand called "Mission More".

The Mission More Snacks are 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and only consist out of dates, nuts and several superfoods. There were no sugar, additives or preservatives added!! There are also only 7 to 11 ingredients, depending on the flavor. So they are for sure completely natural, healthy & don't really count as a "cheat" :)

PS: on the package you can of course that they contain sugar, but that only comes form the dates and the other ingredients. A banana or an apple also has naturally sugar in it!



You can get the Mission More Balls in 6 different flavors.

Peanut Butter Jelly, Apple Pie & Cookie Dough are the flavors that remind you of the typical "cheats". They were recreated as good as possible with natural and healthy ingredients. They also added natural pea and rice protein to those 3 flavors.

Coconut-Maca-Guarana, Chia-Cranberry-Lemon & Blueberry-Baobab are the other "classic" superfood flavors.


Going more into detail regarding the ingredients: in "Peanut Butter Jelly" are for example only peanut butter, dates, coconut nectar, pea & rice protein, dried strawberries and peanuts :)

Coconut-Maca-Guarana consists out of dates, almond butter, coconut nectar, almonds, coconut flakes, maca & guarana.


Why Mission More?

I would suggest it to everyone who's struggling with cravings between the main meals or to everyone who just needs snacks to survive haha. They are truly healthy and you can easily eat them on the go or if you're on a rush. The packages are reclosable, so you can just keep them in your bag without making a mess :) of course they don't taste like milk chocolate or cookie dough ice cream but I think as a healthy substitute they do a perfect job! They also fill you up really quickly, most of the times I don't even need more than 2 or 3 pieces (80-100 kcal).


Where can I get them & how much are they?

You can order them in Europe on www.foodist.de/pamela and I'm also sharing some coupon codes for this website from time to time :) at the moment you can get a package with all 6 flavors for 9,95€ and with the code "Pamela15" you also get 15% off. A single package is 1,95€.

You can also buy them in a lot of Edeka, Rewe & Budniskowski stores.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!!

xx Pamela




Sometimes you got so much to say, so many thoughts on your mind and so many things going on that you don't know where to start and how to find the right words… And then you decide to just say nothing at all. That’s what I’ve done the last 6 months.

I also got so many projects going on that there’s always something to do. That’s why I kept postponing writing blogposts & doing some real talk on here. I know that this was not right & I’m honestly sorry for that..

So I’ve experienced tons of wonderful moments & lots of happiness during the last months. I also had tons of situations that I would have never seen myself in - in a bad way - during the time of not writing here. I kinda wanted to talk about it - but somehow I always found myself between those endless questions of sharing it to the world vs. keeping it silent. Because I know that if I’m writing to you - my community - I’m also letting this read people who don't wish me sth good, persons close to me who will wonder why I’m opening up on here & of course, the press. And I know that questions will appear in interviews..

That’s why I decided to say nothing at all and focus on other parts of my life, other projects and other tasks. But as we all know, not talking about something doesn't mean you forget about it.

PLUS I always gather myself up and realize that my problems could be worse. I’m living an extremely privileged life that I’m unbelievably thankful for! I wouldn't want to swap my life with anyone. I’m living my dream and exploring the world. Of course this also includes a certain level of luxury by now. I’m offered to stay in hotels that cost a fortune, I get upgraded to business class out of nowhere. I do not take this for granted and I definitely know where I come from. I feel like a happy little kid when something like this happens and I allow myself to enjoy it. That doesn't mean that I lost touch with reality or normality… just to put some bad comments straight :)

Back to my feelings (lol)… In the world of Instagram with all that happiness, positivity and beauty (which is also what Instagram is about) you still you have to allow yourself to not be so „strong“ from time to time. To burst out in tears and confront yourself with your problems and situations that put too much weight on your shoulders. I'm only 21 and I also struggle with topics like love, friendship and trust. People that you loved or trusted turn out to be or feel different & suddenly nothing's the same. We all know that pain... We can't change the behavior or feelings of somebody else & even though it might not make sense to us we have to keep our head high, swipe away the tears and learn to accept. And trust me, it hits you so hard when you’re traveling, being far away from your family. Looking up to the sky on a different continent, in complete silence and know that everybody else close to you is suddenly thousands of kilometers away. I think I heard every single Sam Smith & James Arthur song about 100 times haha. Those lyricsssss.. This is still something I don't feel super confident talking about on here. Even now I can’t even see the letters on the screen clearly because of the tears in my eyes haha. I guess you can relate .. <3

When I said „I found myself in situations that I never saw myself in“ earlier in my text I was referring to my job. As some of you know I split up from my management a couple of months ago because of personal issues between me & them. Management in my job is something really intense and close, you have to deal with it on a daily basis and therefore you can't just pretend something wouldn’t exist if you have issues. But sometimes in life your opinion doesn't match the one of the other side & the next day you find yourself in legal problems. Of course this shouldn't bring you down but I guess it’s clear that it still somehow matters because you have to spend your time dealing with it.

I guess I didn't say half of the stuff that was on my mind .. but at least I broke the silence on here. Let’s see how this will continue but I hope you understand that it can be hard to make everybody happy, to fulfill all of your tasks, struggle with „teenie“ problems, deal with the pressure of your job and still focus on yourself.

Life can be tough but remember, diamonds are made under pressure .. haha

Love you

Xx Pamela




Hello my loves ♡

I would have never expected such a great feedback for my book! I’m completely flashed by how many lovely messages and pictures I receive every day!! I’m even having a hard time to keep up with seeing and answering them all haha.


I’m also more than happy that everyone values the work that went into all the pictures, texts and the design. And since the feedback for the German version is that great we are already planning everything for the English translation!! YEEEEEY ♡ Hopefully it will be ready by autumn or the end of the year :)


So I'm really sorry for talking and writing so much in German at the moment but since the book is only written in German it's easier for me to connect to my German following that way.. :( hope you understand!!


Have a wonderful weekend! Next week will be exciting :)




Do you know what‘s really making me curious at the moment? Vegan nutrition! I was wondering how you can build muscles & eat only vegan. A big part of our muscles is made out of protein so it is reaaally important for people who work out a lot to eat proteins. And I personally eat a lot of meat: chicken, beef, etc. But there are great vegan alternatives to protein sources like eggs, fish, meat and cow-milk products and as a matter of fact they are full of fibers.

So today, I will show you some of my favorite vegan protein sources :)

PS: More vegetarian and vegan recipes for PAMSTRONG will come in April!! But till then you can swap any of the non-vegetarian or vegan ingredients with one of the substitutes below <3 be creative!!


... have a high protein content and almost no fat! By the way you can make great and delicious pastes for your salad out of pulses like for example Hummus.


... are great alternatives to fish and meat. I love tofu. But you wanna know what? Tempeh is amaazing! And don‘t worry if you haven‘t heard of it before :) it is not so well known yet. I have to admit that it doesn‘t look very appetizing haha but it tastes soooo good. Try to sear it with coconut oil and soy sauce (there is a vegan version too). I am sure you will love it :)


... like for example brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, linseeds, hemp seeds and chia seeds (sorry for the long list haha) contain easily digestible proteins and are full of good fats that can help to lose weight btw. You can also sprinkle them on your muesli or granola - that's at least what I do on a daily basis!

4. GRAINS ..

... like quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, oats or wild rice are great for every meal :) I love oat porridge with fruits and nuts for breakfast and some of the other grains with vegetables and more proteins for lunch or dinner.


Go Green! You can find almost everything your body needs in vegetables: fibre, proteins, vitamins... Especially green vegetables are extremely healthy. Chlorophyll detoxifies your body, it can prevent diabetes and it helps building muscles! Did you ever try oven-roasted Brussels sprouts? Trust me they taste soooo good!


For everyone who can‘t do without their protein shake after a workout there a great vegan alternatives! Soy protein for example is a great and very popular substitute for animal protein. It is made out of soybeans and it has got a low fat and carbohydrate content. But there are also substitutes made of peas, rice, lupines and hemp. The last one is gluten free by the way! All in all vegan alternatives are all easily digestible. And the best thing: you can find them in different flavors :)



Do you have some favourite vegan protein sources? And have you tried being vegan? Let me know in the comments below :) <3