Ahhh I know - let’s better not think about it. It’s okay to eat like a pig a couple of days in a row - because Christmas is only once a year. But I’d still like to give you some of my favorite tips on how to stay mooooore or less healthy during the last week of the year and more important, how to get back into your routine and shape afterwards!! ♡


In my opinion, it’s totally fine to slow it down from Christmas till New Year’s Eve. If you normally go to the gym 5 times a week, it’s now okay to only do 2 or 3 workout sessions. And I know, going to the gym might seem impossible between all those family parties. No problem! Just switch it up during this week and do bodyweight workouts! Remember, the only bad workout is the one you didn’t do ♡


I mean you could if you wanted to. But sometimes it’s nice to eat unhealthy food with your family. But your focus should be on enjoying. Don’t eat huge portions of everything - it’s all about the taste! And one piece of cake is enough to enjoy the taste. Right?


There is already an overload of food in your kitchen and your last days probably consisted out of eating. But go to the grocery store as soon as you can! Shop for yourself (!) and shop something healthy and delicious that you look forward eating to. Keep it in an extra part of the fridge and always have something ready if you feel like indulging once again would be too much.


Staying hydrated with water is always a must. But if you’re afraid of eating too much at a family party make sure to drink a whoooole bottle of water beforehand. This will fill you up and will make you eat less. Pretty easy trick.


Don’t get lazy as soon as the temperature drops! Although I’m not the biggest outdoor-fitness-person it’s sometimes nice to use the cold as a beneficial thing! Do an outdoor workout instead of an indoor one. Your body will need to use extra energy to keep you warm and that could be one solution to burn of the extra calories you ate! So go for a run, do your bodyweight workout in the park or go for a long walk with your dog. Fresh air for the win!


Start motivating your whole family and do a group workout! Also a fun way to spend the holiday season together with your loved ones. If they’re not into going to the gym, go outside! What about a hike, ice skating or what about a snowball fight?


Oh my gosh I know, so many great movies in the TV during the holidays! Yesterday I wanted to go out partying in the evening but there was „The Holiday“ with Cameron Diaz on TV and I just couldn’t switch it off haha. That’s when you can use every commercial break to do a mini workout! And each commercial break is about 6 minutes.

Wanna join my "Commercial Break Workout"?

1min Burpees

1min Moutain Climbers

1min Sit Ups

1min Squat Jumps

1min Burpees

1min Plank



Be sure to already have a good start into the new year! That will make you feel GREAT. So make sure to plan it properly beforehand. Write everything down and plan your goals - you will be more likely to achieve them!

For example: Clear your fridge on January 1st - give yourself a fresh start! Buy or make a workout plan for the following weeks - a plan will keep you motivated :)

I’m so happy for all of my PAMSTRONG members who already pre ordered my fitness and nutrition program in the Christmas Sale & therefore decided to become the best version of themselves in 2017!! Having a plan makes everything so much easier and keeps you motivated for a longer period of time and that’s why I’m so excited to share all of my workout routine with you! PAMSTRONG will become available again on January 2nd ♡


What are your routines to stay stay fit over the holidays or to have a great start in 2017? Would love to hear them!! And would you like me to write a blogpost about some New Year's Resolutions?




Time to snack!

Most of you have probably seen my beloved „Chia Pudding“ a hundred times on my Snapchat - no matter if in the morning, after my workouts, as a random snack in between meals etc. - I just can’t get enough of it!! It's pretty easy to make, has tons of health benefits, tastes amazing, can be prepared and afterwards stored in the fridge, toppings can always be changed in order to ensure variatiooooon and chia pudding looks great on pictures. Nothing else to say I guess.

The consistency might be somehow „different“ at first - rather slimy because of the chia seeds - but after the first spoon you’ll be totally into it - I promise haha.

The chia pudding is of course also part of PAMSTRONG! It’s one of over 50 delicious recipes that you'll already get in week 1. And the food pictures are beautiful, right? Can’t wait for you guys to see everything!

So now, let me show you how I prepare my chia pudding!!



180ml almond milk

4tpsb / 30g chia seeds

100g quark

100g cottage cheese

1 dried date

vanilla bean or extract

toppings: be creative! I used some berries & cacao nibs


- mix the milk with the dried and chopped date & vanilla extract in order to mix the date’s amazing sweetness with the milk

And now you’ve got 2 options:

1) mix in the chia seeds and let everything stay for 1 hour. During this time the mixture will become a thick pudding.

2) mix in the chia seeds and slowly heat everything up in a pot. Make sure to stir it! You know you’re done when your pudding becomes a pudding haha. The chia seeds just need a couple of minutes to swell and connect to the milk.

- then, mix in the quark and add some more quark or cottage cheese on top

- as a topping, decorate your pudding with a few berries and some cacao nibs



How do you like it? Tell me in the comments!! And do you have another recipe in mind that I've snapped a couple of times & that you want me to show you the recipe of? xx

PS: last chance to get PAMSTRONG as a Christmas present!! I'll send out the very laaaaast Christmas cards tomorrow and on Tuesday! So make sure to check it out in time on ♡



Happy Sundayyyy ♡

Today I wanted to share the BEST booty exercise ever. It’s my absolute favorite and I feel like it’s one of the only booty building (!) movement that focusses more on the glutes than the quads. It’s of course also part of my PAMSTRONG and I wanted to give a little sneak peak in how the videos are made in my fitness program! Hope you like the style :)

So don’t get me wrong, I love squats and they do their job with building overall leg muscles - but if you really want to work on your glutes and their size you should start to focus on glute bridges or hip thrusts. I know, they miiiiiight look intimidating at first and you might be embarrassed to do them in the gym - but as soon as you felt the extrem burn in your butt you don’t want to miss them ever again!

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Bench, Barbell, Weights, Pad

MUSCLES: Glutes, Hamstrings, Lower Back, Adductors, Abductors

LEVEL: Beginner (without weights), Intermediate & Advanced (increase the weights)



2) your knees should be bent and feet flat on the ground

3) place your hands on the barbell, supporting your balance - palms are facing down

4) your shoulders are on the bench

5) lift your hips off the ground until your upper body & your legs build a straight line and are parallel to the floor

6) focus on your glutes, squeeeeeeze them hard & try to push from your hip and not from your quads or heels!! And keep your abs tight :)

7) hold the upper position shortly and and bring your hip back down. But don’t touch the ground with your butt, only lower it!


There are also tons of variations of Glute Bridges!! Would you be interested in seeing them? ♡

You can also find tons of other exercises, all my workout routines, my tips and tricks on how to build a powerful and round booty on



Have a wonderful Sunday! And tell me if you tried out the exercise and how you liked it :)

PS: Pamstrong has its own Instagram account! Just type in @pamstrongfitness and find lots of sneak peak videos, recipes und motivational quotes! ♡




Stiff muscles. On one hand you like them, on the other hand they kinda suck. You do get the feeling that you've had a really intense workout, but to feel pain for days on end is not good either.

What are stiff muscles anyways and how do you get them? The pain that you feel when you have sore muscles is just a sign, that happens, when inadequately trained muscles have been worked harder than they’re used to, or in a different way, causing microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. Water slowly fills the damaged muscle fibers, causing them to swell, which is what causes us some pain.

Technically a certain strain on our muscles isn't that bad, because thats how we get our muscles to grow. When you strain your muscles a bit tooooo much however, you get sore muscles - and thats not necessary because apart from pain it doesn't do us any good. So often tim it's a really fine line.



1. WARM UP: I usually take the time to warm up before a workout because when the body temperature is increased the muscle and connective tissue thickness  is reduced, allowing for a higher resistance of muscle tissue to tearing and increased muscle elasticity.

2. STRETCHING: This is sooooo important! Stretching allows your body to cool down, lets your heart rate return to normal and increases blood circulation in the muscles. It stops the release of lactic acid, which is produced during an intense workout, allowing your muscles to recover and repair themselves.

3. SLOWLY INCREASE WEIGHTS: Give your body enough time during your weight training to get used to the weights. So don't start with maximum weight, but increase the weight one time until you reach your desired weight. This also belongs to your warm up :)

4. DRINK: Water is such an allrounder. It makes your skin glow, flushes out waste and bacteria, helps prevent cancer, helps us be less cranky, prevents headaches, feeds your body and nourishes your muscles! That last point causes your muscles to be provided oxygen. Drinking a lot of water isn't easy, but if you always have a water bottle with you then you tend to drink more and can keep track of how much you have been drinking throughout the day and how much you still need to drink. 2 Liters of water a day are a must.


If it's too late for prevention or if you still got stiff muscles even after doing all of those, then here are some tips for getting rid of them, or at least making them more manageable.


1. FOAM ROLLING: Rolling out your muscles with a foam roller increases blood flow to muscles, which helps in decreasing inflammation and prevents muscle imbalances from forming. Even though its not really a comfortable thing to do, the benefits are worth it!

2. MASSAGES: Who doesn't love massages? Like foam rolling, massages helps break up scar tissue and reduce stiffness associated with muscle repair. You can massage the areas yourself or ask a friend. But sometimes it's also really nice to treat yourself and book an appointment to get a professional massage!

3. ICE: Indirectly applying ice - wrapped in a towel for example - is best for immediate relief because the cool towels help ease the muscles and relieve pain. Through the cold, the muscle tissue becomes a little numb and pain is relieved.

4. HEAT: Next to the famous hot-cold showers, you can also take a really hot bath, light a candle and just relax - this is always great after a really hard workout. A visit to the sauna has a similar effect, your muscles start to relax in the warm air and the pain fades.

5. SLEEP: Absolute favourite solution for everything haha. Everyone that knows me knows that even though I don't get to sleep very much, I still cherish every second of sleep that I have. Which is great because out body regenerates itself at night. Your body undergoes protein synthesis at night, where protein synthesised in your cells. So sleeping at least 8 hours after a tough workout could even give you stronger muscles, better endurance and help speed your sore muscle recovery!



And now a question that you guys ask me a lot:

Can I still work out if I have sore muscles? - Yes, of course! I would take a break from working on the specific areas that hurt though. Just train a different part of your body :)

We all know, that summer bodies are made in the winer, so start now with clean eating and training! With my PAMSTRONG program I won't only tell you about how to prevent sore muscles and my tips and tricks, but aaaaalllll of my workouts and trainings rituals, my recipes and much much more! ♡

Do you guys have any tips and tricks against sore muscles? Tell me in the comments below! xx